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"CCM Magazine Review"

Maria Long’s debut release, Here With Me, reveals a more mature sound than most of her contemporaries, maybe due in part to the years she spent as a teacher before becoming a recording artist. Long’s vertical lyrics pair well with an aggressive acoustic/electric delivery that helps her find a niche among other female vocalists.

September 2007 Issue - Matt Connor

"Maria Long - Here With Me"

From the first track you know you are in for a quality production - this singer/songwriter from Arkansas' voice reminded me very much of Lou Fellingham's (ie, superb) and the style is similar to Lou's too. This is a very good album indeed, with lyrics that either focus on Maria's relationship with God ("Alive In You", "Saved By Grace") or call out to those who don't know Him ("Call On Him"). There's radio friendly electric guitar pop with the very catchy title track, while the track "Stained" has a rootsy Latino vibe, but the overall sound is of contemporary pop-rock with the emphasis on rock. These days we expect quality production, superb musicianship and excellent vocals, and "Here With Me" scores high on all these counts, but what I really liked about this debut was the lyrical weight. I was blessed! If you want some quality Christian lyrics to get your teeth into while you sing along to catchy pop-rock numbers, then this album won't disappoint.

- Allan Clare - Cross Rhythms

"Maria Long - Christian Artist"

I have to admit, while I love Christian music - I'm pretty picky about what I choose to listen to. I don't like sugary cotton candy music that fluffs on about nothing much in particular. I can't stand poor musicianship, or shallow lyrics sung 53 times in a row.

When I choose Christian music, I want something with a little depth and soul. Where the artist brings me to my knees and grips my heart with some conviction. Where I'm stirred to action on something I've been lazy about.

I want poetry. And breadth. And melodies that support the message. And harmonies I can sing along with.

And I want an artist who isn't plastic. Or Barbie. Someone who's real. Who has some soul, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce...... *drum roll*....... Maria Long.

We met several years ago, while both our husbands were in Seminary. Then we realized we'd actually met before that: at a GO Conference, the night her husband proposed. Small world.

Maria was waiting tables at a Chinese restaurant. I was working a part-time student job on campus. Both of us dreamed of something bigger. We talked for hours about life, music and all things ministry. We laughed together, and sang together. Stayed up until dawn talking and praying together.

I found in Maria a genuine friend. A 'kindred spirit', as Anne of Green Gables would say. A like mind, and an open heart.

Sometimes I can't believe how much a few short years can change things. I'm not working a part-time student job anymore (thank God!). And Maria definitely isn't waiting tables. Now? She's an artist, with her own band. And a whole lot of young people who are drawn closer to Jesus through her music.

So if you want some music with a little depth and you're tired of stuffing your ears with cotton candy, pick up Maria's CD "Here With Me" on iTunes. Or listen on Myspace.

- Sarah Asaftei

""In Love""

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Maria's recently released single "INSIDE" hit the Christian Hit Radio Charts....

"Here With Me" is being played on Cross Rhythms in the United Kingdom.

Tracks on my album "Here With Me"

1. Alive In You
2. Inside
3. Here With Me
4. Stained
5. Call On Him
6. Deliver Me
7. Saved by Grace
8. Better
9. Clearly You
10. In Love



**Recent News!**

*November 2007 Maria Long was nominated by CCM Magazine for a Reader's Choice Awards for best new independent artist.

*The Creators of the WOW cd's have chosen Maria's song "Here With Me" for inclusion on their Underground Sound cd - featuring the 15 top independent artists in the country.

*CCM Magazine has chosen Maria Long as 1 of only 3 indies to feature her song INSIDE on their New Music Collection vol. 1. Other artists on the cd include: Anberlin, The Almost, Aaron Shust, Building 429, Fireflight, Nevertheless, and more....

*CCM also named Maria Long one of the top Independent Artist in music today in their recent September 2007 issue and made her a selection for the reader's choice.

*Artist Ovation Contest Finalist for the Collide Festival and judge favorite.

*She won $1000 dollars in The Unveiling Contest in Houston, TX as the runner up... Her band beat out nearly 200 bands across the country to win this award.

*Maria Long has shared the stage with Jars of Clay, Kutless, Family Force 5, Sanctus Real, Jason Morant, and more....

It doesn’t take much time to discover that Maria Long’s music comes from a different place than most artists. Unlike the throngs of artists who write songs to express their own angst, glory, and struggles, Maria writes to give something back.

Throughout her life, Maria has been involved in musical pursuits, almost beyond what seems plausible. Having parents who traveled with a singing group, she learned all their songs and sang them from the confines of her crib. She astounded them when she wrote her first song at the age of two; but they knew early on that Maria had a special gift.

She sang throughout her childhood and into college, in church and writing the melodies that she didn’t yet know how to express through instruments. Then, in a field outside of Dallas, Texas, during her freshman year of college, she stood among thousands of people at the Celebrate Freedom concert listening to Jennifer Knapp sing “Trinity,” and she knew she had to pick up the guitar. She signed up for guitar lessons and wrote her first song, “Saved by Grace,” as soon as it was over. Her musical roots were starting to make their way above ground.

Music, however, wasn’t the only important thing in her life. While she was learning to play guitar, God was building up another focus in her heart. During a 10-month stint as a missionary on the primitive South Pacific island of Yap, she discovered a love for children and teenagers—a love that God would eventually weave into the tapestry of her calling. Upon returning to Southwestern University, she immediately changed her major from broadcasting to education; and for six years, she used that degree as an elementary school teacher.

Compassion for her students overwhelmed her. She found herself seized by sympathy for the hurting kids and teenagers she met. Cutters, children broken by divorce, hurting people from all walks of life—Maria invited them into her life, starting a ministry called The Basement. Over time, nearly 80 teens were coming on a regular basis.

And that was the crucial combination, when Maria’s two passions – her gift for music and her love for teenagers – collided in a beautiful way. Two of the songs on Maria's album, Here With Me and Inside were written for and inspired by the teens she met at The Basement. Her desire was to reach them and help them to see that God’s love is available for them and that He longs to help them and heal them.

As you listen to her voice, which draw on influences like Knapp, Sheryl Crow, and Kelly Clarkson you will hear similarities. However the similarities stop there because Maria's raw lyrics set her apart from the rest. After listening you will find yourself moved by her vulnerability and encouraged.

Since all of this started falling into place, Maria has been overwhelmed at the amount of positive response to the album that she self-produced.

God continues to connect the dots for her, reminding her of that day in Texas, those teenagers in Michigan, and the love He has for all of them. And as people of all ages hear her songs, you can bet that she’ll keep giving away hope and encouragement and truth to the people she encounters.

-Tara Leigh Cobble