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Marcomé (pronounced Mar-ko-may) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Montreal. Marcomé creates a New World influenced music that is energizing and atmospheric. Music to listen on the road, on vacation, to accompany a great dinner or simply to escape your daily routine!


There are few recording artists who grab your imagination on first listening.
Marcomé (Mar-ko-may), a gifted Canadian singer, songwriter and musician, belongs to this elite group. Her music embodies passion, emotes transcendence. Marcomé blends English lyrics with her unique wordless language ‘onomatopoeia’; her compositions create languages, which transcend their themes. In her unique method of vocalisation, Marcomé sings syllables from her subconscious, which evoke sensual moods and settings. A vessel if you will, which transports the listener on an aural voyage through time, space and emotion. Her organic approach to sound and song compositions, blends world rhythms, middle eastern intonations and new-age ‘airiness’ then layers it with her sublime voice. Thus creating a “New World” music genre in the process. Not only is Marcomé a proficient keyboardist and percussionist, she also produces arranges and engineers all of her own musical works, releasing two critically acclaimed solo albums entitled “Seven Seas” (1995) and “River Of Soul” (2007). Her impressive professional experience and background as a quality sound and mastering engineer, has allowed her to collaborate with renowned artists and producers.

Marcomé began her music-recording career in 1995 with the release of her debut album entitled “Seven Seas”. In this freshman effort, she incorporates keyboards; fretless bass and traditional world beat instruments. “Seven Seas” explores diverse human and cultural experiences; a true journey through the Seven Seas. The writing and recording of this album was magically completed within a few months while taking decades to brew. By layering her vocal tracks, and by comprehending the subtle use of space, reverb and time delay, she was able to create an ethereal voice – a hallow instrument in itself. The critic’s reaction to “Seven Seas” was both immediate and resounding. This remarkable debut album has travelled around the world for years now and can be heard extensively on television shows in Japan and Korea.

The gap of years between conception and eventual release of her sophomore album “River Of Soul” in 2007, allowed the artist to mature and evolve both emotionally and spiritually; yet most of all as a nurturing and dedicated mother to her only child. Marcomé’s strength lies in her ability to weave and create multi-coloured sounds with strong melodies. In this “River Of Soul” succeeds. It’s a recording imbued with intimacy and laced with introspection. It was cinematically conceived; it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the ears. Welcome to the “River Of Soul”, a voyage filled with spirituality, imagination, sensitivity and a surreal sense of being. “River Of Soul” is an album, which will mesmerize and enchant you. It will awaken a new perception and touch your soul and in it you will discover a deep connection. Music at it’s best, is a gift.


River of Life

Written By: Marcome/Montanaro

We are water. Water is life. Let the water revive you. Bring
your spirit to the water. Live, laugh, and love! We have only begun ….

When I wade in the river
It revives me and flows through my mind
Then I feel like the river
And my body’s more fully alive
I can fly on a wind-cloud
To my love who in time waits for me

When I dive in the river
Let my wishes all float to the sea
When I look in the ripples
I can be all the love that I feel
Oh! My heart’s like the river
Find my soul in my waterfall dreams

When I float in the river
I’ll be more than I’m now when I’m dry
Hear the flow of my heart strings
Feel the pulse bring us closer in time
Oh! my heart is the river
Let your love flow and blend into mine
Flowing into you

Come and run in the river
Let the waters rejoice in your life
In my heart beats the river
Full of laughter for love and for life
Flowing into you


Written By: Marcome/Montanaro

The desert exotic, erotic, mysterious, so many secrets, open one door
just to find another, or perhaps a hint or an answer to….

The sultry moon
Speaks love to me
Wild adventure
The mid day sun
Alights my face
Love remembers
The zephyr wings a quiverin’ kiss
Sweet surrender
The sands and I are one in time
Eternal splendor

Scheherazade whispers on wind
Come I’ll show you
Feel like a dusky desert jewel
Now immortal
Straddlin’ my stallion ‘tween’ my thighs
Sweet surrender
My life is full of what I feel

Locked Inside

Written By: Marcome/Montanaro

Darkness, pain, fear and solitude; relief is found in pain; Strength
of character comes from working through pain. Breathe deeply,
exhale and release your pain.

When I feel out of tune
I become so afraid
Can’t fight my fears
Feelin’ like a child
So betrayed
Have to let go

And I cry
I cry
Can’t phrase a word
It’s locked inside

When I feel blue on blue
I become torn and frayed
Can’t fight my tears
Feelin’ like to die
Sullen and grey
Have to let go

And I cry
I die
Can’t frame a word
It’s locked inside

It’s locked inside


Written By: Marcome

Rolling, green hills, rugged mountains, Terra cotta roofs, bright
luminescent vibrant living colors, the hot sun, all of this I want to share.


Written By: Marcome/Montanaro

Gather around the camp fire time. I love to tell stories. This one comes from..., dreams.

Down misty magic mountains he came,
into the wilding vale of the rain;
The shining boy with piercing eyes
and in our land he found a home.
Blood magic flowin’ throughout his veins,
He was so young and yet unafraid.
Child of sun and moon they say.
The lissome boy he sang his tune;
Then turnin’ ‘round in silent trance,
He did a most enchanting dance;
Then fire played upon his blade,
Then fire spoke in voice so strange.
From moon to sun he let out a chant
Soul now was pure and full of intent
With silver eyes up to the sky
He shouted, “Joy of life!”
Drawn by the crystal waters’ lament
He heard the voices call in his head
In its depths his eyes were blind
Yet he found door no mortal finds.
Great One so glad he soared like a hawk
Many a prayer and chant boy was taught
Life itself it comes from earth
Sacred love for Mother Earth

Many a sun and moon gone by
Homeward he came with daughter and wife
That fruit of love from woman born
Had magic coursing through her veins.
His time with us was all but spent;
Back to misty Magic Mountain he went
And laying down then soared so high
He shouted,”Joy of life!”

Kenaa téku torango
Miha Yéku novo da
Ména ka dé towadoo
Loda nayé povora
Yéku ballé novora


Written By: Marcome

South America, you’re lying in a hammock the sea shore, yet it’s strangely silent. You only feel the very light warm breeze caressing your face. It’s getting really warm.
The air barely moves in the deep green mountains surrounding you; from the little house nearby, you hear the wind chimes timidly shivering...


Written By: Marcome

Infinite inner space, vapors of clouds, whispers of waters,
voices resonate. In circular motion, one comes, one goes.
Notes are floating in a myriad of memories.


Currently, Marcomé's music is being played on radio stations around the world. Such as: Xm Satellite, Sirius, Galaxie, CBC Radios as well on Canadian Commercial Radios. On the internet you can hear her music on Live 365 and many other major Internet Radios.

Marcomé's releases:
Seven Seas Remastered (album 1996-2006)
River of Soul (album 2007)
River of Life Remixed (singles 2008)
Arabica Remixed (singles 2008)

Set List

River of Life
Locked Inside
Ougainatso (Unreleased)