Marco Calliari

Marco Calliari

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Marco’s path to success has been quite unorthodox! After spending 17 years in metal band ANONYMUS, Marco starts his Italian singer/songwriter solo career in 2003.
Globetrotter, great performer, interactive with his audience, people around the world just keep on dancing, laughing, and singing along to Marco Calliari’s on-stage energy. Be it in Canada, the USA, or in Europe, getting people on their feet is the rule wherever he goes. His contagious energy moves the audience in the colorful, festi


Marco Calliari was born in Quebec, but he has never strayed far from his Italian roots. Growing up with his famiglia, he was surrounded with the melodies of the opera, until at age 14, he began to follow a very different sound: wild, screaming heavy metal! It is at that time that he co-founded, with his friends, one of the most interesting metal groups in Quebec, “Anonymus”. In 2006, after more than 17 years and five solid albums, Marco ended this important musical adventure to fully throw himself into his own thriving solo career, which he began to pursue in 2003.
It’s in Quebec that his solo career takes off with 4 albums to date, and over 70 000 sold, in a mostly French and English crowd. Each album was nominated in Quebec for World Album of the year at l’ADISQ.
Whether it was on the big stage at the Jazz Festival in Montreal, at the Festival d’Été de Québec, in New York, Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Johnson or Troy in the US, on the Canada’s west coast (Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatoon), or even Italia, Switzerland and Belgium, Marco Calliari has been a strong showman.
Not even close to be ready to stop!


Che La Vita 2003
Mia Dolce Vita 2006
Al Faro Est 2010