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Marco Vella

Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Electronic Ambient


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"Marco Vella Unveils Debut Album Shadow Mountain"

Sydney-based musician/producer Marco Vella unveils his debut album Shadow Mountain, a multi-media collaboration with American visual artist Kyle Jorgensen. This is part musical project, part art book that draws together the connectivity of Vella’s warm, analogue sounds with Jorgensen’s visuals. Released by Berlin-based label Average Negative, it is “a marriage consummated by the ubiquitous resonance of nostalgic feeling that pervades the entire body of work.” Or, as The Creators Project adds, “a sense of synaesthesia – a blurring of the senses.”

Shadow Mountain has been a long time in the making having started back in 2012 as Vella trawled the internet “for visual inspiration to encourage and inspirit my songwriting.”

Opener “Tall” invites us in to his warm, analogue world. Sounds of waves washing and seagulls calling act as an opening embrace. “Why” is a synth-laden landscape. Easy-paced languid beats soothed by soft, warm analogue synths and Vella’s wistful vocals.

There is a yearning, nostalgic feel to the music. A familiarity that enables the listener to tune into the mellow beats and pulses of each track as they warp and wane in and out of the ether. This is ethereal electronica. There are hints of Ulrich Schnauss, Miami Nights 1984 and Tangerine Dream throughout. A definite retro 80’s feel.

“On Set” is a sweetly unfolding blur of sounds and beats with delicious hooks and swirls over an arpeggiated synth lead. “Realities” evolves from strumming guitar and simple bass into synth bass, spacey washed synth pads and tumbling beats as the track builds to its conclusion.

Its introspective, late-night vibe is intoxicating. The album is a memory scrapbook of sounds and visuals. It harkens back to those halcyon warm summer days of endless fields stretching out for weeks. It’s a yearning for a time fondly remembered.

However this is nostalgia, not sentiment. There is a strong wistfulness throughout but without a cloying sweetness. The music moves and shifts between light and dark without becoming overly saccharin.

Comparisons can be made to the cold and lonely alienation of Joy Division while retaining a warmth and lightness evident on album closer “Awake From Noise”, with it’s jaunty guitars, perky percussion and optimistic synth lead. This is a return to earth with a sense of optimism which Jorgensen helps mark in the book by displaying a collage of homely and familiar looking visuals.

Warmer, less hard-edged than Keenhouse, deeper and more soulful than Anoraak, and a calmer, introverted Mitch Murder; Shadow Mountain is an album to dream to, to fall in love to.

Shadow Mountain is out August 14th on Average Negative. - Four Culture

"Marco Vella Conquers a Shadow Mountain on "Why""

Sydney-based singer-producer Marco Vella has just unveiled details on his debut full-length record Shadow Mountain - a multimedia team-up with American visual artist Kyle Jorgensen. The first taste of the record comes in the form of "Why", a brooding night-time groove steeped in heady introspection, premiering today exclusively on THUMP.

Shadow Mountain is slated for release August 14 through nascent imprint Average Negative, a stable which aims to foster cross-platform works such as Vella and Jorgenson's collaborative full-length. On the team-up, Vella states "Discovering Kyle's work and re-listening to the songs I was writing, I was convinced of the aesthetic similarities between our art." - Thump

"Listen to Marco Vella's sensationally sensual 'Why'"

There's something about Australia that seems to make it the perfect setting for producing electronic music. Whether it's the barren landscape, the ridiculously hot temperatures, or the abundance of poisonous shit - them Aussies sure can make a beat and a half. For evidence, look no further than Sydney's own Marco Vella, who this week announced his collaborative debut LP - Shadow Mountain - which drops on August 14th via Berlin-based Average Negative.

And if lead single 'Why' is anything to go by, the future looks bright for the young producer. Pretty much as sensual as music get without being classed as pornography, the synth-laden landscape created by Vella is sure to get you tingling in all the right places. Definitely one for the 'Lovemaking Time' playlist on your iTunes. - The 405


I have never been hypnotized before. I have seen someone fall under the spell of a hypnotist, and definitely believe it works, but I just doubt I would be open enough for it to happen to me. The circumstances would have to be just right, without the spectacle of a crowd watching me, and with a someone I built trust with. And he would have to invest in ambiance. Maybe if he played Marco Vella’s “Runner”, I might just be coaxed into that hypnagogic state where will power can be easily manipulated.

The accompanying video (directed by Bobby Virgona) is quite hypnotic as well. Full of idyllic spatial planes and impossible landscapes, the animation by Kyle Benjamin Jorgensen and Youcef Kehlil is the perfect complement to Marco Vella’s euphoric drones. A fee deep breaths, and I am transported to the distant realm this group of artists has so effortlessly imagined. I think I am going to spend a while there, too.

If you are digging the spacey track, be sure to head to Average Negative’s Bandcamp page, where you can preorder Marco Vella’s debut album, Shadow Mountain. - The Nerdist

"Premiere: Marco Vella - 'Patterns'"

Marco Vella needed a challenge.
Scouring the internet looking for like minds, the songwriter stumbled across the work of visual artist Kyle Jorgensen. Re-invigorated, he allowed the artist's work to inspire him when re-working his material.
New release 'Shadow Mountain' features seven tracks, each prompted by a design from Kyle Jorgensen. Intended as a coherent, complete work of art, it flits between style and discipline to produce something unique.
Clash is able to unveil new cut 'Patterns' recalls some of Brian Eno's work, in its glacial ambience and continual willingness to double back upon itself.
Check it out now. - Clash Music


A lazy kick drum and snare percussion boom with the delicacy of an eighties gated reverb, while it saunters off in between synthesisers, dripping with the sweltering heat of analogue circuitry. Why is the first single from Marco Vella’s Shadow Mountain, in which the Australian musician has teamed up with visual artist Kyle Jorgensen to deliver a multimedia release. The label, Average Negative calls it “(p)art musical project, part art book” and declares “it explores the synergy between Vella’s sounds and Jorgensen’s visuals – a marriage consummated by the ubiquitous resonance of sentimental feeling that pervades the entire body of work.” Why can only be enjoyed in its oratory form for the moment, with Marco’s deep exotic vocals contemplating the age old question of, Why? The down-tempo nature of the track suits the Australian’s reflective vocals perfectly, and one gets the sense that at the heart of the lyrics is a rhetorical question he’ hardly has time for in his unwinding state. - The Formant


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Marco Vella is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ from Sydney, Australia. Since completing his studies in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute, Sydney he has recorded, produced and engineered for a number of musical projects.

Record collecting has become a major influence in the music he produces and not only has his penchant for collecting enhanced his career as an artist, it has also paved the way for DJing both locally and interstate.

His passion for live performance has seen him succeed in touring Australia extensively with Sydney/Melbourne 3 piece, Retiree and also as a solo artist, performing in venues such as Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Sydney Opera House.

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