When I was in high school, a friend said I should turn my love of parody song-writing into a profession. I thought she was nuts; who could make a career singing parodies? Now I see how wrong I was... I'm so ashamed...! So I've resumed song-writing (amateur-status). I have written a few serious songs, but I mainly write parodies. The world is bizarre: we need parodies to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.


Satire Man

Written By: Margaret Yacowar

Satire Man
[-a parody of “Ode to a Superhero” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, which is a parody of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, with original lyrics by Margaret Yacowar. A couple song titles and the Yoda chant by Al Yankovic are quoted or paraphrased. If I had any guts, I’d have asked for permission ….]

It’s Wednesday night and I’m feeling like
This week is just not going to end.
If I hear one more news brief or sob story
I swear that I’ll go ‘round the bend.

So I drag myself home to my stereo
And I grab the first disk that I find.
I hit play and I pray and then I start to sway
To sweet polka that soothes my stressed mind.

Oh, na ni na, ni ne na na
Na na, ni ne nla na num

Sing us a song, you’re the satire man,
Sing us a song, tonight.
Yes, we’re all in the mood for a parody
‘Cause we know reality bites.

There are tender torch songs for the lovelorn
Who want to see their ex get maimed.
And a sweet little ditty about a guy you would pity
With a libido that cannot be tamed.

There are medleys of popular rock hits
Done in polka, as God first intended.
And the Yoda chant hitch is it left me in stitches;
Tried to learn it, but overextended.

Homina! Homina! Homina homina homina!
Ba ba oom mow mow
Ba ba om mow ma mow
Ba ba oom mow mow
Ba ba oom mow ma mow

Oh, na ni na, ni ne na na
Na na, ni ne nla na num

The accordion crashes great waves of sound
And the drum beats send my feet to dance,
Soon I’m singing along to a glorious song
About how I’m a genius in France.

And he’s riding around on his Segway,
And his leg is held up by his head;
I’m surprised that he hasn’t yet hurt himself,
And am very glad that he’s not dead.

Sing us a song, you’re the satire man,
Sing us a song, tonight.
‘Cause you’re bright and you’re funny and so limber now
And patently nerdy and white.

I watch interviews and videos on YouTube
But my disk copies are all legit
Yes, to download these songs would truly be wrong;
He deserves to be paid for his wit.

There’s no politics, no swearing, and no violence
(Except for that gross weasel song).
So, now please don’t perspire, but I’d like to enquire
How’s the next album coming along?

Oh, na ni na, ni ne na na
Na na, ni ne nla na num

Sing a polka, a rap or soliloquy,
Just sing us a song tonight,
'Cause we all sure could use a good laugh now
And we know that you’ll do it right.


Written By: Margaret Yacowar


-parody of Maroon 5's "Wake-up Call"

Didn’t know my guy’s a vampire
He said he’s allergic to sunlight.
Thought it was romantic to go
To a cabin in a ghost town
Studying a locked book he found
In a nearby mausoleum.

Then he showed his fangs
And a lone wolf howled
And the zombies came
And a black cat fled
And it’s not my fault
I’m a seventh child
Of a seventh child
And I see the dead.

I’m trapped ina corny horror movie
With another plot twist ahead
I am plain, smart, and flat-chested
So I’ll likely survive
But I start running.
Trip on the cat
My boyfriend’s at my side
Take a branch and stab him dead.
He won’t come after me anymore.
But how do I escape these zombies?

Grab the keys out of his hand and
Jam them in the ignition
But the engine won’t turn over
(That would make the movie end)
I see zombies getting close so
I dash off towards the woods

And the voodoo priest
That I dissed last week
Steps out of the trees
And he starts to chant
So I turn back
Trip on that cat
And my ankle’s grabbed
By my boyfriend’s hand

I’m trapped in a corny horror movie
With another plot twist ahead
Douse him with water that I was given
By some priest I met
At the Vatican
Run inside
Try to close the cabin door
But it sticks ‘til tension’s high
Run upstairs to hide in the attic
That cat leaps out
And scratches at my face
Then it runs downstairs
trips the vampire flat

Zombies start to eat him
Others climb towards me
Back up to the window
Voodoo priest breaks in

Whoa oh ooh
I’m trapped ina corny horror movie
With another plot twist ahead
Grab a radio and turn it on
The music sets
Those zombies dancing
Voodoo man
Leads the Macarena
As I dash out again.
Grab my coat and head for the road
Where I flag down a passing cop car

I’m trapped ina corny horror movie
With another plot twist ahead
That black cat’s sitting next to the cop
The cop’s got fangs
The credits are rolling
I just hope
I’m killed early in the sequel
So I’m spared another night like this
If the sequel’s script’s any good
I can finally watch
That kitty bite the dust!

I’m trapped in (watch that kitty fry)
A corny horror movie (that undead kitty die)
With another plot twist ahead
I don’t wanna be here anymore
Don’t wanna be here