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Maria Herz

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Pop




"Maria Here – “Let's Get it Started” and “Back in Your Arms”"

Maria Herz comes from a talented family of musicians and artists, her oldest brother Freddy hit it big in Slovakia when he became the bassist for the chart-topping rock group, “AC+”. Her father was a famous conductor of Slovakian Symphony, and her brother Peter a concert violinist and accomplished painter. From a young age, she was brought up in a culture that expected excellence in music and the arts.

WPEX 90.9 FM DJ Allan Krusz – “Her Voice Takes me to another dimension, an immense talent…”

Shareriff Indie Music Blog – “Cool Summer Track with Nice Vocals…”

Fashionably Early Indie Music Blog – “Production Well Done, A Fine Performance…”

Kim Jones (Lyric Opera of Chicago) – “This Song is GREAT”

Luke Haas, DJ Mag Asean Blog – “Really Nice Song, the Mix-Down and Mastering are Perfect”

Illinois Entertainer Magazine – “Maria Herz serves up passionate pop music about life, love and the pursuit of happiness, delivered with a silky sweet voice. If you are a fan of pop artists such as; Mariah Carey, Ellie Goudling, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and others like them, Maria Herz is a must have for your music collection…”

After hearing the angelic tones of Whitney Houston on her radio as a teen one hot summer afternoon, Slovakian born Maria Herz decided to escape the Iron Curtain and flee to the United States and start her journey to become a pop music artist in America.

The latest milestone in that journey is her newest single, “Let’s Get it Started”, released on August 17th 2018. “Let’s get it Started” provides the listener with a unique fusion of today’s Hot Latin Dance Grooves, smooth rap in the bridge and a throwback, “Conga” style breakdown leading to a sizzling hot climax to end this dance masterpiece. All delivered with Maria Herz’ sweet tones and catchy romantic lyrics. “Let’s Get it Started” was produced by legendary Chicago based singer-entertainer Ron Starr. According to Herz, “Ron has a great ear for pop music and a knack for understanding what listeners want to hear. His sense of rhythm and hints of old school stylings dovetail nicely with my contemporary compositions.”

“Let’s Get it Started” marks Maria Herz’ debut release as an independent artist and she supported the release with shows: July 21st at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois and July 28th and August 4th at the Abbey Resort in luxurious Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Maria Herz is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Let’s Get it Started” and “Back in Your Arms”. - JamSphere

"Maria Herz "Let's Get it Started""

Maria Herz brings audiences a passionate fusion of world rhythms and classic pop with this latest single Let’s Get It Started. The song emerges with an organic musical set-up, guitars and a hand-held beat drive the backdrop, upon which Herz’ smooth and meandering leading voice delivers the emotion and good vibes required to carry the song well.

Structurally there’s a lot to appreciate about this single, various moments stand out for different reasons. During the latter half, the music breaks away into a Santana-like aura of instrumental bliss – guitar solos and horns collide and collaborate, numerous rhythm sections come together to create a warm and growing wall of audio. The vocal parts too start to build and strengthen one another. Prior to this though, there’s also plenty that impresses and holds tight to your attention as the music fills the room. The thought and effort that has gone into this is clear – it’s far from a pop track thrown together just to gather an audience.

The opening guitar riff is beautiful, this starts things off in the right way. Then you get these subtle flickers of rhythm, and still there’s so much space. Herz’ leading voice appears distant and soaked in reverb at first, later on stepping right up to centre stage – flawlessly reaching the highs and lows of the melody in a natural and fitting way. As things continue, you adjust to the hook and the movement of the song, you’re lost in the energy of it all – then the rap vocal comes into play to redirect things once again. The rap performance fits perfectly, adding a touch of additional confidence and swagger, as well as a differing string of lyrics and a new character. All in all the whole thing feels like an easy classic, an alternative pop offering that takes influence from the best corners of musical vibrancy. - Stereo Stickman

"Maria Herz "Let's Get it Started""

Maria Herz - Let’s get it started

A charming combination of pop energy and R&B melodies, with a penchant for great hooks and innovative songwriting ideas.
Maria Herz is not just the average pop artist. She is not solely concerned with creating fantastic, far-reaching and deeply relatable melodies. She also has a deep passion for genuinely reaching out to the audience in a very exciting way.

She is a deeply talented artist and performer with a really unique creative approach. Her sound falls somewhere in between the energetic feel of pop and the timeless melodies of R&B, making for a really broad and encompassing tone. It’s indeed quite hard to categorize this music, and the artist’s blend of different ideas and influences culminates in the sound of her most recent release, “Let’s get it started”. This new project is really a perfect example of Maria’s vision, and it highlights her strong commitment to creating something more than just songs, but real experiences for the audience.

One of the most remarkable things about Maria as an artist is that she makes it look really easy to combine amazing lyrics with effortlessly immediate melodies. Make no mistake, it’s not always easy to combine catchy songwriting with lyrics that are actually intelligent, relatable and honest. Many artists who seek to create a “catchy” tone actually skimp when it comes to lyrics, and the results are always sort of cut and paste, it feels like you’ve heard it all before. On the other hand, this is certainly not the case for Maria. The artist’s songs are really easy to relate to, meaning that their melodies are instinctively appealing and listeners can connect with them in a very effortless way. However, there is something deeper when it comes to the lyrics, and the personable approach to songwriting really adds a lot more depth this unique release. This combination of authentic wordplay and charming song structures really add a stark, emotional vibe to this release, making for a really strong and fantastic feel, with lots and lots of realness.

Ultimately, Maria’s beautifully poignant songs are a true vehicle for storytelling. She loves to explore her innermost thoughts, ideas, dreams, and hopes, sharing something really special with the audience. They say that some of the best art is actually inspired by the most painful memories we have - and indeed, some of Maria’s songs are about hardships and pain. However, she also has a very positive and uplifting sensibility, and her songs aren’t gloomy at all. On the contrary, they are actually outstanding and exciting portraits of looking up at the positive side of life.

Maria’s stunning vocal range is very dynamic and extremely varied. The singer can seamlessly move from quiet to loud, allowing her songs to really work like a rollercoaster, with many different melodic ups and downs adding power and punch to the mix.

One of the most distinctive elements of this release is certainly the great quality of the production. The sound is clean and pristine, yet it has a really warm vibe that adds that unmistakable human element, that’s often so elusive when it comes to great music. In addition to the high quality of Maria’s performance, “Let’s Get it Started” has a really special approach to production, and it really shows that this talented singer always seeks to work with people who are equally as gifted and talented in the music world. with a sound that feels clear and sophisticated, yet warm and organic. In addition to the world-class production aesthetics, the song is also lifted up the artist’s remarkable performer, displaying a very dynamic vocal style that brings energy and vibrancy to the table, seamlessly blurring the lines between different styles and ideas.

If you are the kind of person who loves music from artists the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce, you are certainly going to like this particular release as well, so I would definitely recommend giving it a fair shot.

Learn more about Maria, and do not miss out on this release, as well as other projects, events and activities from this talented artist: - The Bandcamp Diaries


Still working on that hot first release.



Maria Herz is the singer with heart.

Starting from the small Slovakian town of Gajary, Maria’s musical journey eventually led her to Chicago, where she had planned to make it, but life in the music business doesn’t necessarily follow the timelines we put in place for ourselves. You can say Maria was born into music, with her father being a famous conductor for the Slovakian Symphony, one brother a bassist in a rock band, and another brother, a concert violinist, music was definitely in her blood.

Maria is a songwriter who tells a story with her music, bringing objectivity to something that was subjective. Giving voice to the hardships and pain that are a part of her life’s experiences, giving her closure, so to speak, allowing her to move past them. She draws on her influences; Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Shakira for inspiration, in her pursuit for the elusive song of the summer.

Maria’s musical journey has taken her a long way, getting her away from her alter ego, Whitney Mari, whose music was dark and painful. Now Maria’s music has more positive uplifting vibes spreading love to her listeners.

Maria performs right now as a lead vocalist with the pop band The Romantiques, covering songs performed by some of her favorite artists, while giving her the chance to develop her own style. The Romantiques have performed at places like Blue Chip Casino, Gruben’s, in Plainfield, Bar Louie in Schaumburg, Venuti’s, and Abbey Resort, in Wisconsin, as well as private events and weddings, if anyone is in need of a wedding singer.

Maria’s latest release, “Let’s Get it Started,” began with a concept, from her old producer, more than ten years ago. Her first attempt at releasing the song, in 2017, did not sell well. Not a lot of thought was put into the production, it was just an attempt to get the song out there. The first attempt, Maria says, just wasn’t her, so, staying with the basic concept for the song, she made it more positive, and uplifting, giving the audience something they could dance to. You can find “Let’s Get it Started” on SoundCloud, CD Baby, and Apple Music.

Maria has come a long way from her Whitney Mari days, where as an unsuccessful artist with Inner City Groove Records, she felt a lack of direction and leadership from her producer, and the label wasn’t making the connections for her that she felt needed to be made. Now, as an independent artist, with a new producer, she has learned to believe in herself, and is given the freedom to experiment and discover who Maria Herz is for herself. This is Maria, “Let’s Get it Started!”

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