Marc Mays

Marc Mays


“People generally call music entertainment. I consider it my existence. Everything I am exists somewhere in my songs and it’s my blessing to share them in God’s love.” - MARC MAYS ... is a hybird of Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and the many spirits in our presence.


Musician of 16 years not excluding writer, arranger, producer, and engineer.


I started out as a lot of other artists in my family's church choir. There was always a piano or keyboard around to goof on, and at an early age I was hearing how harmonies worked as a singer and how the music worked with the voices by watching the pianist. My mom spoiled me when later in my teens she let me take up the guitar. She even let me quit school to pursue performing on a more professional level consequently leading me to a rouge scholar type mentality and lifestyle. I learn by doing and I've done everything short of underwater welding to allow me the precious time needed for a music discipline. I have since come up through the clubs performing from Michigan to Texas and Florida to New York. I've successfully co-financed and promoted over 40,000 miles and nearly 200 dates in one year as a touring musician and have endless "flight miles" in stage experience.

This long road has allowed me the opportunity to work with a wide range of other professionals (including Bad religion, Garbage, Blue Oyster Cult, and Godsmack) finally culminating in this groundbreaking venture with Robert Reives and Victor Feldman. I feel we've created a new breed and style of music and songwriting that is yet to be heard but is being embraced by a world wide demographic. The A.M. radio - like melodies I've had burning in my head are at home laced over a new generation of cool beats, masters like Robert Reives and D Prophit locked down for that unmistakable club bump.

People generally call music entertainment. I consider it my existence. The only reason I'm allowed to be. I need melodies the way we must breathe. Sometimes we're gasping and other times a good slow, deep lungful brings good health. My songs are the stories of my life, some facts and some fictions or metaphors.

I really am the people making music for the people out of love, loss, giving, and taking. Always continuing with a newfound strength and respect for myself. Everything I am exists somewhere in my songs and it’s my blessing to share them in God's love.




M.O.D. Rhythm Of Fear - on Megaforce / Atlantic Records 1993.
Work included guitar leads and augmentations vocals and video appearing as guest artist.
Propain (self titled) - on Energy / Sony Records 1993.
Work included all lead and guitar augmentations appearing as guest artist.
Such A Surge - on Sony Records Europe 1994.
Appeared as guest vocalist on # 1 metal release in Germany.
Boiler - The New Professionals - on Mayhem Fierce / Atlantic Records 1998.
Work as writer, arranger, co-producer, lyricist, performing guitars and vocals. Album ranked #1 in sales in Denver Colorado during the Christmas rush beating Titanic's soundtrack. The single Frontin' was spun multiple times by Howard Stern on his syndicated radio show.
Boiler - Yee Haw - Independent 1999-2000.
Credited as above. Sales undocumented but estimated in the 1000's.

Set List

Anywhere from 0 sec to hr sets depending on the time allotted.