Marcus Church

Marcus Church

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Tuneful indie rock, short and sweet.


Denver’s own Marcus Church is a power pop trio consisting of Dustin Habel on vocals and guitar, Joe Mills (Brothers O’Hair, B. Sue) on bass, and Chris O’Brien (ex-Bad Angles) on drums and vocals. The gang has recently released the Minutiae EP online. Here are a few thoughts on the EP, courtesy of

“Marcus Church’s newest EP, Minutiae, is up for a free download right now on Bandcamp. The record, recorded sporadically over the last year or so, features a much fuller sound then we’re used to from this once-one-man act, and it’s fused with perked-up pop sounds, the occasional driving riff and rare vocal harmony for good measure. Despite its Internet origins, the record has a decidedly organic, pre-digital sound about it, thanks to the band’s penchant for the music of outfits like Guided by Voices and R.E.M. But the sound is all its own.”
-Thorin Klosowski


The Marcus Church Story (2008)
Minutiae (2011)