Margo Hickman

Margo Hickman


Margo Hickman an accomplished Actress, Comedienne and Motivational Speaker motivates and inspires her audiences through stand-up comedy.


Margo's experiences span from coast to coast she has been blessed to showcase her gifts on various forms of media.

Numerous commercials for Black Tie Magazine, BET Entertainment Television

Interviews on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television and various radio stations.

She produced and hosted a weekly radio show entitled "Motivational Moments".
She hosted a weekly cable Gospel Show and is currently working on a internet comedy project.

Margo's goal is to reach the nation's spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by any means necessary.


Saved Sanctified Super Sistah!
Anointed And Appointed: Margo Hickman Live!
God's Gotcha!
Put Your Crown Back On!

Set List

My sets focus on Christian comedy
By using biblical scriptures, stories and characters
I also use my personal testimony and life experiences. The delivery is funny, inspirational and thought provoking.