Marcus Words

Marcus Words


An acoustic display of a rythmic style that carries a social conciousness in which everyone can identify with.


“I am truly grateful to have been blessed with the gift of music; there are few things that can come between an artist and what they create” – Marcus Words

The first thing that must be considered is that Marcus Words considers his ability to play, interact and speak musically as an extravagant gift. He an individual, raised in a world where gifts are scarce - sought refuge in the comforts of creation.
The Bassoon is where he began learning his craft. Although he played the bassoon as his primary instrument, he acquired many more instruments throughout his adolescence. Such instruments as the trombone, tuba, euphonium, vibraphone, piano, guitar, bass, kit, marching snare, clarinet, trumpet. Throughout Marcus’ life, he’s been exposed to many different genres. Because of this, the inclining for writing and composition began to manifest itself. With a home life that was less than favorable, Marcus found himself immersed in anything that allowed him to hone his talent.
Marcus has had the opportunity to play with many stellar musicians, at many incredible venues such as Starlight Theater (Kansas City, MO) and The Granada (Lawrence, KS). He often makes the argument that “On a global scale – there are very few of us who understand the concept of music” He feels that not only is it a gift, but a duty to continue the pursuit and cultivation of “amazing music”.

“Change” is the objective, “conviction” is the key.

“No one quite sounds like Marcus Words.: a brilliant guitarist with a flare for rhythmic, acoustic beats. A one man powerhouse of insightful lyrics driven by a voice that echoes a sense of hope and tainted by life’s up and downs.” – Bob Shultz, press


LP- Six Songs Five Dollars

Tracks: Winter Song, Sunday Afternoon,Worst Case Scenario

Set List

Here's a list of all my originals that I currently play. Along with these songs I also have the capability to play many cover songs that increase my total set time to 4+ hours my originals include.

Messanie Street
Not there yet
Sunday afternoon
No Radio
The Truth
About me
All you gave
Calling all able angels
Better man
Winter's Song
Worst case Scenario
Walk away
Cover Me
lover girl
The Withering
Up inside
Havin' a Blast

Cover Songs

Dave Matthews Band -Tripping Billies
Grey Street
Sting and the Police - Every Little thing she does…
Fields of Gold
King of Pain
Counting Crows - Round Here
I wish I was a Girl
Garth Brooks - Callin’ Baton Rouge
Friends in Low Places
Billy Joel- You may be right
Coldplay -The Scientist
Incubus - Drive
Bill Withers - Aint no Sunshine
Phil Collins - Another day in paradise
The Fray