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Marcus Very Ordinary

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Acoustic




"Live review from a KCRW presents show at The Echo, Los Angeles"

Marcus Very Ordinary is a band that is difficult to define. I call them a "speakeasy" band because their music transports me to a 1930's dance hall where women of ill repute lurk in the shadows. Their lush sound is part side show and part burlesque. It is dramatic, dark and alluring. If they were a movie they would be a Cohen brother film shot in high contrast sepia tones. Lead singer Jon Lorentz switched from acoustic guitar to keyboards flanked by a sultry female singer. They both can sing like the cats pajamas and their voice are strong and evocative enough to match the orchestral sound that often swells around them. A major strong point, and there are many strong points to seeing MVO live, is watching and hearing the amazing Butch Norton on the drum kit. The former Eels member who has since worked with the likes of Fiona Apple, Tracy Chapman, Lisa Germano, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, Rufus Wainwright and Lucinda Williams has so many tricks up his sleeves and uses them all perfectly to support this wonderful ensemble. So wear something dangerous and go check Marcus Very Ordinary out. You can even strap a tie on. Stand out songs for me were "Killing the Horse"- "I'm Easy" and "Right Where You Belong". - LA Record

"Marcus Very Ordinary at the Viper Room"

"Led by Jon Lorentz, Marcus Very Ordinary is not. It is an orchestrated sound of a dark speakeasy and questionable human emotions." -

"Luxury Wafers review by Landry Malick"

"String trio Marcus Very Ordinary played a sparse live set in the studio, striding the dark, atonal side. This would be nice music for mud bathing in a swamp, among other more traditional listening venues.
The group cites Tom Waits and Randy Newman as influential to their music. You can hear the Waits influence in their jazzy, minor arrangements strung with curious, sometimes eerie lyrics. Singer [Lorentz]'s strong voice hearkens a moody Ben Harper in quality, leaking elements of a naughty, restrained, tightly-wound internal world in character.
Slug Fest and Billions, additionally adorned with piano, evoke Randy Newman meets Queen in song structure and feel.
Overall, Marcus Very Ordinary paints a weird, pokey picture reminiscent of Halloween in a French Quarter parlor. Listen more than once. It makes your skin itch and could possibly cause fever." -

"Sultry Sirens of Song - Blue Rabbit headlines the Delusions of Grand Tour in San Francisco"

Friday night, local indie sensation Blue Rabbit headlined the Delusions of Grand Tour at the Hotel Utah. The tour features three indie bands - The Hoof and the Heel, Gregg Tillery, and Marcus Very Ordinary. For each stop the tour makes, they invite one local band to headline.

The Delusions of Grand Tour's unique blend of musicians has led to ringing success - their first night, a Tuesday, they sold 150 tickets at the Viper Room in L.A. The show at Hotel Utah was no exception - it was packed all night long, and even more packed for Blue Rabbit. - SF Indie Music Examiner


Marcus Very Ordinary Renounces the Soil and Popular Roots EP (2010)

Luxury Wafers Sessions EP (2009)

Freak Out [Single] (2008)



Marcus Very Ordinary started as a Los Angeles trio by way of Buffalo, NY. Their self-proclaimed style of "sad bastard music," manipulating the verge of macabre, caters to kindred spirits for whom soul-searching is a life-long journey.

The band consists of, principal songwriter, Jon Lorentz who plays the guitar, piano and banjo; in addition to laying down the vocals. Jon LaTona is on double bass and Vicki Scotto rounds out the group with the violin, adding rich textures of their training in jazz and classical music, respectively. Recently the band has added full time members Justen Finch, John "MuscleMouth" Lugo, Danielle Mays, and Aran Tanchum on horns. Along with the addition of Butch Norton (Eels, Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, Lucinda Williams) on drums, and Mindy Jones on viola and backing vocals.

Interweaving mordant lyrics and lush orchestrated string/horn sections, Marcus Very Ordinary came onto the LA music scene in July 2008.

While working on their debut album produced by Peter Malick (Norah Jones), Marcus Very Ordinary has been building a devoted following playing in such venues as LA's famed Viper Room and Crane's Tavern in Hollywood. Their first EP titled "Marcus Very Ordinary Renounces the Soil and Popular Roots" released on March 30, 2010.

In addition to Marcus Very Ordinary, lead singer Jon also is a member of respected LA indie band The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers, and Buffalo-based ghost-pop duo Barefoot Soldiers.

Marcus Very Ordinary was born from the sensation of sometimes being alone even when surrounded by a crowd.