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Marcus Explains

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Marcus Explains stepped into music from childhood. Hearing everything from Roots Dub reggae and Sly and the family Stone through to Savannah Band and Electro coming through the speakers at home.
Through this environment of constantly being exposed to different forms of music is how he eventually got introduced to the culture of Hip-Hop.

M.E. relays his message not from the realm of cliché ridden machismo but from the perspective of a man trying to better his life and yet recognising the inevitable pitfalls that come along the way. To quote one of his songs -‘I take the rough with the smooth cos that’s living…’

M.E. quotes ‘I make music and art in general for myself first, my family, my children, my comrades, my enemies, my neighbourhood, my rights and wrongs, my virtues and short comings. Everything is everything so if it’s a truth, brutal or beautiful I draw inspiration from it, life is the muse’


The 'Elohymns - In The Master Key' EP