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This band has not uploaded any videos



"iRock Radio"

“Maria is a rare find of pure vocal talent. She delivers that "special something" that is hard to find in a sea of new talent these days. Although my listening audience is primarly Classic Rock focused, their response to Maria Jordan was an overwhelming "Thumbs Up." -TheWalrus - The Walrus

"Bauer Media/Radio"

“Maria Jordan is a hidden gem! Her album ‘Landslide’ demonstrates her amazing song writing & vocal talents perfectly in varying & contemporary styles. ‘Love Of My Life’ ‘Landslide’ and ‘Soldier’s Arms’ are particular favourites of mine on my iPod!” John O’Brien, Bauer Media - John O'Brien

"Country Club Productions"

“Great work on this disc full of wonderful song's and music. "Soldiers Arms" is a standout track and we love your vocal's on all.” George Young - George Young

"Soundwave fm"

“BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT We have enjoyed the album immensely, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch.” Graham J Barclay, Sound wave FM - Graham J Barclay

"BBC Introducing"

"The truth is Maria Jordan’s genuine love of AOR makes her music surprisingly good – yes, it’s not the most inventive sound you’ll hear and her vocals are more Monterey than Moston, but there’s an honesty and passion to her songs that cuts through the anodyne production and shows a genuinely talented songwriter underneath." Chris Long BBC Manchester - Chris Long

"Manchester music"

"When you listen to Maria's voice you can hear the depths of emotion that she talks about."

"Her singing voice is absolutely pure with a rock edge when she cranks up the stakes when required. A forceful melodic soaring, deep feminine voice that can easily shuffle from folk to all out rock at the flick of A SWITCH"

JB Manchester music

- JB


Album; Landslide
Artist; Maria Jordan
Released; October 2008



MARIA JORDAN is already making in roads with her debut ALBUM LANDSLIDE.
Her single "LOVE OF MY LIFE" received national radio play in the UK and MARIA has recently performed on the same bill as James Morrison, the Script, Lemar, Sharlene Spiteri and many more.

Plans are now in place for a 2009 internation tour.

Maria's catchy rock/pop songs are as infectious as they are emotionally gripping and it's only a matter of time before this singer/songwriter will shine.

The Story So Far... It was one summer weekend when I was 14 that really changed the direction of my life. I was staying at mums' house and noticed a twelve string guitar in the corner of the room. Mum showed me how to play 3 chords, D, G and C. I went home on the Sunday and returned a week later having written 10 songs. From there I became quite a prolific songwriter, pouring out everything I'd ever wanted to say and some. Not only was writing songs a vent for my emotions but it became an addiction. Like the blood running through my veins, I needed music. My guitar was part of me now and there was no turning back.

Growing up in the 80's my friends dreamed of being like Madonna or Kylie. Singing into hairbrushes and copying their idols. It was U2 and Bon Jovi that really caught my attention though. The melodies captured my emotions and the fact that they played their own instruments really added to the sincerity of the song. In my late teens I discovered Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega and Sarah Mcloughlin. I found a love for music that now went to a deeper level. These women wrote their songs and sang them in a completely individual way and the world embraced them. I loved the way that sometimes just the simplicity of one instrument and a beautiful voice could move me so much.

At 17 I dropped out of A-level Art to pursue music. I played regularly at the Night and Day's acoustic night in Manchester, just me and my guitar. Back in those days I always used to get quite nervous so would have a sneaky Jack Daniels before getting up on stage - a staple that has stayed with me to this day. I enrolled on a music course in Manchester and had the time of my life. Every day would be spent rehearsing, recording and singing with some of the practical side of the music business thrown in too. It was here that I met a teacher who had his own recording studio and after hearing my songs he offered for me to record there. It was 1997 that I recorded my first demo. I was 17 and thought I was ready to hit the big time. I couldn't have been further from the truth. I decided to send my demo to all of the major record labels in the UK. After 10 gentle let down letters I got my first set of bruises but remained determined.

From my regular gigs at the Night and Day I wanted more. I wanted to go to the next level and fill a room on a bigger stage and with a bigger sound. I spent the next few years bringing in musicians and learning hard lessons but had a determination that could not be messed with. This was my goal and my destiny and I knew I had to keep going.

In 2001, a friend introduced me to drummer, Dave Heyes who had recently finished a stint of gigs with Elvis Costello. I arranged for Dave to come to one of my gigs to see me play. After my previous experience with musicians, I dreaded that he would be a monster - 4 eyes, 2 heads and a tail! I looked out for this creature and was pleasantly surprised when walked through the door a normal human being, dressed smartly with a certain familiarity to him.

The next few years consisted of gigging in and around Manchester and Liverpool with my band. We had some great times. I always knew that my music stood out from the other bands on the same bill and knew that one day things would turn around. Eventually the musicians came and went but Dave always stayed by my side.

In 2005, I came across producer John Kettle (The Tansads) through a friend. I then went on to record a 3 song demo with John. Once I was in the studio and heard the magic of my music coming to life, I knew that this is where things were going to change forever. It's funny because when you write a song in your head you can hear the final production on it and to see this actually happen for the first time is an overwhelming experience.

I knew that I had to send my demo off and so once again began my mass mail out. Before I knew it, I had 5 major record labels and publishers interested. I set up a showcase in London and travelled with my band. The sound was bigger and better than ever before. From there I got a fantastic reaction from the labels who wanted to hear more. In the summer of 2006 Dave and I set up a small indie label named JTC Records (named after our cat "James The Cat") as a joke to see how many doors we could open. Things turned around very quickly however and we released the single "Love Of My Life" which went on to receive national airplay.

After the single had been released we went on to record the al