Maria Isa

Maria Isa

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Influenced by the traditional Afro-Boricua ritmos of Bomba & Plena, Soul & Funk of Motown & Fania’s fusion of Salsa & Bugaloo, Isa plants an organic blend of call & response with lyrical "Spanglish" rhymes through the various drum beats & snares of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall & Reggaeton.


MARIA ISA Emcee // Singer // Songwriter Born and raised in the Twin Cities to Nuyorican parents, emcee, singer, and songwriter Maria Isa is recognized for her dedication towards celebrating her cultural diversity through music and her political activism. In 1992 Maria started her performing arts education at El Arco Iris Center for Arts, forming Raices in 2002 with other advanced students to conserve their ancestral Puerto Rican folkloric music. Isa released her first independent album M.I. Split Personalities (EMETRECE) in May of 2007 and has been promoting her music in the Twin Cities and in Puerto Rico. She is known for delivering her message through a unique flow which is at times accompanied by her 8-piece band introducing the Sota-Rican essence. Many believe Maria Isa to be a young woman with the rays of revolutionizing the next generations of voices. Maria Isa has just been cast to star as Angie in the independent film STRIKE ONE ( ALSO Be on the look out for her new EP from Sota Rico coming soon featuring the new track produced by Ganzobean "IMAGE." " Isa’s sound is a 'call to order'.” -Courtney Lewis Minnesota Monthly/May 2007 "...the uber-talented Isa's amazing energy and verbal dexterity (aka the ability to sound dope just shit-talking over a classic break beat)... Prevent having to lie about seeing Isa live before she goes big time forever." -Jordon Seldom City Pages "Lightning and Thunder" Review/March 2008 "...Maria is an immensely charming and intelligent individual who also happens to be one of the more driven young musicians I've had the pleasure to meet." -Jay Boller Minnesota Daily /March 2008


M.I. Split Personalities, album 2007, single "MN Nice", "Image", "Tres Preguntas", "Que Tu Quieres", "Ese Diablo" airplay on MPR/The Current 89.3, KDWB 101.3.

Set List

Image, Die, Not Kill, Wine & Cheap Champagne, Que Tu Quieres, Tres Preguntas, Ese Diablo, MN Nice.