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Hello !! My name is Mary(Buka), I’m from Georgia

Now I’ll tell you my story, which is a little bit sad and takes a start in my home where I was born…In the same house there were a lot of little singers, musicians and ballydancers made by china, they were cold “antiques, but for me they were just good friends and they understood and appreciate the music.. My mom is the pianist and when she used to play, me and my “Chinese” pianist friend used to listen her very attentively..
Yeah.. By the way my both grandmothers used to be the Royal Family representatives and they used to tell me, that The Grand Piano we had, is only one that Antique instrument in Georgia and I was the richest Princess who had the Honor to owe that one..
And soon this fairytale has finished.. The Civil war and the revolution’s started, everything went upside-down.. Gangsters and Bandits started to act.. One day they broke in my beautiful house and burglared it.. they took everything valuable out of it and among them my Chinese dolls and The Grand piano.. When they left I found only one doll and it is with me till now..
That was a foggy evening, I entered the emptied sitting room of my “Magical” house, where the Grand Piano used to be and my Chinese dolls and myself used to listen to the music…my eyes were fool of tears…
A long time has gone since then.. and the things has changed to the best.., people noticed my musical talent, first that was the school for the Most Talented Children and the same time “The Dramatic Studio Courses, after these the Musical Gymnasium, Piano dpt. and the Flute course, which lasted five years..
I used to hold the Concerts with the Orchestra of the Georgian State Conservatoire and been invited several times to take a part on the “Spivakov Festival”
As for my singing Career…I used to be a Solo singer, then the Group-“Bravo” and lately the Georgian Folk Music..
-I Wouldn’t separate the music by styles and directions, The Music for me is the one big “Thing”
I Try to master the guitar playing, Study in the State University on Business and Management Dpt., have a lot of friends..

And the main thing...And I’m sure I’ll find myGrand Piano one day..
.. I’ll go out in the fog and follow to the Piano sound.. and it will take me to the lost childhood fairytale and the Grand Piano which belongs only to me..