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Marc Playle

Gateshead, England, United Kingdom

Gateshead, England, United Kingdom
Band Rock Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



" Review"

Yep, it`s me again, showing off another extremely talented guitar player....I`ve been exposed to so many over the weeks leading up to the Guitar Idol 2009 that my head is still spinning from the amount of talent that is out there for the picking.

Meet Marc Playle, 23 year old guitarist extraordinaire from South Shields in the UK, finalist in the Guitar Idol 2008 competition, and from what I`ve seen on the interviews on local UK TV stations, a very mellow guy indeed.
In my view, this guy has it all : technique, tone, clarity, some very cool gear to play with, and most importantly, melody.
A lot of people will say, as they have on various forums where his videos have been posted, that he has a disability. I tend to look at it the other way around and think that he has *more* ability than most people. When you read his tale I`m sure you will agree.

You can catch Marc playing some of his other tunes on his official website (still under construction but a very cool site), or you can just Google his name and wade your way through over 12,000 results that come up.
Out of all his tracks I`ve heard this one in particular caught my attention. "Chasing Waves" is the kind of song you can listen to when you`re driving your car on the open road, it goes down well at parties, you can probably even use it in an elevator. Best of all is to just put it on, put your feet up, close your eyes and let the music do the rest.
Way to go dude, this is some of the finest playing I`ve seen in ages, and will definitely be following up from time to time on your new material. - ukrease

" Interview"

Yesterday I was on the net and listened to lots of guitar players. All of them were very amazing, but somebody missed me! Somebody who show me why I fan for guitars. Before I switched off my computer I listened what I had found. His name is Marc Playle! Hello Marc! Could you tell me something about yourself?
Hi Udy I am 23 years old now but have being playing the guitar since I was 14years old. I live in Gateshead a town in North East England with my parents and younger brother. I work selling wrought iron gates on the internet.

What got you interested in playing the guitar?
Well actually it was boredom. At the beginning of a long summer holiday after listening to Oasis and other bands we had on C1D, my friend Daniel bought himself a guitar and we decided if I got a guitar we could get a band together . So I pestered my Dad till he agreed to buy me a guitar, though I had no idea how I was going to play it...
So how did you figure it out?
At first I tried wearing a sock with a plectrum glued to it, but that didn't work very well. So I visited my prosthetic centre and they came up with a cast for me made of acrylic resin, which is known as my ‘player'. I then had to figure out where the plectrum had to go. I attached it to the ‘player' with super glue, then built up around that with ‘Uhu' glue (soft glue) , putting a few layers on. When that dried I snapped the plec. away from the super glue so I had flexibility. It was a long job but it works very well. I also have a tapper attached which is made from vulcanised rubber.

How has the music of famous players affected you?
I like listening to a wide variety of music, from movie soundtracks to oldies and modern music in every genre. Obviously some of the great guitarists like Petrucci, Vai, Satriani and Eric Johnson have all influenced my guitar playing in some way. More recently I have been listening to Greg Howe and Michael Lee Firkins whose techniques and styles are rubbing off on my guitar playing, I think.
How did you find your way in the Music World?
I really enjoyed learning to play the guitar so I took Music as one of my GCSE's at school, (which was my only A grade), I then went on to study Music Production at College as I was also very interested in this side of music , I passed my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma while I was there. At the same time I asked a local guitar hero, Phil Thorell to teach me to play. He agreed saying he loved a challenge! Phil taught me very well and introduced me to some great guitarists, Greg Howe, Michael Lee Firkins and Eric Johnson, to name a few.
3Last year I entered the ‘Guitar Idol' competition run by mainly to promote myself. I was shocked when I was chosen as one of the 12 finalists. The final was held at the Excel in London as part of the London International Music Show. I met some great guitarists and made some good friends, we all had a great time, and it was a great experience. Because of this contest I was interviewed by a local TV station and also was asked to perform my entry and have a chat about myself on the ‘Richard and Judy' show a prime time TV chat show. Not long after that I entered the on line Dean Shredder Competition, where out of over 1100 entrants from around the world I finished in the top 15. At the moment I am concentrating on finishing my first solo CD.

Could we hear about your instruments?
My first guitar was a Tanglewood Baron Les Paul Copy which I learnt to play with. When I was 15 my Dad bought me a Gibson Les Paul Custom, which I enjoyed playing, but it is very heavy so I rarely use it live. On a trip to America we found a left handed PRS McCarty which is my favoured guitar, I love playing this it sounds great, not to heavy, feels great, looks great. I also have a left handed Taylor acoustic, Ibanez Prestige, Tanglewood Warrior Bass, Fender USA Strat and I had a custom 7 string made for my 21st birthday.

What Amps and Pedals do you use?
My pre-amp is a Mesa Boogie Triaxis, I use a Mesa Boogie 90/90 Power Amp and a Eventide Orville for effects. My cabinet is a Marshall 4 x 4. That's it for my guitar rig. The pedals I use are an Ibanez tube screamer, Cry Baby Wah and a Ernie Ball volume pedal.
For recording in the studio I also use a Motu sound card, Neumann M147 microphone and Avalon 737sp mic pre-amp which is also great for my bass guitar. Also I have a Marshall JMP-1 for different guitar sounds.
I haven't got any endorsements yet so if any companies are interested get in touch!! ha ha.

As I see, You have not waited so much time for it! Marc, I am sure We will be back to your first CD! Have a good luck! - Udy


Marc working on his first guitar based CD.



Marc Playle was born in South Shields, England, UK on September 26th 1985. He first took an interest in playing guitar at the age of 14 when he and his friend Daniel were bored in the long summer holidays.

He converted half of his garage into a “studio” where he used to jam with his friends. Having a missing left forearm meant he had to experiment to figure out the best way he could be able to play guitar. After many ideas such as taping guitar picks to his arm and using socks and things he came up with the idea for a “player” which is a cast of his arm that was then made from acrylic resin. It has lots of features that enable him to do most techniques on the electric guitar such as: a cut out for palm muting and pinch harmonics, a part of a guitar pick for picking and a cut out of a leather belt used for tapping.

Once he had a winning way of playing guitar, he then played in a few local bands he started with friends from school.

In 2001, Marc met a Local Guitar hero, Phil Thorrell and asked him for guitar lessons. During this time, Marc’s practical and technical side of playing increased dramatically as well as being introduced to guitarists like Michael Lee Firkins, Greg Howe, Eric Johnson to name a few.

At the age of 16 and playing in the local music scene, he attracted a lot of interest from the local newpapers and local television news because of his guitar playing.

In spring 2008 he entered the online guitar competition ‘Guitar Idol 2008’ run by online magazine mainly to promote his band. Out of over 750 guitarists from all over the world he was chosen as one of the 12 finalists. The final was held at the London International Music Show in the Excel at London Docklands. Because of this contest he was picked up again by the local newspapers and television news and was also asked to perform his entry on national TV programme ‘Richard & Judy’.

Not long after Guitar Idol he entered the Dean Shredder contest and out of over 1100 entrants from around the world finished in the top 15.