Marc Silver/Marc Silver  & The Stonethrowers

Marc Silver/Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Bluesy, melancholic, and captivating. Lead singing with great vocal character fused with intricate and artful guitar. A solo singer/songwriter or with a full bluegrass band, take your pick. Seamlessly blended three-part vocal to harmonies fill out an energetic delivery when performing as a band.


“Marc Silver is living proof that singer/songwriters don’t need to shout outrageously shocking lyrical lines in order to attract well-deserved attention. Naïve Lovers is filled with mostly quiet acoustic songs, featuring little more than strummed or picked guitars and Silver’s can’t-ignore-it voice. His confessional songs draw you in, rather than drag you along… He has great skill at getting deep inside the heads of his characters and looking at the world the way they would. Naïve Lovers reveals a truly noteworthy artist that walks quietly, but carries a big gift.” Dan MacIntosh, [Music Journalist]

Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers is a band that blends a passion for traditional song, Appalachian fiddle tunes, and country swing with a unique mix of original songwriting, bluegrass and folk music. Lead singing with great vocal character and seamlessly blended three-part vocal harmonies fill out their energetic delivery.

For Marc Silver, music and writing is intensely personal. He says, “when stories appear in my mind’s eye, it is like a firefly inside a little glass jar. I hold the jar to my forehead and try to extract the story encoded in the flashes within…In some ways, a good day of writing can be as gratifying and meaningful to me as crafting a song.”

Born in Missouri, Marc came from a family with an enduring love of music. As a child Marc found his first musical storytelling passion while composing themes to wild cowboy and Indian chases on the “black keys” (which he later came to know as the pentatonic scale). Piano and violin lessons in elementary school led Marc to buying his first electric guitar and amplifier (a B.C. Rich and Peavey) in 1992.

He began his guitar studies learning the blues, Phish, and Zeppelin songs with friends after school. In 1993, after winning the Missouri State Wrestling Championships, Marc stated in an exit interview that he was interested in pursuing music and starting a band. He’s been wrestling with the muse ever since.

Marc left the flatlands and moved east to study jazz and guitar at The University of The Arts. This was a great period of musical challenge and personal growth for Marc. Ultimately, though he did write and record an instrumental jazz-fusion record, Marc continued the struggle of finding his own voice in the music he was trying to express.

By 2006, working as a part-time music educator by day, Marc had compiled a list of original songs he felt were worthy of performing to live audiences. Weekly open mics all over the city helped develop his confidence while introducing him to other musicians who eventually became band mates. Bolstered by this new enthusiasm, Marc started writing “Nectars Sweet and Rare”, “Lay Me Down” and other songs which led to his first recording Stonethrowers.

By October 2008, just in time for their first appearance at the prestigious Philadelphia club, The Tin Angel, the final pieces of the band came together in what is now called Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers.

“Whether he yearns for love or sings of loss and chance encounters, Silver strikes a chord…Silver’s laidback singing mesmerizes the listener right away and begs all to stop and pay attention… Whether it’s his light finger picking on the title track or aggressive electric guitar interlude on “Devil’s Dust,” he manages to sooth and awaken the listener while at the same time provide mystique.” Annie Reuter –Music Journalist

Marc has traveled as a solo performer and with The Stonethrowers all over the East Coast in prestigious venues like The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Café Lena, Club Passim, Godfrey Daniels, The Purple Fiddle, The World Café Live, The Kimmel Center, and The Sherman Theater. In addition to public performances, The Stonethrowers are often invited to play private parties and university festivals at institutions such as Ithaca University, University of Pennsylvania, University Of The Arts, and The University of Delaware.

Marc Silver | 215.460.5376
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California Avenue (2012) - Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers
Naive Lovers (2010) - Marc Silver (solo album)
Past Is Prelude (2008) - Marc Silver & The Stonethrowers
Stonethrowers (2007) - Marc Silver (solo album)

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Set List

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Our Songs: Out On The Road, Take Back Your Heart, Darlin' You Can Stay, Early Morning Dreaming, My Earthly Bed, Come Back Home, Your Still On My Mind, Find Some Time, When It Is My Time, Pull In On The Reins, Ten Years, Every Knot, Lay Me Down, Stonethrowers, Push Comes To Shove, Linger, Like The Wind, Hammer On My Head, Charlies Song, My Last Breath, Claim Him Jesus, Don't Let The Sun, It's You, Oh My God, My Dawn Is An Endless Night, Won't Cross Over The Line, Naive Lovers, Showered In Your Grace, For Your Soldier, Long Grown Cold, Devil's Dust, Trouble's Come Over Our Love, Babe, Be Mine Tonight, California Avenue +++

Cover Songs: Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me, Are You Missing Me, Been All Around This World, Big Spike Hammer, Blues Stay Away From Me, Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow Tree, Can't You Hear Me Calling, Dark Hollow, Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones), Down In The Willow Garden, Foggy Mountain Top, Gentle On