Maria Kohnke

Maria Kohnke


Mildly tripped-out, beautiful and melancholic songs you could call art pop. The live performance of Maria has been described as Jenny Wilson meets The Kills and compared to the early stuff of Brian Eno. Maria seduces the audience with her tight beats, omnichord, twangy guitars and an amazing voice.

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Debutalbum: "Collector" - released 2007

Airplay nearly every day on denmarks biggest national radio station, P3 with the singles "Codes and secrecy" and "I still crave you".

Set List

1 hour set:

Codes and secrecy
I still crave you
Sweet Rain
Cardboard heart
Impossible love (Daniel Johnston cover)
One plus one is zero
Sign your name (Terence Trent D'arby cover)
Easy fast and free
Building a bridge
Silent soldier (re-arranged uptempo version)