Margie Chadburn

Margie Chadburn

 Ogden, Utah, USA

If you want a chilling performance that drives you into the music Margie Chadburn is for you. She will capture any audience who loves jammy pop rock and wants to have a good time!


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Margie began her career performing when she turned four. She performed at many events, which included vocal competitions, musicals, dance performances. Margie composed her first song on the piano at the age of eleven and was awarded first place at a regional writing competition. She taught herself on the piano by ear and continued to receive regional writing awards.
Margie started to take singing lessons at the age of seven and continued to train classically until her second year of college. She was given the Miss Weber County talent award and 1st Attendant Miss Utah Jr. Miss for an Italian Opera piece. She finished a BIS degree in Marketing and Sales. Margie graduated in the fall of 2008 where her song "The Perfect Day" was debuted to over 10,000 people. She continued her education in the music industry at Wondaland Productions via Bad Bio Records. Margie was also featured in the Tribute to Tom Waits compilation for 2008. She was chosen as the top female vocalist of the year for “Kurt Bestor Best Singer Search” in Utah and the worldwide “Music Revolution” online talent competition.
She is releasing her first album "Unlocked Secrets" in the fall of 2009 with all original music compositions she has composed on the piano and guitar with the exception of co-writing "Never Grow Up" with myself Phil Mcclary.
Margie has been a volunteer/coach/advocate for past six years for the Special Olympics. Some of the proceeds with each album sold will be donated to the Special Olympics program. Margie will continue to pursue
what life has to offer.


The Perfect Day

Written By: Margie Chadburn


Snow falls down
as we dance around
in the parking lot at the edge of town
and we laugh and play
as we spin and sway
and we catch the snow flakes on our tongues.

Chorus: I call this the perfect day
a night that I just want to stay
perfectly, perfectly this way
and as we're dancing here
and the night is so clear
you take my breathe
you take my breathe away
cuz it's the perfect day

And we sit right by
the fireside
and we snuggle up til the end of the night


And you lean up so close
and you give me a small dose
of your effection as we take our first kiss.


I Don't Wanna Feel This Way

Written By: Margie Chadburn

Im driving in my car
Im not getting very far
From where I want to be

I turn on the radio
And then I say, "Oh no"
Its our song
Its our song

And I dont wanna feel this way
And I just want you to say
That its ok
Ya that its ok
And that I love you
Ya I do

Now each and every mile
I start to want to dial your number
Your number
Cuz Im goin crazy without you
Ya I cant stop thinking about you
About you
About you


Tell me it will be ok
So I don't have to feel this way

And You'd Say

Written By: Music and Lyrics By Margie Chadburn

I remember the first day we met
It was a blind date what a trip
You called me up an hour after
And our days were filled with laughter
And everything all around us faided to gray
And all I could see was your face
So charming, so sweet

And you'd say that everything would be ok
And you'd say I love you everyday
Ya I do, ya I do, I do

We spent the summer by each other's side
And it was one exciting ride
You made my life so happy, so complete
And every time I think about our kiss we made together
To last forever
It was like I was lifted by your touch


Now I watch the sunset go down
On our swingset playground
As if it was the first time we met
As if you were here
But your not here
No your not here


But I guess that was just a lie

Someone Save Me

Written By: Music and Lyrics by Margie Chadburn

Everyone seems to be moving forward
Everyone seems to be on the greenside of the hill
At times I feel like my life's moving backwards
All a rewind machine
Can't figure out what it means

Oh please someone save me
From myself, from myself
Im tring to find something to hold onto
To hold onto

Now I just sing out to a melody
Hoping to find someway to set my soul free
Its like Im singing out
But noone can hear
What Im feeling inside
What Im feeling inside


And I fall to me knees
And Im begging oh please
Someone come dry these tears
And like the warmth of the sun
My soul came undone
And it was like I was wrapped
It the arms of an


When I Wake Up Ep received streaming and radio airplay.

Set List

Average set time: 45 minutes
Ten to fifteen songs
Can do all original or some covers