Marcus and the Mountain

Marcus and the Mountain



Mountain Bio:

The Mountain was formed in early 2010 by guitarist/vocalist and composer Marcus Wong. After years of playing pop music, Marcus has taken a turn back onto familiar territory, bringing back to the stage his A-list band, jaw dropping guitar playing and awe inspiring compositions. This is a band that will have you buzzing.

Having toured across this great country and much of the North Eastern States, veteran frontman Marcus leads the Mountain into the spotlight and delivers a classic and seasoned performance to the stage, every time.

If you can say anything about this group, Marcus and the Mountain is above all else, about the music. Central to the band's ethos is that the music must speak for itself, convince you that there is something greater within.

The composition style is deep and intense, articulate, but also raw. The melodies, be they ornate and elegant, or plain and simple, always appear before a tapestry of undeniable energy. The music breathes and it is the Mountain that gives life to the music.

“Aside from the countless hours spent mulling over melodies and arrangements, I have one objective. And that is to attain a level of openness that allows me to express myself in my truest form. I constantly strive for that kind of freedom. To get past playing the notes and singing the lyrics that I have spent so much time fussing over. I want to express the real music. To communicate with an open mind and heart the feelings and emotions attached to this music. The most amazing thing is that this is a band that plays the music different every time. I am lucky to have a band with that kind of flexibility."

Their debut EP entitled Freedom (2010) is a fragmentation of the word itself. Omnipresent in the music and performance is the life force of the Mountain, the synergy and harmony of energy and intent. Minds that are liberated from constraint and limitation. The band recorded live off the floor to showcase the connections between the band members and to capture the dynamic shifts into the huge musical landscapes that the Mountain can traverse.

"When we get it right, it feels like the music is flowing through our bodies, carried through our instruments and then pouring into the songs, as if we are just the medium that translates the music into something tangible. At that point, we are not the players, we are the instruments. The music plays through us. And when the band, as a whole, gets to this place together, where we are just dancing around one another withing this framework of the music, it is the most satisfying experience that I know.”

With influences ranging from the genre-defying Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, to song-writers like David Gray, there is no musical landscape that Marcus and the Mountain will not tread upon. From the wondrous and dramatic instrumentals, to the convoluted popular song forms, the Mountain is at home everywhere.


Another Moment

Written By: Marcus Wong

The clearing in the sky
Spilling blue into the gray
The birds above the planes
Waiting for the rain

Moments tied along with string
What are these memories fading?
Skin to skin and word for word
It’s a bridge to the universe

We’re cast along the shore
And don’t care about anything no more
Mountains crumbled into sand
Passing through my hand

Abyssal… Lonely… Open
Ascending… Moments… Alas

Wherever I Go

Written By: Marcus Wong

You say you’ll follow
Where ever I go
But I know something
So heavy it will swallow you

You hold my hands too
Tightly and let go
But have we mistaken
This true love have we been fakin’
Have you?

The years past behind us
Remind me I can’t trust in you

This could be so good
And this could be so good

You say you’ll follow
Where ever I go
But I know something
So heavy it will swallow…

Floor Of the Sea

Written By: Marcus Wong

I sit here hanging my head. I’m thinking
Is there a reason for us to pretend
And drink from a pool of lies that begin
To burn up through our lives?

Walking backward to confuse emotions,
So I could see life for what it really was
As I walk ahead will you still follow behind?

It’s not working for me
But it’s working for you
From the floor of the sea
There’s no light shining through

Sick and tired of repetition
Spent a life trying to fit in
You know exactly what I’m saying
How can you look so damn surprised?
Go on keep your life’s obsessions
Fight for all the things that don’t matter
But ask yourself do I feel alive?

Cause it’s not working for me
There’s no light shining through

It’s not working for me
But it’s working for you?
From the floor of the sea
There’s never any light shining through

The Truth

Written By: Marcus Wong

I don't even think about you
And no one in this place reminds me of
What you remind me of
There are so many things
That I want to undo
I can't even think about you

I don't know it words can paint the truth
When life keeps going on I keep coming back
To lying on top of the world
With your ear to my heart and we dream about
A vision of us we both think will do

I wipe that smile clean away
As you grow cold...

I know we both think about
This rainy day spent inside, oh, I think about
Our lips never touch and I think about
The truth

The gaze in our eyes show we're wearing now
(Honey we’re wearing out)
And if it isn't just love baby turn around
(Honey turn around, turn around)
Look into me and feel me out
We share this one thing baby don't give up now
I don't even think about you

I wipe that smile clean away
As you grow cold...

I know we both think about
This rainy day spent inside, oh, I think about
Our lips never touch and I think about
The truth


Freedom (EP) 2010