Maria Moe

Maria Moe

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

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Written By: Maria Moe


The desert night`s running a fever
The Santa Ana burns against my skin
A traitors moon, breathing whispers
"What`s done tonight, blame it on the winds"
But you hold me down to what I feel
And you are my tiny piece of something real

You`re my wildfire, you´re my firestorm
You`re light rain, you`re everything else that feels warm
You`re twirling rings around the moon
My skyline is veiled by you
You are my one thing that`s true

A burning ghost clutch at my bedside
Like smokey bracelets spun to tie me down
He speaks his mantra in a whisper
"Sweet baby, you´re lost "
"Now go get found"
But you like a fluid motion around my heart
You stay, and set all things apart

You`re my wildfire...