Marcoux Corner

Marcoux Corner


Marcoux Corner is music and humor combined. They’ve garnered critical acclaim across the country, be it performing with The Beach Boys, for Disney or singing the national anthem for the President. This is a one in a million act, hilarious and musically sophisticated; A Cappella at its finest.


Marcoux Corner has been on the road for the last seven years performing their unique, trademarked show filled with contagious energy and the original brand of fun that has made them one of the biggest names in A Cappella. They’ve been all over the world from Alaska to Shanghai, China; and during their short but illustrious career they’ve shared the stage with the Beach Boys, Vanessa Carlton and the band America. They were even invited to sing the national anthem for the President of the United States.

These four guys bring a particular expertise and sparkle to their songs, creating arrangements that are musically sophisticated yet incredibly accessible. Not only do Marcoux’s shows shine with their vocal acrobatics, they captivate every house with audience participation and a stage presence that makes you feel like you’ve known them all your life, and they are singing just for you.

No matter what your musical taste, whether you like hard-hitting rhythm or smooth doo-wop harmonies, Marcoux Corner is an act that you’ll want to listen to time and again. They also provide full sound and lights everywhere they go, so all you have do is sit back and enjoy what is certain to be one of the best shows you’ve seen in years. If you’re a music lover you’ll never forget the name Marcoux Corner.


Your Kisses EP - 2001
Buyin' Time - 2002
Tidings - 2004
Live - 2006

Set List

Marcoux Corner's shows vary to accomodate every venue. They cover songs from every decade of music, each one done with an A Cappella twist that sets Marcoux Corner apart from your average, run of the mill band. They also perform humorous, lesser-known songs such as 'The Dolphin Boy', 'Huge on the Luge' and 'The King of Spain'; hilarious gems that delight all audience members.