Quetzal is a traditional band expressed by a group of musicians & singers dressed in popular clothing wich encompasses the essence of Mexico.
The only thing more Mexican than tequila is Mariachi and it seems a shame to have one without the other.


QUETZAL Mariachi was composed by Mexican guitarist Carlos Mancilla who immigrated to Switzerland from Mexico city. Making his way into Europe, he composed QUETZAL and started touring in Europe for all kind of events.

Mariachi goes beyond music, it is the sum of a cultural revolution expressed through a group of musicians, dressed in popular clothing (most recently charro suits) which encompasses the essence of Mexico and its people. It is something cultural, spiritual and traditional that is unique to this country, an experience not to be missed.

The word Mariachi refers to the musicians now commonly seen in restaurants or strolling the streets, dressed in silver studded charro outfits with wide brimmed hats playing a variety of instruments which include violins, guitars, basses, vihuelas (a 5 string guitar) and trumpets.

Their songs speak about machismo, love, betrayal, death, politics, revolutionary heroes and even animals (one particularly famous song is "La Cucaracha").
only thing more Mexican than tequila is mariachi and it seems a shame to have one without the other.

The instruments were intended to be used during masses but the criollos (Mexicans of Spanish descent) began using them to make popular music as well, much to the chagrin of the priests, since they were used to accompany some of the more scandalous, satirical or anticlerical couplets of the times.

Today, mariachi music is played around the world in places as far away as Japan and Europe. This integral part of Mexico's culture and history is celebrated each September in its birth place, Jalisco.


No discography - only the demo
Mariachi Queztal is recording this Summer and will release the album early 2013.

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