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Oh, Toronto!

Written By: Mary Wreggitt

(vs 1)
Oh, Toronto,
there's no place such as us.
Love every culture,
we love our world so much.
We have such strength and great spirit,
live here and you'll feel it.
Eighteen thirty-four, means everything to us.

Chorus chant in backround
(T.O. T.O,
T.O T.O,)

(Vs 2)
We've got landmarks
and festivals for you.
Got every business,
there's so much you can do.
We're a creative population,
we come from every nation.
Have great services, and every type of food.

T.O. T.O,
T.O T.O,)

(Vs 3)
Oh our people,
they mean so much to us.
From every backround,
we all accept so much.
We love our athletes and musicians,
even our politicians.
Stand united and lift eachother up.

T.O. T.O,
T.O T.O,)

(Vs 4)
(Oh-oh-oh) life,
there's tough times in our lives,
but we will make it
we'll struggle to survive.
We gotta be strong keep our heads up,
no matter what the 'hecks up
'gotta keep going won't give up
'cause it's our life.

T.O. T.O,
T.O T.O,)

Oh Toronto,
you mean so much to us.