Maree McRae

Maree McRae

 Denver, Colorado, USA
BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

New latest single, "BREEZE" charted top ten on the Natl Adult Contemporary FMQB Radio, a rare feat for an indie. A charismatic performing artist, guaranteed to please. Top selling artist at World Musicfest, Sweden. A 5 star performer with Gigmaster booking.


International top performing singer songwriter. Debut album, "I Won't Settle For Less" (featuring members Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Vince Gill's keyboardist, Pete Wasner. Tim O'Brien) debut in top 40 National Gavin Americana Chart. A Her latest single BREEZE from the new album, Urgency"currently held the #1 most added new single, "BREEZE" on the Natl. Adult Contemporary FMQB Radio chart, expecting to reach Top Ten, a rare accomplishment for an indie artist, sharing the chart with Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Colbie Caillat and Pink. The new Aug. 09 release, "Urgency" was soley written by McRae boasting world players such as Bonnie Raitt's 15 yr. veteran guitarist, George Marinelli, Kelly Clarkson's & Alison Krauss keyboardists, Kat Marx and top awarded dobro player (James Taylor, Ronstadt and most grammy album artists) Dan Dugmore. Engineered by Triple Grammy Engineer, Mark Capps in Nashville, produced by Multi platinum Wyatt Easterling. The title cut, "Urgency" was written when McRae's young son was diagnosed with an immune disease forcing her to stop touring after her very succesful debut album years back, "I Won't Settle for Less" which made its mark on the top 40 Americana Gavin radio chart. Credits include the Top Selling Artistst at the World Musicfrest in Sweden and the Cover Story of Performance Magazine as well as inspiring a #1 Billboard Guest artist include Kat Marx (Alison Krauss, Kelly Clarkson) and veteran guitarist of 15 years with Bonnie Raitt, George Marinelli. National award winning singer songwriter is set apart musically from most with all hit material appealing to most genres from Folk Rock to Adult Contemporary. McRae has been described as a charismatic, energetic, heartfelt act with true professionalism of show and musician skills. Her latest release, LIGHTS, features founding member of the international well known group,Celtic Thunder, Linda Hickman. McRae continues her national touring and is based out of Denver, CO.



Written By: Maree McRae

Everybody's askin
Why I'm so distracted
And my answer is I'm out of time
For superficial stuff
And I'm feelin sort of anxious 'bout the days
You gotta break your back
Before you walk into the flow
But what a gift to finally know
Just how to spend your days
CH: I feel urgency
Time is staking out its claim
It could be you, it could be me next just the same
The curtain could come fallin
and the end may soon be callin
Urgency is shouting out my name
Baby all you've taught me
From watching all your suffering
Is that destiny can turn in a moments time
And in that moment you can find
The time to stand is now or never
Time to fly let go forever
Stop stirrin up the stew and start
Giving thanks
(repeat CH)
How will I be left behind?
If you go first, I can't shine
We can't see around the bend
Don't know when this road might end
Baby I'm just bursting at the seams...
Urgency, life is staking out its claim
Could be you, could be me next just the same
The curtain could come fallin
And the end may soon be callin
Urgency is shouting out my name
One thing is for sure and that is nothing is for certain
Urgency is shouting out my name

Speak Your Mind

Written By: Maree McRae

THis is the moment space and time
Tickin away now you decide
I won't be silent, won't be still
Something shouts deep in me
Let it out, it's the only way to be

Speak your mind
It's the only way now
Take the time
To let another know how
Speak your mind
It's the only way now

Why stay in the shadows
When there's so much light around us now
The prison is deep inside of you
But freedom speaks
Freedom calls
Listen how sweet
You can hear that sound now

Speak your mind
Its the only way now
Take the time
To let another know how
Speak your mind
Its the only way now

Why does it seem so hard
Laying out all the cards
And sharing what is in your heart


Written By: Maree McRae

Maybe if I go around this circle twice
I'll get a better look at what's inside
You live on the outside
I live deep within
The question now to answer
Is where we've been
I know if I go backwards
You say we'll move ahead
But I can't keep my eyes closed
And forget where I have been

So round and round
We'll keep on turnin round
Until we learn to draw these lines on out
If we can learn to straighten our own lines
We will learn the key to love's design

Out along the outside
It's easier to stay
And come up with excuses not to stray
And so I gently watch you
From deep within the sphere
My arms reach out but never
Pull you in
Not wise enough to realize
Each path is all its own
I lost you but I gained the peace
Of letting go


Its that eternal hunger
That constant crave inside
But hearts on rusty hinges
Will never open wide

I Cant Be There No More

Written By: Maree McRae

Loving you has taken its toll
Its left me feelin so worn out
Fighting for you
And dreams that will never come true

Once you've held on for so long
You lose what you're holdin on to
My crippled heart is learning to walk away

CH) I have had those dreams
But now I have these dreams
I was there, now I'm here
And I can't be there no more

Can't believe how far I fell
Falling fast until
I hit the ground
And took a good look around
(Repeat CH)


Latest release, "Urgency" boasts the first single, BREEZE" making it's mark as the #1 most added new single on the National commercial Adult Contemporary Radio chart, alongside Rob Thomas, Miley Cyrus, Colbie Caillat, Pink. This is now available worldwide"I Won't Settle For Less" debut in the top 30 on Gavin's Americana Chart.
Check out the chart below Maree McRae in the company of Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson, Rob Thomas

Updated: 11.18.09

2 1• ROB THOMAS SOMEDAY (Atlantic) 1483 1417
1 2• BON JOVI WE (IDJMG) 1450 1438
4 3• TAYLOR SWIFT BELONG (Universal Republic) 1204 1170
3 4• DAUGHTRY SURPRISE (19/RCA) 1164 1127
5 5• COLBIE CAILLAT FALLIN' (Universal Republic) 1076 1071
7 6• MILEY CYRUS PARTY (Hollywood) 1015 927
8 7• MAREE MCRAE BREEZE (Northwind) 948 902

Set List

McRae's show can tailored to all needs from a 1-4 hour solo, duo, trio or full band. McRae can take on most any show and never delivers anything but 100% extraodinary satisfaction!She is usually an original show, as she is a well known radio artist, but visit her website and on the music link, click at the bottom special events to view cover tune list.