Maria Forgotten

Maria Forgotten


Take a healthy helping of Incubus. Toss it in a blender with an equal amount of Coheed & Cambria, Thrice, and Taking Back Sunday. Mix on high. Pour into a frosted mug and top with a sprinkling of Waking Ashland.


Maria Forgotten began quietly in June 2002. As an acoustic duo, their sound was unique yet familiar, raw yet sincere. In 2003 they released 2 EP’s (Unexpected and Pay Attention… You Might Learn Something) before making the decision to expand their roster. In 4 short years, the simple duo has grown to a powerful 6 piece rock outfit, each member bringing their own distinctive tastes and influences to the project. This individuality was the catalyst needed for their sound to grow with aggression and intensity, while still retaining a hint of the sound that began their journey.

Now, as a powerhouse of energy, passion, and creativity, Maria Forgotten is on the path to absolute rock band status. The diversity in their songwriting often transcends any constraints to one specific sound or genre, but every song remains completely palatable, connecting with each listener. This connection is strengthened by one fundamental truth: These musicians are listeners themselves.

Maria Forgotten released their debut self-titled EP in May 2006. This 7-song disc stands as simply an introduction to what lies ahead for this impressive rock outfit. In a broad canvas of styles and textures, they display an inherent ability to transcend beyond labels of genre or classification. The lead track, “My Privilege”, displays the band’s knack for atmosphere and depth while showcasing strong melodic hooks and memorable lyrics. From the heartfelt piano-pop track “Unreachable” to the aggressive and angst ridden “Miss Opportunity”, these 6 young men have crafted a collection of music which has garnered them a loyal legion of fans.

Maria Forgotten has begun a long and arduous journey; one which will eventually catapult them far beyond average garage band status and deep into the clutches of rock music stardom.

Local, Regional, and National Bands previously shared the stage with:

A Utopian Skyline (Harrisburg, PA)
Agents of the Sun (Baltimore, MD)
Amarie Coma (Harrisburg, PA)
Bayside (Long Island, NY)
Bridges and a Bottle (Harrisburg, PA)
Condition K (Harrisburg, PA)
Darcie Miner (Harrisburg, PA)
DKLimb (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Fallen From The Sky (Boca Raton, FL)
The Frantic (Philadelphia, PA)
Johnny Action Figure (Reading, PA)
Marigold (Philadelphia, PA)
Red Room (Harrisburg, PA)
Riddlin Kids (Austin, TX)
Salem (Gainesville, FL)
Shadow Agency (Jacksonville, FL)
Strike Fire Fall (Philadelphia, PA)
Words Now Heard (West Palm Beach, FL)

Venues performed at:

Angelina’s (Wormleysburg, PA)
Appalachian Brewery (Harrisburg, PA)
The Blue Star (Lancaster, PA)
Championship Records (Lemoyne, PA)
Crimson Frog Coffee House (Camp Hill, PA)
Dickinson University (Carlisle, PA)
District/Dragonfly (Harrisburg, PA)
The Hardware Bar (Harrisburg, PA)
Gullifty’s (Camp Hill, PA)
Kenny’s Castaways (New York, NY)
The Millcreek Tavern (Philadelphia, PA)
The Pontiac Grille (Philadelphia, PA)
Shakey’s Sports Bar (Hershey, PA)
The Why’re (New Cumberland, PA)
Widener University (Chester, PA)


My Privilege

Written By: Maria Forgotten

You say I spit through my teeth with this forked tongue, but your lies can't be laid to rest while your denial lingers on. I'd never hunt for a bounty unless it's on your head. You don't want anyone counting because you're so far in the red.

The definition of emptiness is all I found in you. But I would expect nothing less than what I feel that I am due. I'll finish what you started, the events you set in motion. It's been to long since we parted. I think it's time. We're done.

Green, it seems, was the color of your eyes. It was my privilege to see. Green, it seems, is now the color of despise... but it seems I'm stuck here so it's ANCHORS AWAY! We're all in whether I like it or not. We're all in until you get caught... and you WILL get caught.


Written By: Maria Forgotten

I think it's your turn this time. I've had enough chances in my life... I'm over it. This is an invitiation for you to take hold and show me where you think I should go.

Don't say you're sorry. You've had your chance to make it right now. I'll say it again... I'm over it. Should I believe you blindly and let you take hold just to chew me up and spit me out again.

Whether or not you choose the end this time, the decision is yours and I'll be fine.

While you're breathing, I'm breathless. While I'm reaching, you're unreachable.

Miss Opportunity

Written By: Maria Forgotten

And I ask you... you whisper your reply. I can't believe you'd swallow your pride and admit to your lies. The shadow creeps across the wall. It takes me over... I fall. Now you see it on my face.

I don't need your SHIT or your beautiful BETRAYAL! I'm never one to quit but I don't want you or your BETRAYAL!

I'm reading between the lines... I can't believe I fucked you.



"Unexpected" - Acoustic EP (2003)
"Pay Attention... You Might Learn Something" - Acoustic EP (2003)
"Unreachable" - Full Band EP (2005)
Self-titled EP - Full Band EP (2006)

Set List

Maria Forgotten plays all original music. Set times range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes (2 seperate 45 minute sets). Our sets include: "My Privilege", "Sunday Drive Alone", "Sinner's Smile", "40103" and "Beauty, Tragedy, Silence" along with many other original songs.