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Maria Bonanno



Acoustic pop artist Maria Bonanno is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter recently transplanted to New York City (formerly based in Ormond Beach, Florida). A passionate lover of all types of music, Maria counts Traditional Irish music, Bob Dylan, and Sarah McLachlan among her many influences.
Maria has performed throughout Manhattan (including several appearances opening for the off-Broadway hit "27 Heaven") and Central Florida. A member of the Songwriter’s Showcases of America (SSA), she has participated in a number of their events, including the Deland Original Music Festival and Main Street Live and has twice been nominated for their "Female Vocalist of the Year" honor. Maria’s clear mezzo-soprano voice and poetic, thought-provoking lyrics have earned her a loyal and supportive local fan base. In addition to performing, Ms. Bonanno released a self-produced 4 song EP in 2005 and a new full-length LP recorded with renowned producer Moogy Klingman is due out in Fall 2007.
Originally from Tampa, Florida, Maria likes to joke that she was “born singing”. She says, “I can’t remember a time that music was not an essential part of my life”. Maria began formally studying piano at age seven, guitar at eight, classical voice at twelve, and started writing songs when she was eleven. Inspired by the female singer-songwriters of the past such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, Maria started taking her show on the road when she was only fourteen. She performed original songs and covers on guitar and vocals at local festivals and venues throughout Florida, from Sarasota to Gainesville. Now 28, Maria’s long-term goal is to perform nationally, and to secure a major-label recording contract.
Maria’s poignant songwriting and passionate performance make her shows not-to-be missed events for music lovers. Look for New York’s new favorite singer-songwriter, Maria Bonanno, at a venue near you soon – you’ll soon be another loyal fan.

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Written By: Maria Bonanno

I'm sinking in, stop pretending
You don't know what boils in my veins
Stare into my eyes, don't notice
All that I am longing for
Hidden somewhere in this pain
And you possess so much power
Hanging over my head
You are all I desire
And everything that I dread

It's over me
Over me
Over me
Over me
And I'm falling

Broken and defenseless
You cut me to the bone
So casually displaying
Every piece of me that you own
And you amaze me
As I bow before you, my king
Take my life, take my heart, take my soul
Go on take everything

It's over me
Over me
Over me
Over me
And I'm falling

Heart to coldest heart
Look with pity on your lowly
Hold me together or tear me apart
Love me or leave me lonely

It's over me
Over me
Over me
Over me
And I'm falling


Written By: Maria Bonanno

Here we are in these early days
All I think about is you
I've failed to heed all warnings
About what's too good to be true
And so I dream about what lies ahead
They say fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Well I'm no angel, so am I just a fool for you
You've got me wondering what you're getting me into
As this emotion is growing stronger, I'm breaking every rule
Will I be your angel or just another fool?

Speaking when I should be silent
I wear my heart upon my lips
this passion's taking over
My mind is lost in the eclipse
I'd like to know where I am being led
They say fools rush in where angels fear to tread


I'm caught up in the moment
Letting you know far too much
Melting in your eyes
And getting lost within your touch
You hold my hand preparing me to fly
Will I soar or just come crashing from the sky?



Who I Am LP (To be released Fall 2007)
Testament EP (2005)

Set List

Original songs:
Break Your Heart
Who I Am
Reason to Believe
Day by Day
Don't Pretend

Traditional Irish/Celtic:
The Foggy Dew
Wild Colonial Boy
Raglan Road
Love is Teasing
Patriot Game
Red is the Rose
Maid in a Garrett
Wild Rover
When the Boys Come Rolling Home

Love is Just a Four Letter Word (B. Dylan)
Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez)
Paper Cup (H. Nova)
Breakaway (K. Clarkson)
Big Yellow Taxi (J. Mitchell)
Why Can't I (L. Phair)
I Will Not Forget You (S. McLachlan)
These Are Days (10,000 Maniacs)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (The Byrds)
St. Teresa (J. Osbourne)
Sullivan Street (Counting Crows)
Free Man in Paris (J. Mitchell)
It Aint Me Babe (B. Dylan)
Morning Has Broken (C. Stevens)
Redemption Song (B. Marley)
Polyester Bride (L. Phair)
Silent All These Years (T. Amos)
Who Will Save Your Soul (Jewel)
Pieces of Me (A. Simpson)
Dare you to Move (