Margaret O'Brien

Margaret O'Brien


Songwriter:folk, blues, jazz, country


I have played music most of my life, but have been writing songs for the past 10. Several of my family members play, and write as well. I love the blues, folk, jazz, country, rock, even Medieval. My vocal influences are a combination of Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell and Koko Taylor. I love many others like John Prine, Jim Post, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Lonnie Brooks, Van Morrison, BB King, Iris Dement, Emmy Lou Harris.

Grew up on the South Side of Chicago, lived in California, Oregon and New Mexico. Have had a few right and left brained careers such as office work, fiber artist/quiltmaker, software technician and chemical engineer. Now, I live by a forest about 3 hours south of Chicago, that brings inspiration, beauty and peace to my life and am forever grateful for that.

Am a member of ASCAP.

I record at home using Acid, and have learned a whole new appreciation of the folks who do the recording, producing and arranging. What an artform...


Somebody's Crying

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

"Somebody's Crying"

The headline in the morning paper I read.
Thirty nine more people are dead.
Somebody put a bomb on a subway train.
Sometimes I think this world’s gone insane.

Somebody’s sister never came home today.
Somebody’s father was lost in a land far away.
I try to put my head around it and still,
There’s an emptiness that I can’t seem to fill.

Seems to me most people want to live in peace.
Work hard to earn a living and raise their families.
When people use greed and hate to build their home.
There’s a wave of anger that has a life of it’s own.

Guess this has been going on since time began.
Doesn’t say much for the progress of man.
There’s got to be a place where we can find.
That the things that divide us are less than the ties that bind.

War is a broken record we’ve become numb to.
We hide behind righteousness, but when will we come to,
See that what really matters when all is said and done,
Is the truth in the love we give someone.

Don’t tell me what country you’re from,
Or the color of your skin,
And don’t tell me what religion you are,
Your ideology or why you should win.
I want you to tell me who you are.
I want to look in your eyes and know what’s in your heart.
‘Cause somebody’s crying.
Somebody’s crying.

Copyright 2004 Margaret M. O'Brien

I Know What You Need

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

"I Know What You Need"

We have been friends now for years.
We’ve had good times and cried some tears.
Now I’m seeing you in a new way.
Instead of going home, I’ve been wishing you would stay.

Last time I saw you, your heart was broken.
We talked all night, our dreams were spoken.
You know I’ll always hold you, I know that you’ll be kind.
Has it always been here, the love we want to find.

It may be loneliness that’s doing all this talking.
But I think something happened when we went walking.
It may be a road we should not take.
Just that I can’t help but wonder what kind of love we could make.

‘Cause I know what you’re thinking.
I know what you need.
I think that you are no different than me.
A warm heart and soft touch can go a long way,
To satisfy you like it satisfies me.

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien

I Am Waiting

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“I Am Waiting”

I am waiting
I am waiting
For someone nice to see
Who I really am, to see me
That I’m not invisible
That I’m irresistible

I am longing
I am longing
To find those who feel
That love is real
what I want to see
starts with me

I am listening
I am listening
To the nightingale
Beauty lifts her veil
And she sings
We are part of everything

People speak with no regard
How did their hearts grow so hard
Would it be so difficult to be kind
Open the windows to your mind
I didn’t understand and I still don’t see
And silly me, I believed that
Sticks and stones
May break your bones
But names will never hurt you
But they do
Oh, they do.

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien

Walking Down the Road to You

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“Walking Down the Road to You”

Well I hit the road a few years ago
Playing music everywhere I can put on a show
Sometimes it’s noisy so you gotta sing loud
But it’s good when there’s a smiling face in the crowd

There’s times when I feel so lonely, I could cry
And all I can do is think of you, my sweet honey pie
So when the road is cold, I start yearning
For that red brick house and your fire burning

This record man said it was my turn to shine
So I signed right there on that dotted line
Said he’d take my song and make it a hit
I never saw a dollar, not one single bit

Now I realize they don’t owe me a livelihood
I take the highs and lows, it’s understood
but if who I am is not who I want to be
It’s time to head home, back to reality

Oh honey, I’m walking down the road to you
Honey, I’m walking down the road to you
I got no money for a train or plane
All I got in my pocket is my name
And all I want to do is make sweet love to you

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien

Somewhere In Between

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“Somewhere in Between”

Got a picture of a man
Who doesn’t know where he stands
Should he stay, should he go,
Or somewhere in between?
His heart was torn in two,
And he didn’t know what to do
So he lived in limbo,
Afraid to make a change.

There was the one who had his heart,
And the one who had his soul,
They were different women,
Each a world apart.
It wasn’t supposed to be,
And he knew it wasn’t free.
There was a price to pay,
For living life this way.


Because loving only goes so far,
And you have to stay the course
To make it through
And when the price to pay is born,
By the ones who love you
It is a price too high
It’s time for him to choose

© Margaret M. O’Brien 1998

Beautiful World

Written By: Margaret M. O'Brien

“beautiful world”

Everybody’s searching for some answers
They’re coming from the hills and the valleys below
They tell me the journey’s what matters
They tell me when you get there, you will know

Some days the road’s all switchbacks and turns
Driving nowhere fast without a map
Or cruising along steady in an old Mustang
Moving forward ‘cause there’s no turning back

Some days, it doesn’t seem the world will change
People hurting everywhere you turn
You do your best even when it’s not enough
You do your best and hope that some day we will learn

You see, we’re all travelling on this oddessy
We’re all yearning for the light
There’s so much at stake and so much good here
We’ve got to help each other make it through the night

If you think of something that might help,
Then do it
If you want a love that shines,
Then make it
When you feel the heartbeat of the world inside you,
Embrace it
Then we will fly upon our dreams
On top of this beautiful world we’ll stand

Copyright 2007 Margaret M. O'Brien


I do not have a studio-produced album yet. There are additional home-recorded individual songs at the links listed in my EPK.