Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
BandSpoken WordSinger/Songwriter

Margot is a powerful and multitalented performer who lights up any room. Her lyrics are intelligent, deep and metaphysical. The music is laced with edgy rhythms. The voice is soulful and moves like water. This is supernatural, empowering rock from a classically trained, roller derby poet chick.


Hawaii born and multitalented; Margot Malia always delivers a mind blowing show. Her content is deep, visionary, supernatural and is motivated by the quest for enlightenment . Margot Malia is literally connected to the land of Hawaii and listens to an unconscious muse of Hawaiian ways and aloha. She challenges the system with her writings and uncovers illusions and lies she sees in the human existence. With the amazing combination of a colorful presence, exceptional talent, and heightened creativity, Margot will knock you out and win you over.

She received The Heisler music scholarship while attending The State University of New York at Plattsburgh. She took classical piano and violin lessons for over 12 years , studied diligently and got awards.

She played keys for Boston pop rock band Ramona Silver in 1998. Margot went on an east coast tour with the band and warmed up for The Call.

She co-hosted an open mic 'Rituals' in Cambridge, MA, with respected poet and educator, Regie Gibson.

In 2003, she performed with an all female ensemble of dancers, musicians and poets at Babson College in Wellsley, Ma. called "The She Show". Margot worked intensively with director, Lau Lapides on creating performance art pieces.

Margot is a survival story. She overcame an almost fatal, abusive relationship. She has universal wisdom for the oppressed who feel trapped. She's got a warrior spirit who sings for the lost and will fight for what is good and honest.

She is influenced by Bono, Tori Amos, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Led Zeppelin, Beck, Ani Difranco, Madonna, Jim Morrison, Trent Reznor, Jimi Hendrix, Nini Simone, Alanis Morrisette, Laurie Anderson, The Blue Men Group, Ben Harper, Grant Lee Phillips, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Beethoven, Performance Art and many poets. She looks up to many successful artists, but knows that no one has her insight, character and creativity and that the world would easily fall in love with her.

She is writing new material and revamping old works for a full length CD. Margot is working in tv, video and film production to support the love. She would like to conduct workshops in poetry and music to help people express themselves. With a background in the visual arts and production, she is a multimedia event waiting to happen. Margot looks forward to working with a full band, wearing some face paint, putting some feathers in her hair, wearing symbolic outfits and being an out of this world front person. She knows how to mix it up and can be the polite singer/songwriter in the corner~ but she'll always have a unique edge. Many people say they've never seen someone be so expressive as Margot. She is an endless well of creativity. Margot Malia is a vital performer for these confusing times.


When I Rise

Written By: Margot Malia Lynch

flying with both wings
know your shadow side
tame your beast
without suppressing your animal
I can look some gods in the eye.
The shadow misunderstood is a killer.
/When will we learn that the sun makes shadows?
When I rise I make the shadows fall./
Me and my duality holy trinity and I begin again
Rediscovering what was hiding in me.
I can look some gods in the eye.
Hallelujiah is when the sun touches the tear on your face.
I burned through all my chakra colors to find grace./
/When I rise I make the shadows fall. I shine even when I was surrounded by devils. I shine even when i was so gone. I shine and burn all the bad things away. La la la. You know you shine. La la la la. i shine wherever I go. La la la la la.

Defending yourself (slam poem)

Written By: Margot Malia Lynch

defending yourself
margot malia lynch 2006/2009

She carries herself with the intention of you cannot fuck with me
Because She’s been fucked with for too long and had enough
Now She sees through people
She’s telling it like it is cause she knows what she’s talking about
She used to carry herself wounded and lost.

I’m making sure my words get to a woman who may be trapped in her own illusions
Falling for the man who’s all talk
We are vulnerable we are susceptible to a certain kind
The sweet talker is full of shit
This is about defending yourself
Learn to walk away
To trust yourself
Don’t believing in fairytales when it involves another person because you cannot control anyone but yourself.
I wish I knew how to get out when I was trapped under his 50th chokehold
I wish I knew how to give him an arm bar and brake the fucking thing
I wish I had the will to get the fuck out of his reach
It never even occurred to me I could have arrested him
This is about protecting your life
your body
It is NOT about the sex
It is NOT about the allure of a bad boy because it is a trap to keep you under his control
I wish I had the confidence to fight him when he wanted to go toe to toe when he didn’t care if the police came I wish I learned to physically defend myself
But I wasn’t wishing for a way out because I thought I would not make it out.
You either lay down and die and take it or accept the fact that he will never change so leave and get over the abandonment issue
There is no reason to stick around and talk about it
This is about psychologically defending yourself
You got to build up
Know how amazing you are
You can’t do that with him screaming in your face telling you if you leave me you will kill yourself
This about trusting yourself
This is about listening to yourself
Creating boundaries and keeping them
Don’t let everyone in
know the difference between good and bad intentions of others.
fulfill your insecurities on your own
Take responsibility for your life because no one will take care of you except you
All your inabilities are not a firing range for someone to attack
your insecurities are not punching bags for someone to pummel to the ground
defend yourself
Know how amazing you are and don’t ever look to someone else to fill your void
Your darkness is your own to search and conquer.
Now I am wishing because it is safe to dream.
I wish to be intimidated by no man.
When I walk I carry myself. I carry myself.

The Truth

Written By: Margot Malia Lynch

The truth sets us free
The truth sets me free yeah

I’ve seen love come and go
leaving me hollow by the side of the road
I thought the oceans I cried were for you
But I’ts my way further into the truth
I’m slowly coming out from the dark
Bathing in the light of my rediscovered heart
I’m not scared of being alone
One door closes and the universe opens for you to roam
Face a new direction and lead with your soul
Most things are an illusion, learn all that you can
I conquered my lonliness.
Now hear the roar of the lioness

The truth sets us free The truth sets me free
I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person
Loosen your tight grip on the lie you hide under
The truth sets us free yeah

I see the thieves of the world watch out now I’m a spirit unfurled
I’m well protected no one will ever steal my jewels
I will not lay silent in the shadows of your greed
From the darkness I emerge with my righteous stampede
I see the way the earth works
I see the way people lost their touch
I hear the poets revolution feeding minds positive solutions
We are unearthing the truth listen to the words goin round and underground
Please don’t die with the song trapped in your heart
Release the truth from the prisons of your mind
Collect the keys and we’ll make a beautiful wind chime

The truth sets us free it may break you but you’ll get to the core
Loosen your tight grip on the lie you hide under
I hear the bells of freedom ring
every time we sing our truth
Setting every heart free like an animal to the wild Like a spirit to the sky
I hear the bells of freedom ring


Lava Moon, 1999, EP. Recorded in Mystic Studios in Arlington, Ma. Acoustic Guitar and layered vocals. Titles of songs are: Power, Multidimensional, Be a Light, Tyger, and Pele (Hawaiian volcano goddess poem/song). Tropical Storm, 1996, Poetry Chap Book.

Airtime on 102.7WEQX out of Vermont and 103.9 WMZR from Latham, NY

Set List

My sets can be from 15 minutes to 4 hours long.

Solo or with a band.

I can be booked as a poet and/or as a singer/songwriter. I can be booked as a visiting vocalist. Sometimes I incorporate a live loop pedal with the performance to create interesting layers.

Sample set for Educational Venues:
1. wooden flute intro with Hawaiian phrases
2. poem~ inner space~ with accapella phrases
3. song~Cycles~guitar and voice
4. song~ Butterfly Time~guitar, voice, loop pedal
5. song~Metamorphosis~guitar, voice
6. song~The Timeless~guitar, voice
7. poem~Circling you

for a rock club/regular bar a sample set list is:
1. I am the highway by Audioslave
2. Bring his love to me by PJ Harvey
3. Wicked Game by Chris Iaasac
4 original song: The Road
5 original song:When I Rise
6 original song: Cycles
7 One by U2
8 Eternal Life by Jeff Buckley

For a coffe house a sample set is:
1. original song: Power
2. Goin to california by Led Zeppelin
3. Bells for her by Tori Amos