Maren Christensen

Maren Christensen

 Missoula, Montana, USA

Maren's music on her latest album, Finally Red, enters a new genre, 21st Century Folk with a World Groove. Its got heart, rhythm, and an ongoing infectious beat.


Maren grew up in Seattle, Washington and got her first guitar when she was ten. She taught herself how to play by listening to records and figuring out chords from charts. She played her guitar all over Seattle, the epicenter of Folk Music and Rock and Roll. Within the first year of having her guitar she wrote her first song and she has been writing ever since. Her music reflects the experiences of living in a complicated world. It has heart with a dynamic groove that will touch your soul. It is both personal and universal. Her lyrics are direct, poetic and clever. The lyrical intimacies in her songwriting speaks to all of us as if we were speaking to ourselves. Her songs captivate us with delicate intrigue and charm while reminding us that our own dreams and hearts desires can be real regardless of how complex the world may seem around us.

Her most recent work, Finally Red, incorporates her love for percussion, her sense of rhythm and with the sensibility and sincerity of Folk Music.

Maren currently resides in Missoula, Montana with her life partner and two dogs.


Finally In Red

Written By: Maren Christensen

I came home one day and realized
I didn’t recognize my life
I’ve made the safe choice one too many times - in too many ways
It was time to stir it up and set it right

Why should I walk when I want to run and jump and play
Why sit still when I want to dance
Why let practicality get the best of me
I’ve got a pocket full of dreams that need a chance

Oh - you know I’ve been blue before
Life’s been hard and love’s been sad
But I ain’t that little girl in pink anymore
I know what I want - know who I am
And I’m finally in red
Oh yes I’m finally red

I came home one day and saw you standing there
You looked so fine
And as I saw you for the first time in that way
I knew I’d have to make you mine

I never met anyone like you before - intense like me
With no apology and no doubt
People say you’ve got to think outside the box
You say what box? -give it here- let’s throw it out

Oh people say we’re crazy
But we don’t care what they think
We know who we are - we know what we want
We ain’t those little girls in pink
Oh we’re finally in red
Oh yes we’re finally in red
Red is for luck - Red is for passion
Red is for love - Red is my fashion
Red is for power - Red is for action
And I click my heels three times
and I’m home
And I’m finally in red
Yes I’m finally in red

The Mindfulness of the Kiss

Written By: Maren Christensen

In our rising
we have come to fall
we will be
we will be
our lips melding
lusciously engaged
circle round
sing into
my mouth

Nourish me
with your breath
against my skin
I take you in
Unshackle my desire
bathed in our senses
with reverence
it all comes down to this
the mindfulness of the kiss

wandering through this place
we have made with our love
sacred space
with a lover’s touch
we come

it is the evolutionary imperative
that we love with a consciousness
with all my attention and volition
I give myself to this kiss
this one - this one now
this one - this one now

Nourish me with your touch
against my skin
I bring you in
Unshackle my desire
bathed in our senses
with reverence
it all comes down to this
the mindfulness of the kiss

Who Knew

Written By: Maren Christensen

I went out walking
I was walking under the sea
Surrounded by the water
Still I could breathe

Who knew
what seemed impossible would come true
Who knew
it’s all about what you believe you can do
Who knew
there would be happiness without you
Who knew
it would all happen when you said we’re through

I went out driving
I left the ground and flew away
I was flying aruond Venus
It’s the planet of love they say

Who knew
there would be love without you
Who knew
it would be better than I ever knew
Who knew
I would do everything I said I would do
Who knew
all our dreams can come true

I was daydreaming
I saw all the people smile
Everybody was singing
Saying love will prevail

Who knew
when I thought my sorrow would swallow me whole
Waiting for me
was the best stuff I’ve ever known
Who knew
love and kindness would be the way
Who knew
the human heart will always heal

My Wonderland

Written By: Maren Christensen

We’ll be dancing
We’ll be talking
We’ll be walking arm in arm
We’ll be laughing
We’ll be loving
No more sorrow in our hearts
Oh in my wonderland
Oh in my wonderland
There’ll be love - only love

We’ll be happy
We’ll be joyful
We’ll be righteous
We’ll know our own way
We’ll be gracious
We’ll be humble
We’ll be grateful for everyday
Oh in my wonderland
Oh in my wonderland
There’ll be joy - only joy

In this whole world there can be so much pain
My heart has known too much suffering
In my wonderland everyone is healed
And we let love and beauty reign
The truth so simple and so plain

We’ll be smiling
We’ll be singing
We’ll be rejoicing along the way
We’ll be mindful
We’ll be present
We’ll be able to see through the haze
Oh in my wonderland
Oh in my wonderland
There’ll be truth - only truth

Live In The World

Written By: Maren Christensen

Everybody’s talking about changing the world
but no on agrees about what that means
I say we start and end with the golden rule
We can’t keep waiting for the world to change
We’ve got to live each day in the way
We want it to be in the end
Caouse there’s nothing natural about the way that we live
and to those who say its just the way it is
we must resist - we’ve got to live the change

Cause evolution’s no longer about fingers and toes
but now its about the mind and the soul
and where we can go with consciousness
I may be right and I may be wrong
Its happened before once or twice
but that’s no reason we can’t get along
We can make a toast to humanity
Let you be you and me be me
Cause that’s the way it ought to be

We’ve got to live in the world the way we want it to be
Live in the world the way we want it to be
Live in the world the way we want it to be
Live in the world the way we want it to be
Live in the world the way we want it to be
Live in the world the way we want it to be
You’ve got to let it go - let it fly
We’ve all got to follow our own hearts and minds
And it will all be fine
By and by
My truth is just my truth - And I don’t
I don’t need you to believe it too
To make it real
Your truth is just your truth
And please don’t expect me to believe it too
Cause that ain’t right
You’ve got to live in the world the way you see
live in the world and let others be
cause that’s the way it ought to be

Someday - You’ll see - It will happen
In the world we make - With out actions
Love is stronger - Kindness longer
All that we do - It all matters


Written By: Maren Christensen

Every moment is a chance
yet they pass by unattended
we live our lives so carelessly
as if our time was endless
Everything will surely change
and it’s a sad, sad thing
to have a whole life lived
easily forgotten
never truly seen

At the end of it all
whose name will you call
Have you loved fearlessly
let someone in to be your witness
Did you let yourself fall
Fall to pieces to be whole
and despite our many flaws
were you a witness to someone’s life
Be as naked as when you’re born
nothing between you and the world
and when you’re humbled
open the door
let down your guard to know who you are

Oh living everyday
losing some but trying to learn
something about living
Sometimes there’s so much in the way
to look past, clear away - to be forgiven
Oh I need a witness
Someone to see me through
Sometimes I feel so helpless
Can you see into me
let me see into you

You know how to run - you run fast
You’ve got to learn to stand still
And everything you thought
you left in your past
It’s here at your heels

Please be gentle with all beings
we’re all just trying to make our way
Find a home and be freee
Live and love mindfully

With Open Hands

Written By: Maren Christensen

For my love
and for my desire that flows from the divine
For your love
and for the wonder lay it down with mine
It’s been a long time and I’ve been waiting
It’s been a long time and I’ve been waiting
It’s been a long time and I’m still here

For my love
make me whole again so I can see
For your love
I need the best of you to see the best in me
It’s been a long time and I’ve been praying
I’ve spent a long time coming to me

I see hope in the river
As she years for the sea
I let the beauty and the wonder
Wash over me

For my love
with open hands I take you in
For your love
just the same I let you go again
It’s been a long time and I’m still trying
It’s been a long time and I still believe
It’s been a long time and I’ve been wondering
What will it be
What will it be

Across Time

Written By: Maren Christensen

I stretch myself across forever
Outside of time to be in your presence
And once again to hear your laughter
to look upon you with eyes that see the truth

In this moment it’s just you and me
and we’re dancing through eternity
I remember when you told me
you would anchor me
so I could reach out and have the moon
Oh baby you were gone too soon

I let my self fall open
In the expanses of all my wild places inside
As yet untamed I feel the vastness
Of my connection to everything at once

As I walk my feet press into the earth
and there’s such a loneliness I feel
I miss the times that
we spent listening to the rain
With both of us revealed
I wish I had been kinder
Oh how we loved the rain
I’m learning a new language
To make sense of this pain
And my love and my love and my love
and my love my love
you were gone too soon

So tenderly I let you go
And you will go on
in the music of the rain

Let Me Tell You How

Written By: Maren Christensen

Well I never really bothered
to keep track of all the social rules
And all the games that people play
and all the things we’re not to say
I’m missing all the cures
All my friends tell me to don’t say
this and don’t say that
and don’t say anything
Or you’ll break the rules and play
the fool and god forbid
you’ll say something you mean

Well I understand compassion
and I understand
the point of being kind
But I don’t get all the posturing --
the who, what, where, and how all based in pride
And I don’t believe it’s possible to say
too much if what we say is real
So I take the risk of blundering cause I just
want to tell you how I feel

So let me tell you how - let me tell you how
Let me tell you how I feel
You should know by now -
You should know by now
You should know by now that this is real yeah

In all my guileless wonder
I open up my mouth
all show my heart to you
I’m guessing by the distance
and the silence that
was something
I wasn’t supposed to do
But what’s the harm in honesty
and showing you
what’s inside of me
There’s so many rules
too much to do, I can’t be that cook
I’d rather just be me

Sometimes I’d like to tell you
there’s so many things
that I would like to say to you
Maybe if we said all the things
that’s we’re afraid to
we’d learn something new
I don’t see the point in silence
when there’s always so much left unsaid
Maybe I’m a fool but that probably just
won’t matter in the end

Sweet In My Body

Written By: Maren Christensen

My baby makes me feel
sweet in my body
My baby makes me feel
like dancing in the rain
My baby makes me feel
sweet in my body
I feel sweet, sweet
sweet all around my brain

My baby makes me feel
sweet in the morning
My baby makes me feel
sweet in the afternoon
My baby makes me feel
Sweet in the evening
I feel sweet all around the sun
and around the moon

Sweet in my body
Sweet in my head
Sweet in my body
Gonna love my baby
until I’m dead

My baby is so fine oh yes the finest
My baby does sweet things to me
There’s no place I want to go
without my baby
Such sweet, sweet, sweet
sweet company

My baby makes me feel
sweet in my body
My baby makes me feel
sweet all night long
My baby makes me feel
sweet in my body
I’m gonna love, love
love my baby ‘til I’m gone
Gonna love, love
love, my baby ‘til I’m gone


2004 - LP - Resilient Child
2006 - LP - Ready For You Now
2010 - LP - Finally Red

Set List

Maren's set list is all original songs and generally 2, 45-minute sets with a 15-20 minute break between. She is able to play a variety of covers depending on the gig and the audience.