Marc's Project

Marc's Project


Marc's Project is composed of 6 seperate artist that are on the label Muse Recordings. Each Artist had their own unique sound and style that creates a beautiful harmonie as an ensemble. While each one perfoms their solo selections the ensemble supports the melody, its a tapestry of musical gifts.


Like the "Muse", we aim to spark inspiration through the gift of music with songs that address the everyday aspects of love, life, and spirit. We pride ourselves in creating music that is uncompromised by the day. While crossing the genre boundaries of RnB, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and Gospel, our artists deliver with soul, style and sincerity.Though classically trained in the areas of vocal performance,theater, and composition; it is their inherent passion for the art that gives our sound a sense of authenticity. It is our goal at Muse Recordings to offer honest music and bring the essence of soul back home to its roots...Motown.


Muse Recordingd Presents: "Marc's Project"

Receiving Radio Airplay

Set List

No covers.
-Baby You Are
-I need You
-Brand New
-Fallin for you
-I can't Make you love Me
-Moonlight Serenade
-My Love
-Be With You
-Missing You
-Thank You