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Since news has been so slow recently, I thought I’d take the time to introduce you to an up & coming pop artist by the name of Margo.

Born in Toronto but based in New York, Margo (formerly known as M. Audio) is a talented singer-songwriter-musician, with a sound that that’s heavily influenced by 80's pop. I don’t mean just a few elements of the 80's here and there either – Margo’s music is straight up Prince, Sheila E, Kylmaxx and Mary Jane Girls, but with a modern twist of electronic-pop, similar to some of Goldfrapp’s work.

Adding further weight to the 80's references, my beloved Blender attended Margo’s first showcase recently, where they labeled her: “The female Prince of the new millennium.”

Tough shoes to fill, but if you listen to her music and watch her perform then you can see why they made the comparison.

Since Margo is so new on the scene there’s not a whole lot of news out on her just yet, but you can check out her first song “Cover of a Magazine” below.

The funky throwback was produced by the Jaakko Manninen & Justin Trugman, but Margo has also been in the studio with the Stereotypes, who I’m sure you all remember from Danity Kane’s top ten hit “Damaged”. The song is streaming on Margo’s official website, and as of now it seems to be the only mastered track available from her, but I have a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from her soon.

You can also check out Margo in action performing at her first showcase, which was held back in May. She bangs out some pretty incredible songs (I need that “Grapevine” tune like now), and even rocks out on an electric guitar with a killer solo. She actually plays it to – it ain’t no Rockstar 101.

If the music on her album is along the lines of all this material, then I’m pretty damn excited for her album. Margo’s got the looks, individuality, talent, style, and performance skills to really make it big. - The Prophet Blog

Pop music, always looking for the next big thing in a cluster of hopefuls. It’s pretty safe to say that Lady GaGa owns this decade, or this part of the decade, to say the least but there are three female acts that could possibly become the next sensation of the Pop world. These three ladies are Margo, Natalia Kills and Starshell. Our lady Andra has just as much potential as the three but we consider her more along the lines of an artiste than a Pop tart. Be that as it may, take the jump to decide who you think has what it takes strike it big.

First up is the lengthy ball of energy, Margo. Margo screams a 21st century female version of Prince. She’s inspired by the 80’s from head to toe. She carried the stage name M. Audio before changing it to simply Margo. She is definitely the left-fielder out of the threesome but seems as if she will have the most longevity. If we were to compare the three ladies to Britney, Christina and P!nk then Margo would definitely be P!nk just because of her ability to be herself and be a true artist rather than a walking product endorser. - CS Perspective

Meet Margo, the emerging multi-talent, pop sensation. Born with a passion for hard hitting ’80’s electronic pop music, she has an influence ranging from Prince to Madonna, The Buggles, Vanity 6 to Goldfrapp, but has created a vibe all her own.

? Margo - Cold As Ice

Her distinctive method of combining lyrics that tell a story with rhythmic soul variation in her songs gives Margo versatility within the pop scene. Her style is energetic and air light at the same time, while integrating fashion, music and art with ease. She likes to think of her music as a “revolutionary sound with exuberance.”

video interview / @margovox

Make sure you check out Margo’s official website for cool video footage, and follow her on Twitter! - Concrete Loop


Animal House EP



Fashion has always played a big part in Margo's life. She even got a scholarship for fashion at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto. She moved to New York to work at the head office of Betsy Johnson and she actually started her own shoe line called "1981".

She'd always been into music and writing and eventually music just took over her life. She was asked to move to Los Angeles to work on her solo project.

While building her Margo World, she's also been busy writing and producing songs for other artists. She's written songs for the likes Gwen Stefani, Mickey Avalon, Test Drive and many others.

Margo World is all about style, fashion, art, glam and in-your-face rock'n'roll attitude.

Her music is a mixture of rock, dance, urban and pop with some sexy 80's cool. Combine that with quirky visual stories, a great voice with a lot of character and you got the sound of Margo.