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Grew up in Chicago, lived in California, Oregon and New Mexico before moving back, this time to Central Illinois. I now live next to a beautiful forest that is an endless inspiration to me.

Have played music for many years, writing songs for the past 10.

Influences range from folk to blues to medieval to jazz to rock. The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Koko Taylor, John Prine, Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Simon, Etta James...too many to list. Someday I'd love to sing with a blues band...


Going Home

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“Going Home”

How many miles I’ve traveled
How many beautiful wonders to see
Always knowing that there was a bed
In the place I call home, waiting for me

I’ve had some money, I’ve had none
I’ve gone through changes I wish I never had
So when I see someone on the road to nowhere
Who’s lost and alone, it makes me sad

A mighty storm blew the levees down
Her neighborhood is gone, family’s apart
Yet she lives her life with dignity
Holding on to the yearnings of her heart

Our leaders promised that help would come
But she’s still waiting for that rainbow
All that she asks for is the right thing to do
Build a safe place where her children can grow

A little boy wants to go out and play
His father says wait until tomorrow
Maybe that’s the day when the war will end
Then he turns his head to hide his sorrow

They had to run in the middle of the night
Taking only what they could, to escape the fire
The bomb may have crushed the roof on their house
But it could never kill his deepest desire

The factory closes and they have no pay
Eviction notice comes, they’ve got nowhere to go
Everything they knew is in the past
They once had a dream but now there’s nothing to show

Don’t turn your head, for he is our brother
Don’t close your eyes, for she is our sister
Don’t walk away, for they are our children
Open your heart to the songs of our family

Going home, going home
Where I can lay my head
Everybody living in this whole wide world
Needs a place that they can call home
Going home, going home
Where we can live in peace
Everybody living in this whole wide world
Needs a place that they can call home

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien


Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

My friend Lillian lives next door, she is 85 years old.
Her husband Arthur died years ago, that’s his picture on the wall.
She takes a walk most every morning
Waves to me along the way
Only stays inside if it’s storming
Puts an X on the calendar every day.

Oh Lillian,
There’s something about you
That helps me understand
My mothers ways.
Oh Lillian,
There’s something about you
That makes me want to listen
To the things you say.

She raised her sons on the south side of Chicago, in a cold water flat.
When Arthur went to war, it was mighty tough, till the day that he came back.
The times they made a person strong
And many were courageous
If you ask them to tell it now
They are quietly gracious

Now she lives with her oldest son Frank, sometimes I visit her at home.
She gives me candy, thanks me for spending time, with her youngest son Joe.
He died of cancer last winter
And her heart is deeply grieving
No one should ever have to feel
The pain of a child’s leaving.

Copyright 2003 Margaret M. O'Brien

Walking Down the Road to You

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“Walking Down the Road to You”

Well I hit the road a few years ago
Playing music everywhere I can put on a show
Sometimes it’s noisy so you gotta sing loud
But it’s good when there’s a smiling face in the crowd

There’s times when I feel so lonely, I could cry
And all I can do is think of you, my sweet honey pie
So when the road is cold, I start yearning
For that red brick house and your fire burning

This record man said it was my turn to shine
So I signed right there on that dotted line
Said he’d take my song and make it a hit
I never saw a dollar, not one single bit

Now I realize they don’t owe me a livelihood
I take the highs and lows, it’s understood
but if who I am is not who I want to be
It’s time to head home, back to reality


Oh honey, I’m walking down the road to you
Honey, I’m walking down the road to you
I got no money for a train or plane
All I got in my pocket is my name
And all I want to do is make sweet love to you

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien

Beautiful World

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“Beautiful World”

Everybody’s searching for some answers
They’re coming from the hills and the valleys below
They tell me the journey’s what matters
They tell me when you get there, you will know

Some days the road is all switchbacks and turns
Driving nowhere fast without a map
Or cruising along steady in an old Mustang
Moving forward ‘cause there’s no turning back

Some days, it doesn’t seem the world will change
People hurting everywhere you turn
You do your best even when it’s not enough
You do your best and hope that some day we will learn

You see, we’re all traveling on this oddessy
We’re all yearning for the light
There’s so much at stake and so much good here
We can help each other through the night

And if you think of something that might help, then do it
And if you want a love that shines, then make it
When you feel the heartbeat of the world inside you
Embrace it
Then we will fly upon our dreams
On top of this beautiful world, we’ll stand

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O’Brien

Please Don't Give Up

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

"Please Don’t Give Up"

Rebel soldiers invaded their village
In the middle of the night
They raped all the women
Then beat them until daylight
When her husband tried to help her
He was immediately killed
These coward’s hearts are just empty holes
That have never been filled.

Rebel soldiers tried to force a son
To tie his mother to a tree
But when he would not violate her
He was beaten for his loyalty
The babies they bore were innocents
That some felt did not belong
Some fathers abandoned their families
Ashamed, they were not strong

It was easy to forget them
When they lived so far away
When I was safe and warm in my home
I couldn’t hear her children say
Momma, oh momma please hold me
I am afraid when the sun goes down
I am afraid those soldiers will come back
I am afraid to cry out, or make a sound

Oh sister, my sister
Your eyes have lost their shine
Your head hangs low
What they did to you does not define you
Your story will be been told now
Though we live in different lands
We are of one heart now
Across the miles, let us join our hands
What can I do to help you
Break away from those chains
Of cruelty and hopelessness
While a breath of life remains….
Please… don’t give up

Copyright 2005 Margaret M. O'Brien


Have had some airplay on independent stations; no LP's yet.

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