Marcus "Byngo" King

Marcus "Byngo" King

 Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

We share music that reaches the epitomy and essence of life, you can jump and shout, you can sit back and meditate, you can and will learn to encourage yourself, and you can just reflect and share with friends and acquaintances. It is music for the WORLD, non pretensious and oh, so, exciting...!


Marcus "Byngo" King

Marcus “Byngo” King is the cousin to the legendary B.B. King, his music exploits began by the age of eleven in Cleveland, Ohio. By his seventeenth birthday his musical talents were so well documented that he was invited to play with the Grammy award winning group “The Dazz Band” as a guitarist. Byngo continued to impress as he helped to form the Billboard award winning and Grammy nominated group the “Rude Boys”. Byngo penned the Billboard award winning Grammy nominated song “It’s written All Over Your Face”. He has also produced and performed for mega acts such as: Gerald Levert, Men at Large, Grover Washington Jr., and B2. Fortunately, these musical accomplishments left a serious void in Byngo’s life because he knew that he had not answered God’s calling. He began to write and produce gospel music and has not looked back.

He wrote and produced his first gospel CD “Street Hymzs”. This masterpiece wil lawaken and arouse the spiritual as well as the spiritually handicapped. Currently he is in the studio preparing another dynamic, inspirational, God inspired album, that will surely bless the world

Marcus is in great demand in the secular world of music but has steadfastly refused both the money and the accompanying fame to pay homage to God and raise the name of his son Jesus. He has stated incessantly; “I thank God for the Billboard award and being a Grammy nominee, but I will not be satisfied until I get God’s Grammy


Gospel CD's
1. Street Hymns
2. Street Hymns II

Set List

One hour to one hour thirty minutes.