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"Review of Il Trovatore Concert Production, Brooklyn College Performing Arts Center"

"MARIA is a major mezzo-contralto voice with bright and clear tones throughout the middle and upper register, and a low register that reminds me of either Jerome Hines or Gottlob Frick (well,actually more like Conchita Supervia combined with Elena Obratsova).” - Charles Handelman, Opera Newsletter

"Review of Tango in Black and Red (one woman show) at Brooklyn Vertical Players"

"Tango in Black and Red was "an outstanding, dramatic tango performance. Overall, the depth and power of Cangiano' s woeful, soulful voice brought the nostalgic of the music to life" "
- Brooklyn Press

"Review of a World Music concert at Night and Day, Brooklyn"

"“Cangiano's voice creates a beatiful, dark mood filled with passion. In her face, it is obvious she really feels the music. The strong connection between her and the band makes her music incredible”" - Pace Press

"Review of a Tribute to Elvis Presley at the Glass Gallery, NY"

"Wackiest of all was an Argentine chanteuse, Maria Cangiano, who crooned "Fever" in Spanish while adding all kinds of yelps, scats, and high notes, and unrealistically asking us to sing along!" " - Il Dolce Musto, Village Voice

"Review of Ballads for My Life & Death: Tribute to Piazzolla by Suzanne Lorge"

"Cangiano's approach to singing is that of an actress; she invests each word with meaning, focusing less on the strict musical aspects of the performances. Piazzolla's compositions lend themselves to this treatment" - All About Jazz

"Maria Cangiano Sings PIazzolla at DROM, NYC 12/17/2008"

"With her big, powerfull contralto and a vibrato that she commanded with effortless ease, Cangiano was seemingly born to sing the Piazzolla songbook" - Lucid City

"Diverse, Thoughtful Pan-American Sounds from Maria Cangiano"

"Cangiano is an expressive singer with extraordinary range and power: you wouldn’t expect a contralto to be able to deliver such stinging high notes. But she’s not just about power, she’s about nuance, which pretty much defines the camaraderie between the musicians here-in Heart of a Woman's cd...Cangiano’s graceful phrasing draws the listener in, regardless if your first language is Spanish or not: this will resonate with pretty much anyone in the mood for something intelligent and emotionally compelling." - New York Music Daily

"Corazon de mujer CD REVIEW by Raul da Gama"

"María Cangiano must have not only deep lungs but also an infinite soul and wonderfully restless spirit. For in her music she travels far and wide among her people, telling of the history of a people that falls in love, breaks up, is beset by tragedy, overcome with joy and experiences every deep emotion in the human spectrum. The singer is like the ancient griots of Africa, who travelled across the landscape of that continent telling epic stories of their people; keeping history alive. Ms. Cangiano is very good at this. It would appear as though she were born to do so. As a singer Ms. Cangiano becomes enraptured by the characters she impersonates; real people she must have encountered in a sojourn that she might have undertaken either in reality or in the vibrant dreams of a fertile mind. In these dreams she experiences everything her characters do and all of this is burned in the tablet of her heart. So that when she sings she captures the raw form of the experience and it all tumbles out as if she cannot control what is happening." - The World Music report


2013 Heart of a Woman (ACQUA records, Argentina)
Maria Cangiano, vocals and music
Quique Sinesi, strings and arrangements
Quintino Cinalli, percussion and arrangements
2009 Ballads for My Life and Death: Tribute to PIazzolla
(indie release)
Maria Cangiano, vocals
Fernando Otero, arrangements
Raul Rogantini, piano
Emilio Solla, piano and arrangements
Julio Santillan, guitar and arrangements
Beledo, electric guitar
Martin Balik, bass
Quintino Cinalli, perscussion
Raul Jaurena, bandoneon
Mercedes Figueras, saxo



Argentine World music Singer, songwriter and composer Maria Cangiano has a unique voice within a new generation of Argentine musicians who combined a rich Latin American folk and afro heritage with Classical and Jazz musical traditions. Her musical journey mirrors her gypsy life: daughter of Italian immigrants from middle eastern roots, raised in Argentina and exposed to Tango and South American folk music, who came to the US and discovered Jazz, Blues and Afro music. Inspired by her Neapolitan grandfather who was an opera singer, Maria Cangiano had a classical training and performed many mezzo soprano opera roles at Opera Theaters in New York City, such as Regina Opera, Dicapo Opera and Amato Opera. Since 2001 she became one of the very few tango singers in New York, called the “Edith Piaf of Tango,” collaborating with many well know musicians from the New York Jazz, Classical and Tango scene, such as Octavio Brunetti, Fernando Otero, Pedro Giraudo, Victor Prieto, Beledo, Julio Santillan, Raul Jaurena, Tito Castro, Juan Pablo Jofre Romarion among others. She has performed old and new tango music in New York major venues, such as Blue Note, Joe's Pub, Nuyorican Poets Café, Bowery Poetry Club, Cornelia Street Café, Joe's Pub, Tischman Auditorium, Argentine Consulate, Night and Day, DROM, Tutuma Social Club among others. In 2009 /10 she released her first cd Ballads for My Life and Death: Tribute to Piazzolla at New York and Milano's Blue Note.
Moved by the beauty of Latin American poetry, Maria composed new songs with the lyrics of different women poets and her own. Her new cd HEART OF A WOMAN (CORAZON DE MUJER) presented in USA in 2012, it being released by ACQUA (one of the major Argentine record labels.) in Argentina in 2013. HEART OF A WOMAN is a journey to the depth of the woman's heart, her emotions, strength and wisdom. It gathers original songs with lyrics of poets such as Alfonsina Storni, Gabriela Mistral, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut and Maria Cangiano herself with original arrangements by two major Argentine musicians: guitar/composer Quique Sinesi and percussionist/composer Quintino Cinalli. The cd will be premiered in Europe at the Blue Note, Milan this 2013.