Margot Blanche

Margot Blanche

 New York City, New York, USA

Margot Blanche is not your typical singer/songwriter. Imagine Billie Holiday brought back to life to hit up clubs on the Lower East side, seducing listeners with truthful, rhythmic words. Artfully, she infuses old world jazz with today's hip hop & urban beats.


Artists are proverbial sponges of their immediate worlds: they absorb what it is to be alive, in love, heartbroken, full of joy, joyless, in the here and now. But an adept artist also remembers to look back, listening hard and learning from the musings of vintage pianos, carefree ragtime, dusty blues: a time when music was not just the melody, but the deeper story behind it. Old Things are wonderful, especially when we reinvent them, like the rocking of Grandma's old sweater. Singer/Songwriter Margot Blanche, with her eclectic background, smart ear and soulful voice, is determined to not just scrapbook old sounds, but reinvent them.

Margot Blanche, a Hong-Kong raised, French-Filipino songstress with a classically alluring voice, announces the release of her first independent debut album ‘Pages in My Diary’. Collaborating with upcoming producer Kevin ‘12’ Samuels (The Pussycat Dolls, Jordin Sparks) and talents Ronnie Magri (Dita Von Teese) and Terrence Lewis (Cincinnati DJ), the album features intricately written songs penned by Margot, all of which reflect her musical influences and life experiences. With this album, she shakes the constraints of popular music standards, breaks rules, and takes all artistic decisions into her own hands. With her ear for soul and sharp music, she is known for rejuvenating delightful old sounds, pulled from a slew of cultures, with her modern sensibilities.
Blanche was inspired at a young age by both popular and classical music. She held heroes like Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin, but also received rigorous training at the ripe age of 9 with a noted local opera soprano. From a young age, she developed an utmost respect for artists who sing truthfully from their hearts, admiring the imperfections of such vocal honesty. Add the delicate blending of her heritages to boot, the result is a sound unlike any other, paired with a deep level of storytelling. Reigning over all of these eclectic choices is her voice: clear, pure, an astounding range, and universally appealing. NYC was taken by storm in 2001 by this poignant, feisty Belle. Over time, Her live performances at venues such as The Bitter End and Blue Note generated industry buzz and public interest, also landing her on the official 2009 Grammy Ballot for Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. If this wasn't enough affirmation, her songwriting career has skyrocketed, winning national awards, and her singles have been included on a slew of compilations. She is currently performing in the New York area with a brilliantly assembled live band.

Riding the raucous success of her songwriting and live performances, this album is guaranteed to break down musical barriers and charm the pants off any willing listener. As Blanche herself boasts such a broad mix of influences. Her music knows no limits of time or genre. Rather, it is a universally refreshing sound: truthful, happy, and inventive. From this album, expect bold choices and a rebirth of the best that old jazz and blues have to offer. From this artist, expect honesty, determination, and the unexpected.


You're Here

Written By: Margot Blanche

I've been hurt, been denied
Been deceived by romance many times
I didn't even have any more patience to try
But you came in my life
And you opened my eyes
You showed me that love has a better side
It didn't take too long
for me to realize

Now that you're here
I know that I believe in miracles
Now that you're here
Nothing will ever be the same in this world
Now that you're here
Through thick and thin your love will pull me through
Now that you're here
Nothing will ever be the same without you

With your patience you called every single one of my old bluffs
It didn't take too long for you to earn all of my trust
So i put my faith in you, to love me through and through
And now you know me better than I do
It didn't take too long for me to recognize


You make me complete, like a mirror I see
Your bring out a better side of me
Don't know what I could do
To make me the one worth deserving you
Love is finally here for me now to pursue


You Don't Know What Love Is

Written By: Margot Blanche, Terrence Lewis

I gave him my devotion and so much more
Than I have ever given anyone before
Not afraaid to be broken for the very first time
I learned the hard way, love can be so unkind

You don't know what love is, till' you learn the meaning of the blues
You don't know what love is, till' love has walked out on you
You don't know what love is, till' it was meant to be lost
You don't know what love is, till' you had to pay the cost

Without a word of warning, there was nothing I could do
He never said goodbye baby, there was just somebody new
Now here I am trying to understand, why this love fell apart
Never thought that I'd fall victim of a broken heart


You don't know what love can do, when you're caught in these games
Nothing left for you to do, but you can't walk away
There's no way to choose if you'll win or you'll lose
Giving up is so hard to do
Every kiss that he gives, every smile that he brings
No longer belongs to you


Lonely Heart

Written By: Margot Blanche, Kevin Samuels

(I need a man, I'm a liar if I say I don't)
Someday I'll find a love that's mine
A man that I can call my own
The days, the nights have been so cold
Sleeping in my bed all alone
Where have you been? My imagination?
I've been waiting for your everyday

I need you in my arms, I've been wishing on a star
You'll come and save my lonely heart
Maybe it's not today, I know you'll come one day
Come save me from this lonely heart
Someone to have and hold, someone I can adore
Come save me from my lonely heart

No more dates gone awry, no more saturday nights
Want a man to love me monday night
Sitting by my window pane, trying to guess your name
Thinking about you every day
And though I haven't met you yet, I know that you'll be heaven sent
To come rescue this poor heart of mine


Hoping the sun will shine, hoping you'll be mine
You're always on my mind
It's time to take a chance, discover more than romance
A lover and a best friend
Wonderful sweet and kind
Not like every other guy
Someday I'll make you mine


Let It Rain

Written By: Margot Blanche

I won't let it get you down
don't let this turn you around
Life can be so hard and so profound
The story starts not long ago
A dark shadow crept upon your door
Everything, evryone spinning so out of control
You were forced to face all of your fears
Sadness, pain, chemotherapy
But you weathered your journey, your burden so gracefully

Some days it can be hard to hold on
Every step has taken its toll
But the sun always comes out after the storm

Let it rain (but don't be afraid)
Keep your head to the sky
Find the strength to fight
Let it rain (but don't be afraid)
An unexpected storm
Have the faith to move on
Let it rain

Since then all our lives have changed
It's like someone has turned the page
On the carefree joy of yesterday
Find the fire, face your fears
Things will turn out just believe
There's not a limit to what we can achieve
With all your heart resist it
Gotta fight hard, be persistent
The clouds will give in to the light of a brighter day

Some days it can be hard to hold on
Every step has taken its toll
But the sun always comes out after the storm


Tired of feeling helpless in the night
Tired of fear clouding your mind
Tired of feeling sick, tired of feeling tired
Tired of fighting every day just to stay alive
Brother you're fighting for better days to come
Whatever happens in this world, you'll never walk alone



Single ‘Stay Awhile’ in score and soundtrack of movie ‘The People I slept With’ directed by Quentin Lee, set to debut at the 2009 Sundance Festival

Pages In My Diary (October 2008)
At The End (Single) 2007
Margot Blanche (EP) 2006
T.B.R.L. CD Compilation Volume 1 (2006)
Positively Music Benefit Music Compilation (2006)


94.5 WKTI "Celebrate Radio!", US

QFM 94.3 "R&B with Roxy"

Radio Crystal Blue, US

BandRadio, US

Starpoint radio "The Winddown Zone", UK

Acoustic Fuel, US

Alexa Digital Radio "Soul of Amsterdam", Netherlands

Celebrate Radio, Podcast, US

Alexa Digital Radio, "Music4iPods", US

FirstFunny Podcast, Italy

Shorties FM, Netherlands

Fredio Podcast, Japan

Capripodia Podcast, "Capri Musicscape", Japan

Buster and Donna's charity show, US


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8th Anual Independent Music Awards
Top 5 Finalist in R&B Category

The Great American Song Competition
Outstanding Achievement Award

Cooch (BMI) Songwriting Competition
First Place Winner

USA Songwriting Competition
Top Finalist

Singer Universe Magazine
Singer of the Month

Les Vignes D'Or
Top Finalist

Peacedriven Songwriting Competition
Top Finalist

Set List

Sets can be lengthened/shortened to accommodate time slots.

1. You're Here
2. Superloverman
3. You Don't Know What Love Is
4. Hourglass
5. Inside Out
6. Serenade My Soul
7. At The End
8. Leather & Lace
9. Let It Rain
10. Lonely Heart

Information available upon request