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"As Long As There's You CD Review"

As Long As There’s You -This album is unlike most others being produced today. It is not a mere selection of twelve or so songs that the artist wrote and likes and thank goodness for that.
“As Long As There’s You” tells of a personal journey. It speaks to the reality of being a young woman, falling in love, having children and living the dream she has had since a child. Her dream is now a reality and each day holds a sense of wonder and accomplishment. And all that is documented in this album so in that respect it is a diary and a travelogue combined. The album is about a journey through a young life to points still unknown yet eagerly anticipated. There will be more… rest assured and because of that we can all share the anticipation along with Maria of chapters yet to come.
1.That Song – The song of youth, no kids, no mortgage, no troubles to weigh you down ….. just the wonder of a blossoming relationship to fill your head and fill your days and nights.
2.If It Had To Be A Colour – superb original song with both fresh and classic influences, a great combination. If it had to be a drink it would be a single malt, aged and warm.
3.Weatherman - Refreshing song like a chilled Chardonnay on a summer afternoon on a deck with the one you love and an overwhelming sense that things are right in your world.
4.I Just Wanna Love You – A very personal insight into the longings of a young woman hopelessly, helplessly in love
5.Baby –Wow! I dare you to listen to this song without forgetting your everyday life. Your eyes close, your thoughts drift and it becomes dreamlike. That’s the magic of the didgeridoo!
6.Only Friend – Changing tempos equal changing emotions as life inevitably evolves for each of us.
7.I Called The Wind – Lilting, light and lovely! Pour me another!
8.Feeling Goodbye – Terrific fuzzy guitar evokes the message of uncertainty contained n the lyrics. Tremelo….trembling. I see the sense in that.
9.As Long As There’s You – The title track veers to the traditional…. Fiddle, banjo, rhythm and a simple message… all the elements that make bluegrass music enjoyable occasionally even to those who do not consider it one of their favourite genres.
10.I- Superb vocals, fresh lyrics and sparkling instrumentals! The artist has used her palette tremendously well in painting mind pictures with “I” –my favourite
11.You Are The One –written by hubby Ben Beveridge and co-performed with him this selection is a musical wedding ring, a celebration of their love and bond. And some of the coolest guitar work since the British Invasion! Just proves that sometimes the understated is the most meaningful. What potential for a video shot in black and white!
12.Dancing On Glass – Could have just as easily been called ‘Skating on Glass’. I can picture a beautiful pairs or ice dance routine to this piece. - Jim Boswell

"Maria Danvers plays the Sundre Arts Centre"

"Maria Danvers lit up the Arts Centre with her beautiful and melodic voice. Her songs told stories of romance, love and the little things that make life worthwhile. Listening to Maria's music was like listening to the classic sounds of Emmy Lou and Loretta mixed with new country spirit. Her charming and modest personality on and off the stage kept the audience captivated and appreciative of Maria’s outstanding talent."
~Corynn Wylie (Sundre Arts Centre) - Corynn Wylie (Sundre Arts Centre)

"Music Plays For Couple (feature/promo for show)"

When Maria Danvers gets on stage to perform, it's a real family affair.
During her shows, she's up on stage along with her husband Ben Beveridge, a singer and songwriter in his own right, and her brother-in-law on drums.
Another brother-in-law runs the sound and her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter lends a hand on stage.
"It's a tight little entourage that we've got there," said Danvers.
Danvers and Beveridge bring this show to the Cochrane RancheHouse on Jan. 22, mixing a whole host of genres, running the gamut from country to pop.
Danvers cites a wide range of artists as influences, including Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, The Bee Gees and Neil Diamond.
If that seems like an unusual mix of artists, Danvers is glad to hear it.
"I think that you can hear a little bit of all of those musical artists and the music that I like in what I play," she said. "It's really great for me to hear that it's an interesting mix of influences, because that means my music that I create has got a unique spin on it, which is what I go for."
Beveridge, on the other hand, leans a bit more traditional in his music according to Danvers.
"[He] leans towards cowboy and western swing. For me, I have a really big issue with commitment and it comes through when I try to describe my music. It's country-folk with a classic rock/pop twist," she said.
The family influence on Danvers' and Beveridges' show doesn't end at the personnel — for Danvers, at least, taking events from her life is a big part of her music.

"I can be inspired by somebody in my life or an event that I see or an event that I hear from somebody else. It's really how the situation affects me. When I was first dating my husband — it's going to sound cheesy, but I got a lot of inspiration out of the beginning of that relationship and what it developed into," she said.
Their daughter even became a source of inspiration before she was born, as Danvers got the songwriting bug at random times during her pregnancy.
"I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard these lyrics and I heard this music and I knew I had to record it. She must have been influencing me somehow," said Danvers.
This family connection on tour has made going on the road all that much easier, although they have begun to split their tours up to get more time at home for their daughter.
Danvers describes her and her husband as two solo artists working together, since they have such divergent styles. A duet album will be in the works for them someday, she said, but the benefit of touring as a family remains important.
"Having somebody who completely understands not only the business, but the demands of it and what it all involves, the schedule, the musician lingo, it's so nice having a partner that's into the same thing. The fact that we get to do it together makes it so much better," she said.
Maria Danvers and Ben Beveridge will perform at the Cochrane RancheHouse with opening act The Doll Sisters on Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at Grand Saddlery & Western Wear, or by calling 403-932-6686.
Article ID# 2259476 - Cochrane Times by Reagen Sulewski

"CD Review"

Danvers' pristine voice and warm tone make it a treat to slip her CD into your deck and have a listen. She writes from an honest place, stemming from her strong roots as a farm girl growing up in the Prairies. It’s clear from her music that Danvers is an observer of people, as well as an analyst of her own experiences and her journey through life.

There’s a particular versatility in Danver’s country sound; you could listen to her while driving your truck through Saskatchewan sunsets, slow dancing at a rodeo or sitting on your back porch in the summer heat. Her vocals can fit in just about anywhere.

Her songs have this unsuspecting way of making you think about your own life and where you come from. The arrangements in her songs are solid, complemented by Beveridge’s fiddle playing.

“If It Had To Be A Colour” is a strong example of Danver’s songwriting, making a fine use of metaphors and real-life examples. The instrumental arrangement creates a country-swinging groove, allowing the listener to slip in and stay a while.

Danvers' duet with Beveridge in “You are the One” is a fine example of how the richness of Beveridge’s voice and the sweetness in Danvers' blend together harmoniously; the duo have created a powerful and compelling sound together, clearly finding something they can build on for years to come in their musical partnership. - Lindsay Wilson - Entertainment Reporter Cochrane Eagle


Debut CD Release "As Long As There's You" - July, 2009



Maria Danvers is a singer, songwriter and performer who grew up in Fox Valley, Saskatchewan. She has toured across North America from the Yukon to Florida. Maria has had the pleasure and opportunity to open for recording artists Neil McCoy, Terri Clark, Beverly Mahood, Julian Austin and Chris Cummings.

Maria's songwriting style provides songs that are easy to relate to. Even people with different musical tastes can sink their teeth into them. Her debut album “As Long As There's You” was released July 2nd 2009 and produced 4 SCMA nominations, including Album of the Year. The tour to promote the album kicked off in May of the same year and is continuing through 2010. Her show consists of country music, old pop/rock and her own originals which have been described as having a “classic” sound.

For the first time starting in 2009, Maria Danvers and Ben Beveridge hit the road with a double bill tour bringing two divergent styles together to create a very satisfying evening for a huge appetite for music! Both Ben and Maria perform their own set of originals and cover tunes and end with a set of bouncing duets and sugary sweet ballads. The genres covered include folk, country, classic country, classic pop/rock, fiddle music, western swing, cowboy, and bluegrass. Definitely something for everyone! Dates for the Winter/Spring Tour will be posted soon!

Festival Highlights:
O'Keefe National Historic Site Cowboy Days, Vernon, BC
Zellwood Sweet Corn Festival, Zellwood, FL USA
Pile O' Bones Buffalo Days, Regina, SK
Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards Weekend, Regina, SK
Burstall Summer Slam, Burstall, SK
Chokecherry Festival, Lancer, SK