Twin Wooten
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Twin Wooten

Trenton, North Carolina, United States

Trenton, North Carolina, United States
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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Demo EP – Mix tape: The Rise

Title: It’s Love

Featuring: Marco aka Twin

Produced by: Jonathan Gandy

Black Lyte Productions

Length: 3:39

Title: I’m leaving

Featuring: Marco/Twin

Produced by: Twin Wooten

Length: 3:30

Title: Back to You (Newest Release)

Featuring: Marco/Twin

Produced by: Brendon Canady

$upa$tar Productions

Length: 3:29

All three of these tracks are Twin Wooten
These are the original tracks and lyrics are copyrighted 2012

The Rise Mixtape

1. Still Got it (C over)

2. She Got it (snippet)

3. Cashin Out (Cover)

4. Otis (Cover)

5. This Girl (Cover)

6. Niggas Gone Hate (Remix)

7. How to Love (Cover)

8. Thinking Bout You (Cover)

9. Back to you (original)

10. She Will (Freestyle Remix) (Marco Spin)

11. I Get Around I.G.A. (Snippet)

Thanks for the support I really appreciate for your listening and sharing my music. Thanks You!!!

—Twin Wooten



Markezy Alfone Wooten aka Marc born October 9, 1995 is the son of Mr. Eric M Wooten and Ms. Monica M. Wooten. Twin is the younger sibling of Erica N. Wooten and Brittney E. Wooten of the Lenoir County area by the way Kinston, NC. Known to the local’s as Keezy or Twin has had an enduring childhood, with the splitting of his parents in 1996. Growing up in a single parent home, Twin quickly had to learn the role of a man. At the tender age of 12 years old Twin was introduced to the streets and found out quickly that he was able to become trapped in his environment to suffer the life of a gang member to avoid ridicule and constant fights.
After many attempt by his parents to make sure that he would avoid this fate, there became an outlet that Twin seemed to create all on his own. Picking up a pen and paper and finding a quiet place to write and other youth of his same fate, he began to write and secretly develop his skills of poetry and later he realized that his love for words was accompanied by his need to perform and be heard.
Later as time would have it, his skills became stronger and more direct and other’s given an ear and encouraged him to join their groups. In 2010 Keezy became known as Twin, because of another member of the local rap group Kidd Nation, of which he was a member. The name Twin was birth because the other member Keezy J, had already established his name and Twin seemed perfect in reference to their nicknames being Keezy. Twin recorded a few songs with Kidd Nation, before his departure from the group in summer of 2010. Twin was known at this point but wasn’t established as and producer he was intrigued by his creative and enthusiastic about his need to make music. His mother desire to keep him out of the street and away from the life of gangs and drugs pushed her to purchase him a computer and studio software. In the summer of 2011 until the present Twin has been learning how to make music and writing his own lyrics to the music he makes.

Twin Wooten based out of Jacksonville, NC. Marco aka Twin Wooten is a new upcoming rap star. He is a young stunna with his sights set on stardom and he would like you to follow him and support him in his endeavors. Twin aka Markezy Wooten is a future star in the music industry. He has a goal of become a hip hop Icon and although he is young and just starting out he has developed his skills and continues to perfect his craft. He is a future, producer, writer and rapper; keep your eyes out for this young super star because he will go far.
Twin has been rapping and writing since he was 12 yrs old, and at the age of 16 has decided to move further with his dream of becoming a signed artist. He has recently moved up the charts on Reverb Nation local chart to #2 in the Jacksonville area. You can find his music single “She kinky” on MySpace, Facebook, Spotlight Zone,, and the video is coming soon to YouTube. You may want to follow Twin on Twitter as well.
“I watch these other rappers out here doing their thing and I look at my creativity and see that I am just as marketable as they are…perfecting my craft daily to develop what in the future will be Greatness.” —-Twin Wooten
Twin/Marco born Markezy A. Wooten
Nickname: Keezy/Twin
Born: Oct 9 1995
Hometown: Kinston, NC
Lives in Jacksonville, NC
Sign: Libra
Favorite color: Blue (retro) and Orange
Student@: JHS: GO! Cardinals!!!! (Jacksonville High School)
Markezy aka Marco comes from a musical background, from his parents to his grandparents they all share a rich history of music and instrumental use. Twin has a rich culture of music; he is a lover of a very diverse selection of music ranging from country to world music.
"I love the different emotions and thoughts that music brings to the listener!"
Twin's pure motivation for his music is his environment, the best things in life are free and your surrounding can influence your thoughts and creativity. Twin hopes to reach an audience of people whom see life as he does.
"He wants his fans to see his thoughts and feel his words."

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