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Mariaha Markel, princess of poetry of the upper Midwest adorns audiences through scriptural spoken word that addresses topics on faith, peace, purpose, love, and conflict. For trendy and lighter pieces of Mariaha Markels artistry, be sure to check out her techno/house psalms. (coming 2011)


Mariaha Markel, GRAMMY nominated poet, debut as the featured artist on the first nationally retailed Christian Hip-Hop Compilation by EMI Gospel entitled Holy Hip-Hop/Taking the Gosel to the Streets volume I. The project is a significant staple is Mariaha Markel artist portfolio, as the compilation, including her recording of "Dedication to Holy Hip Hop"; the project topped the Billboard Charts at #15 in the Hip Hop/Rock Category (2005).

The southern belle and poet extrodinaire, presently resides in the Midwest and is most notably known for detailed rhymes and well crafted lyrics, topped with a sensual, yet articulate voice that speaks to the days most critical spiritual, personal, and wordly topics. Mariaha Markel, the writer and poet, has recently stretched her catalouge to include some of the best gospel house psalms (i.e christian house music) on the market. With songs like "Light", "Party Hard" and "Alive", Mariaha Markel laces sensual and light vocals over hard hitting house beats. While staying ever committed and conscious in allowing the message to remain pure, purposeful and Christ centered.

Poetry sets include street savy pieces such as "Minista Minister", "Sin SIN", "I Believe", and "Thank God for That".

Mariaha Markel can most notably be found center stage at the mic; yet other notable contributions include her work as a runway model for Panzai Fashions at The Gospel Artist Retreat as aired on the Word Network; past co-chair of the STIM Fine Arts/Spoken Word Ministry; and Managing Representative of 1Way Entertainment. Mariaha Markels’ professional and technical abilities stemmed from her early days of schooling as a Fine Arts major; with speciality and professional expertise in the areas of Design/Architecture and Construction.

Mariaha Markel is poet that comes highly recommended. Ideal for a variety of events including private, political, social, festivals, or intimate settings, whatever the need, public crowds adore Mariaha Markel. Her diversity of scripts are unparralled. For more on this hidden treasure, contact:

www.1Way for more information.
Booking: 763.502.0212 - Korey Dean.


Dedication to Holy Hip-Hop

Written By: Mariaha Markel

Holy Hip Hop-(Repeat)
-Welcome to the avenue of holy hip-hop. Role out the royal carpet – prepare to sharpen yourself, as the word of GOD flows thru this microphone – phone home about it. Holy hip-hop, a planet full of words mixed with rhythm – worlds apart from the sounds of old. Grown cold in what you’d find favour to hear – perk up your ears, a new sound is on the rise. Open your eyes – wide - What is holy hip-hop. Holy hip-hop stops you in your tracks, who planned this – the master man in his mighty plan – God our father – with the world in his hand knew from the beginning who would rule and what art form would be in demand – I’ve got to hand it to you ABBA FATHER – tis your daughter – center stage amoung brethren see – creating a temple or an altar right here – a platform for the word to go forth thru fine, dynamic sounds, pounding thru stories, lyrically unfolding behold the testimonies of track 1, track 2, you, you, you, and you allow the stories to minister thru – deliver you, speak to you who knew – that holy hip-hop would, better yet that holy hip hop could.
Beyond mans wildest dreams, holy hip-hop seems a hobby -not, rooted deep in the gopsel – breaking ground – world bound, raising up soilders to mimic the sound, the story of coming into the knowledge of God – getting closer to Jesus, getting to know Jesus – establishing a personal relationship with Jesus. Your ministers, the artist, the rapper – rapping, snapping out on a mission to full fill the great commission – going to make – taking no man – great or small for mistake. Taking it to the streets – with a hard, gangsta style beat, preparing a venue so that all can come and eat – spiritually that is – servin’em GOD on a platter – they can’t scatter – mesmarized by the beats that move them inside, the bars of rhymes chimes deep in the listeners' mind – lyrically a gester to fester in them a real word - a real word that plants a real seed – again they feed, then we, begin to read from the one and only Holy book, look now we pray together – start to repent for sins spent – and God forgives. Matters not how we’ve come to him – in standard worship and praise or spiritual hymns – at a holy hip-hop showcase – show your face and your heart true, renew or start new – start now. Bow and give honor to whom honor is due – loving GOD daily

What is holy hip-hop? A movement ordained by God – specifically for the chosen few, called to gather many a souls lost, wanting, waiting gasping and grasping for air to breathe – leave not young soilders of our genration X – hold strong baby boomers, your revival is next


EMI (CMG) and Holy Hip Hop Inc. (GRAMMY Nominated for Best Rock Gospel Album) IN Stores: Lifeway, Northwestern, Borders, Best Buy


Set List

Varies per venue request. *Custom/Individualized poetry available for special events. Call for details.

Dedication to Holy Hip-Hop
Thank God for That
Minista Minister
Stepper's Groove
Party Hard
'Dat Man
2k What
Whatcha Know
Black Country
Sin Sin
Wounded Spirit
Hear Me....Speak