Margaret Caruso

Margaret Caruso


Smart, engaging, original rock/pop/country songs.


Born on a hog and walnut tree farm in Illinois, Margaret Caruso made her way to Boston via Seattle. Here she can be seen jetting to rock n' roll engagements on a blue motorcycle. Although Berklee College of Music brought her to the East coast, it's the music scene that keeps her around. (Kirkland Cafe, Virgin Megastore) Margaret's debut album Joy Machine was made with the help of some of Boston's finest players. Among them were drummer Ken Schopf, bassist Stephen Desaulniers of the Ray Mason Band, guitarist Gaku Murata and banjo player Eric Royer The New York Times has called her one of Boston's "favorites" as well as [something] to do at night.


Margaret Caruso, Joy Machine, Compact Artifact 2006
Various Artists, Ladies of the Cape Fear, double disc release, The Orchard, 2000

Set List

Filled With Honey
Beautiful Cells
Take Ten
Blue Phone Booth
Humbled By the Mountain
Hard Ride
Ain't No Country
It Hurts
Joy Machine
Slow Town
Do I?
Prima Dona

Single 30-40 minute set