Mardell Maxwell

Mardell Maxwell


R&B music that expresses life and love using smooth vocals and chilling harmonies.


Mardell Maxwell was born and raised in Junction City, Kansas, where he first began his passion for music. Over the years, Mardell has made a name for himself as being a “triple threat” in the area of performing arts. Before graduating high school, he has impressed thousands of students and community members in shows such as “Sing in the Rain,” “The King and I” and “Annie.” Within those lead roles, he has touched and impacted many lives with his voice and stage presence. Mardell is currently as sophomore at Kansas State University where he is studying PR/Marketing and Music. In his first year of college he was immediately recognized and received a role in the hit musical, “Grease,” which was viewed by audiences coming from all over Kansas.

Soon after leaving the stage of performing arts, Mardell decided to follow his love for Rhythm and Blues. After recording hit songs such as, “Can You Imagine” and “Sex Appeal,” Mardell was discovered by Koalishin Management. Since his first recordings, Mardell has performed live at several college parties and clubs in the Kansas area. All of his demo songs have appeared on Kansas radio stations, 91.9, 97.5 and 107.9 Jamz. Currently Mardell is working on his debut album, “Dreams,” which is composed of both traditional R&B and modern up-tempo Hip-Hop.

Mardell Maxwell has a lot to offer the music industry with his ability to sing, dance, act, write and produce. He has been blessed with a beautiful instrument and his passion to use it is evident through his art. Mardell’s music is about expressing life, love, and everything it has to offer using smooth vocals and chilling harmonies. At the young age of 19, Mardell has and will continue to make music that people of all ages can enjoy.



Written By: Mardell Maxwell

Verse 1
What I got to do to prove to you
That I love you and Im down for you
I know that Im gone during times that you need
But wish I was there to catch every tear that you shed
Baby your so perfect for me
And you are nothing less than my dream
Without you Im lost
But there is a cost
To loving a superstar


You see me on the magazine
From the radio to your t.v. screen
And I know you need me there
To give you my love
But you’re loving a superstar
Worldwide publicity
Camera lights, no privacy
Im doing this for us as much as it is for me
Your loving a superstar

Verse 2
I remember all the times it was just me and you
Before the phone calls and the interviews
I miss all those times we used to share
Now I got to be here and I got to go there
There’s a million things that you would exchange for
But understand that Im an entertainer
I might travel everywhere, but my love will stay right here
It’s the life of a superstar


Verse 3
Baby, believe me
When I tell you
Im down for eternity
Even though im a superstar


Mardell Maxwell's first single, SuperStar, is currently receiving nationwide college radio play.