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Maria Kizirian



Maria Kizirian is from another world. Born in Finland’s Arctic region and partially raised in middle-America by a rocker, producer, and master guitarist – Maria is a product of God given talent, early exposure to world class music, and very cold weather.

As far back as she can remember - music represents a driving force in her life. At the age of four, she started taking violin lessons and performing soon thereafter at recitals. “I think that my parents had high hopes and aspirations for me and violin” she laughs. she laughs. However, on the side remember making up cute songs about my siblings, and that was my entry into songwriting without even realizing it.”

Maria was a stellar violin student from early on. By age ten she was performing with her hometown Symphony, and advancing rapidly. She also learned to play piano at age 8. Meanwhile, bands such as Heart and Bon Jovi had also been shaping Maria into a rock n’ roll fan as a little girl.

Despite her love of music and classical training, Maria had no idea that she could actually sing until she on a whim took part in a singing competition held at her Middle School. She was just as shocked as everyone else that she had such a strong voice. She won. This encouraged Maria to start entertaining dreams of pursuing life as a singer.

The violin began playing second fiddle as Maria started to record demos and meet with record company executives throughout her teen years. At age 17 she was courted by BMG to join a Pop girl group. What seemed a great opportunity quickly fizzled away due to her parents’ forcing her to first finish high school. This decision was not in vain – she continued to hone her singing and write songs - building a repertoire.

Within two years, EMI Music Finland courted her and she signed a deal with them. “Of course I was still green in terms of what it really means to be a recording artist and work hard for one’s dreams,”
means to be a recording artist and work hard for one’s dreams,” Maria says. Maria says. Maria was a member of a highly recognized music family in Finland, so she was in certain ways stuck creatively.
She was often compared to a relative - a peer close in age that was already a house hold name in a different style and genre of music, and Maria was also often reminded of her rocker dad. In order to differentiate herself, Maria minimized her association with her other family members and focused on her songwriting.

The results resonated with the media - radio charted her singles, and the largest publications featured her as “The New Name in Pop Music.”

During the making of her debut album ‘Once upon a time,’ Maria married an American and returned to the land of Maria married an American and returned to the land of her musical roots. This was her greatest risk to date - going independent and shining a light on the deepest and sometimes the darkest parts of her heart and soul with the birth of her US album ‘On The Rocks.’ The album is a collection of literate, often brutally honest songs that reveal Maria’s renegade soul.

Maria collaborated with her father Jake Voutilainen on the record in innovative ways. For example, while Jake was still in Finland and Maria in the US, Jake produced the music, and Maria recorded the vocals and violin. She introduces her style of combined classical/rock violin on “Mr. X,” and has continued developing her now signature violin sound since. Through the production process, Maria learned self-sufficiency, and the importance of being able to move quickly regarding copyrights and control of the songs.

Maria has developed extraordinarily strong ties with her fans, particularly through MySpace. In the process, she has realized that there is a hunger for a steady flow of new songs: “I kept on hearing, I love your stuff; when are you going to release your next album? But it is very difficult to take the time out to make an album as regularly as it seems necessary these days to keep your fans’ attention. Also, it is very costly. So, instead, I decided to use this year for an experiment. I will release a steady flow of digitally released singles, once every 2 months or so.”

“Retro Man” is the first single, and so far seems to generate more interest than ever before... Stay tuned!


US Release:
On The Rocks (Savee Music 2006)

Retro Man (Savee Music 2008)

Songs most played on radio:
*Retro Man
*Heart Of The City
*Mr. X
*When The Lights Go Down
*Rebel Heart

Set List

1-3 sets. All songs on album and several newer songs, and a few covers depending on length of show. Never fully cover gigs.