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Marc VanClaggett

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Jazz Singer/Songwriter


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"Lady Flava Meets Tribute To The Temptations in Las Vegas"

An opportunity came for me to go to Las Vegas and see the group, “Tribute To The Temptations” and I was determined to make it happen. Arriving on Thursday, June 5th from Seattle to a heat that I was not used to, took this Pacific Northwest girl out of commission for the first night but to recover fine the following day. Meeting up with my business partner of 2.5 years, Marc VanClaggett who is a member of this amazing “Tribute To The Temptations” group was a great experience since most of our business is done by phone and internet. He is on tour year around traveling with this musical brothers to places, I can only dream of.

While in Vegas we attend the show for Smokey Robinson’s group, “Human Nature” at The Venetian where my cousin, known as “Funky Z” plays the Bass for this amazing group. We were definitely treated to a great show of musical memories from Motown. Of course I enjoyed this evening but my purpose was to come to Vegas for the “Tribute To The Temptations.” I had only seen the online videos and had told Marc that on my “bucket list” was to one day see the group perform LIVE. Well, that day came sooner than I had anticipated and trust and believe I was not disappointed at all.

Saturday, June 7th we arrived at the event location, “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” for rehearsal and sound check. I wanted the full experience from start to finish. Stepping through the doors of this venue I felt the magic just by seeing the decor and set up. It was so beautiful and classy.

Viva Las Vegas Event Center

Meeting all the members, Chester, Sonny, Shevel and Don was a pleasure along with Doug who set up the gig for them to perform in Vegas. At first the Members were the only ones that had arrived, so they proceeded to do their sound check and warm up before the musicians showed up. Shortly after the musicians started arriving and it was on.

Rehersal/Sound Check

This is when I had a first hand experience in the professionalism of this group. They trained the musicians in just a matter of a few hours how they wanted their music to be played.

Audience for Tribute To The Temptations

7pm the doors opened for business at “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and the venue and staff was ready to receive what turned out to be a packed house. They even had to turn people away at the door because they were at capacity. This was a first for me to be a witness to. It was a mature crowd. Many appeared to know each other and greet one another with smiles, hand shakes and hugs. Strangers sat together sharing a table, but join in as one as they all enjoyed being in this space for the experience of, “Tribute To The Temptations.” We were taken down memory lane with music from one of Motown’s greatest groups!

Ron Decar, Owner of Viva Las Vegas Event Center

9pm Ron Decar took the stage in his tuxedo as the Owner of “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and Host for the evening. The house was packed, the staff attentive to the guests needs and the show was on as he introduces, “Tribute To The Temptations”

Tribute To The Temptations in Vegas

Opening up with “Superstar” brought a high energy to the atmosphere that never came down until way after the show ended. Taking us on a musical journey of the greatest hits by “The Temptations,” such as:

“Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone”

“Don’t Let The Jones Get You Down”

“My Baby”

“Ball Of Confusion”

As the evening came to an end, I had the opportunity to sit back and witness the crowd wanting to hang out longer to meet and greet the gentlemen and take pictures. Several said that they needed to come back to Vegas to do a regular gig, that that was what Vegas was missing, good black entertainment. From being entertained by the”Tribute To The Temptations” to the crowd, the venues staff, the owner, Ron and promoter, Doug…this night was a great success.

It had been 13 years since “Tribute To The Temptations” has performed in Vegas, a place they got their start and call home. Let me tell you, they were well received.

This was why I came to Vegas, to fulfill my one of the things on my “bucket list,” seeing “Tribute To The Temptations” perform LIVE. It was a night to remember for me, but I sense that I am not the only one.

If you ever have the opportunity to see them perform, take advantage of it…you will not be disappointed. I am crossing my fingers that they land a gig in Vegas and can wow the crowds from near and far with their musical magic.

I first want to thank my business partner, Marc VanClaggett for inviting me to Vegas for this amazing experience and to the “Tribute To The Temptations” for not disappointing. Thank you for your hospitality Las Vegas, I will be back and better prepared for the heat…LOL

To find out more about, “Tribute To The Temptations” go to:

Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House News Reviews - Lady Flava

"Marc VanClaggett Creates That Classic Sound (Written October 26, 2012)"

Is it fair to say, that only a certain generation desires that classic sound of yesterday? Where are my seasoned sisters and brothers? This one is for you and those younger that can appreciate the flava of yesterday with the understanding of what it means today.

We talk about the music we used to listen to back in the day. Allowing a certain genre and time to live on into our present. I too raised my children on the sounds of the Temptations and Four Tops…Telling them stories of when their Grandpa Hersey brought The Whispers to the Cotton Club, along with other classic artists and groups. A time I can think back on, always with a smile about the the music I listened to…remembering who I was with, where I was or a time in my life. Music, in an interesting way represented the memories of my life - Lady Flava of Marlex Records

"Creating Music That Lives Forever"

Marc VanClaggett, being in the music industry over half of his life strives to touch the emotions of his listeners. He is know for his Smooth R&B sounds that has reminded people what those classic love songs sound and make you feel. Marc VanClaggett has a what he calls a day job, traveling the world as a member of a group called, “Tribute To The Temptations” Marc loves traveling with his fellow group members and wowing the audiences night after night. - Lady Flava of Marlex Records

"Merald Drive Release Date is: Mother’s Day 2013"

We are excited to announce the release of Marc VanClaggett’s album, “Merald Drive” Much work has gone into the creation and production of this body of new music from Marc VanClaggett. - Lady Flava of Marlex Records

"Marc VanClaggett's Music is the Sound of Love!"

When I first heard Marc VanClaggett's music, all I can say is that I fell IN LOVE with it! I am an "Old School Music Buff" from way back, having grown up on the sounds of the Temptations, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Whispers, The O'Jays, The Dells... good music with smooth beats and lyrics that speak of love, romance, and good times.

Marc brings that "Old School" flava with the polish and class that is truly missing in today's mainstream music, and caresses you with sensuous class and style - this is REAL MUSIC here! The fact that he writes, produces, arranges and performs all his own material means that he is the WHOLE PACKAGE, which in this day and age, is an extremely rare find.

From his sultry crooning on his R&B CD, 'I WANT YOU', to his sexy
and stylish jazz flute and arrangements on his 'JAZZ AT SUNSET' CD, you can tell that these songs are quality, hit-caliber pieces that will surely melt your heart and warm your soul.

Experience Marc VanClagget - a true CLASS ACT!

Michele Green
Author, Publisher, Radio Show Host - Michele Green Author, Publisher, Radio Show Host

"Marc VanClaggett, The Creator"

I have had to pleasure of being in Marc’s company as he has worked and I must say that watching him at work is watching pure artistry in its truest form. In his music, whether listening to his R&B style of music or his Jazz lies passion and flava that’s full of a sensuous, sexy and soulful sound. If you love the seductive sounds of old school R&B you will absolutely love Marc’s music. If you love the sexy, mellow and upbeat sounds of jazz, you will love Marc’s music. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Sit back and enjoy the majestic melodies of this very multi-talented artist. You won’t be disappointed!

Gale C Adams - Gale C Adams

"Marc VanClaggett - I Want You - 2003 - Marlex Records"

The excited hoo-hah that followed from this CD in early 2003 was MASSIVE. I spoke at length with Marc at the time and the vast majority of interest came from the UK. Marc was blown away at the interest and love he received, and it's not rocket science to understand exactly why when you hear the CD, and the title track in particular. If you love your soul harking back to the halcyon days of the late 80s early 90s quiet storm format then please make yourself acquainted with Mr. Marc VanClaggett. Honestly, I was 10 seconds into "I Want You" and I was gobsmacked and completely sold. This was the best thing I’d heard for a very, very long time. We are talking super soulful, dynamic, fresh and unadulterated sexy vocals in a Billy Griffin / Walter & Scotty mode! Check out the web site and hear exactly what I mean. Serious stuff, this. The stunning music does not stop here. "I’ll Be There For You" follows on and manages easily to keep the quality running. This track is very much in the Whispers / Babyface mold and is thoroughly essential.

Again, "When You Need Someone" is a cool mid-tempo number that raises the bar of musical quality top another level. Marc duets with a mighty singer, whom I am eager to hear more from, called E.J. Welch. If you like Gene Rice then you will like him! We're 6 years on and still no new material from either Marc or E.J. Come on, guys! The sultry, sexy "If I Could Hold You" really is a top-draw performance also. I found the mid-tempo semi-instrumental number "Butterfly Crossing" very much in a mid-1980s Leon Ware style and the quality continues with the chunky synth laced "Love To Burn" which is very late 80s / early 90s and top quality to boot – very close in comparison to Gene Rice’s "Love Is Calling You" and similar to the uptempo work of Gerald Alston / By All Means. The album is topped off with the beautiful and "Songbird" which possesses a gentle melody. Albums like this one are ESSENTIAL - and still available from CD Baby.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe - Barry Towler

"Marc VanClaggett - Jazz At Sunset - 2010 - Marlex Records"

No-one reading this will need an introduction to Marc VanClaggett. He won massive critical acclaim back in 2003 with his debut set for Marlex records, "I Want You", and his set featured one of THE songs of that whole year. many a year has since passed and having searched for the great man again, have discovered that dear old CD Baby have his NEW CD as well as a single, "Baby I'm The One" in stock! The album, "Jazz At Sunset", is a seriously soulful, funky jazz affair and highlights yet another string to this gentleman's envious musical bow. It's not a boring Smooth Jazz outing by any stretch, though even fans of this genre will find a lot to warm to here. This reminds me of what jazz-fusion albums were like before the Smooth Jazz explosion, and elements of Najee etc can be heard here. The seductive soulful opener "Jazz At Sunset" contains some lovely warm keys, synths, summery flute and Najee-type sax. Mellow it may be, Smooth it ain't! The excellent and gritty "Ramsey" must, I am certain pay homage to one of the greatest pianists in the field, Ramsey Lewis, and in turn one certain late, great Charles Stepney.

A great number, and fortified by the following track, "Rebecca", with a sexy tropical feel and chilled out piano touches. The funky, strident "Raven" adds real light and shade and is meaty enough to tremble the old bass-pins, and short though it is matches the chunky belter "The Doctor" nicely. What or which Doctor is this about? Not Matt Smith's latest traveling bow-tie adorned Time Lord, surely?! What really absorbed my attention is the deep, resonant bass on "Wilshire Blvd"...the bass, dreamy keys and rasping flute...a great little number and then some! The set ends nicely with a short but sweet reprise of the title song and rounds this up very nicely. Though there are no full vocals, it's still a must and I have to say that I didn't expect a Jazz set from this man. What we do also have is the single, "Baby I'm The One", which is a traditional vocal ballad with a spoken intro and definitely sits in a late 80s / early 90s soul groove. Vocally the man is on top form and this jam is definitely harking back to a better time for quality R&B music. Head over to CD Baby and check it out!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe - Barry Towler

"Check out the smooth and sexy sounds of Marc VanClaggett"

“Marlex Records has joined the Flava News Movement in Seattle, WA. As such, music by Marc VanClaggett will be featured on several radio stations across the country, including spots on Flava's 15-Minute Sets, Listening Party, Music Between Dusk & Dawn, Welcome to the Leopard Carpet, The Artist's Roundtable, and also featured on Soul City Radio, Baltomore, MD; KLSL Liquid Soul, Seattle, WA and Runtings Radio, London, UK.

As CEO of Marlex Records, Marc VanClaggett currently has released 2 CD's, 'I WANT YOU', a soulful mix of classic-style love songs, and 'JAZZ AT SUNSET', displaying his composing and jazz flute stylings as an accomplished and seasoned all-around artist. To add to this, he has a CD single, 'BABY I'M THE ONE', a hit from his 'I WANT YOU' CD, and will be releasing his next project, 'MERALD DRIVE', in Spring, 2012.

Marc's music is a MUST HAVE for anyone serious about loving good jazz and R&B music, that is second to none! Visit today!”

RM Green - SafeHaven Publishing Company

- RM Green


Merald Drive
(Jazz/Funk/Smooth R&B CD Released May 12, 2013)

Baby, I'm The One (R&B/Soul CD)

I Want You (R&B/Soul CD)

Jazz At Sunset (Jazz/Funk CD)



Marc VanClaggett is known for his sultry tenor/baritone voice that has wowed the crowds from coast to coast and across the globe as a member of a variety of male performing groups such as Mans Theory (once signed to Universal Records) and Klass 1 that had a long standing contract performing in Las Vegas. Marc has shared the stage with The Four Tops, The O'Jays, The Temptations, Jazz Crusaders, Roy Ayers, Gladys Knight, Grover Washington Jr., LTD, Mary Wilson and many more.

Marc is a native of Baltimore, MD and as many artists, he was reared in the church where the first audience he sang before was the congregation of his familys home church. Coming from a family of creative souls, his talents were recognized at an early age and he was never discouraged in pursuing his passion for music as a singer, song writer and musician. To this day Marcs family supports his career as a performing artists and entrepreneur in the music industry.

Currently, Marc travels nationally and internationally with an all male group called, Tribute A Salute to the Temptations, where the group serenades their audiences with the sounds of the Temptations. They have been told, that if the listeners were to close their eyes they would think it was the Temptations themselves. Otis Williams, the last surviving members of the Temptations has gone on record to recognize the group, Tribute as to keeping their music alive with the same passion, talent and stage presence that they once brought as a group. Although, Marc loves traveling and performing with the Tribute he desires to pursue his dream as a solo artist, along with being a song writer, musician, composer, producer and CEO of his record label, Marlex Records.

Marc VanClaggett has been writing music, composing and producing music for many years. Presently he has two solo projects released through his record label, Marlex Records. I Want You is an R&B album with a variety of love songs that will and has wooed the listeners to the point of smiles and dreaming of love. The second album is where Marc shares his talent as a jazz musician. This album is called, Jazz at Sunset sharing with the listeners, smooth jazz with a funky flair. You can either sit back and relax or hit the dance floor for a little two-step. Both albums have been received well across the globe and in regular rotation on a variety of national and international radio stations.

Presently, Marc is in the studio working on the final touches of his new album which will release in 2013. On this album you will experience the diversity of Marcs writing skills and delivery as a vocalist and musician.