margaret klim

margaret klim

BandPopAdult Contemporary

The song in the mine shaft


My music is topical/political, folk/songwriter, broadway, gospel, world. I started my songwriting when I hummed while driving cross country.

Set List

The Meeting 2mins, Wayfaring Wanderer 2mins, The Romance 1 min, Pyramid Love 2 mins, Ring Love 1 min, Our Love 1 min, The Prayer 2 mins, Saint Petersburg 2 mins, The Last Best Good-by 2 mins, Partner Lovers, The EMF Song 2mins, The Commitment 2 mins, The Spring 2 mins, Acid Rain 2 mins, Nature's Lament 2 mins, Boomerang In The Sky 2 mins, Spirit Lake 2 mins, Brain Fingerprinting 2 mins, Sing Love 2 mins, The Widow 2 mins,
Only God Made 2 mins, Praise God 2 mins, The Gift of Love 2mins, Secret War