Marcus Engel

Marcus Engel

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Marcus Engel inspires audiences to achieve success by making intelligent choices. This incredible account of triumph after being blinded by a drunk driver encourages audiences to overcome adversity, see obstacles as opportunities and commit to higher goals. Marcus is a speaker, you will never forget


Marcus Engel is a professional speaker/author who inspires audiences to achieve success by making intelligent choices.

Blinded by a drunk driver at age 18, Marcus battled through two years of recovery and 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery to reach his goal of returning to college.

Not only did Marcus achieve his goal and return to college, but he fully embraced his college life and lifestyle. In 1997, he pledged Kappa Sigma and, one year later, was picked by his fraternity brothers to represent the chapter on IFC. The following year, Marcus was initiated into Alpha Kappa Delta, the national honor society for those majoring in sociology.

When he graduated Missouri State University in 2000, Marcus had already begun speaking professionally to college audiences nationwide. This career was kicked into high gear when Marcus founded his own publishing company with the release of, “After This…An Inspirational Journey For All The Wrong Reasons.” His most recent book, “The Other End Of The Stethoscope” was released in the fall and has received great reviews.

Marcus’ dramatic story has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of audience members nationwide. He has also been featured in the New York Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Navigator, on KMOX radio, a multitude of local television stations, 97.1 FM and scores of college newspapers.



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