Marianne Baker

Marianne Baker


Witty, jazzy, piano based cabaret pop. Unique sound and subject matter. Sounds like Tori Amos and Billie Holiday. Eclectic, interesting, sultry, groovy music. Lots of charisma and flirtation on stage.


Raised by drag queens in a small town in Northern Ontario, Marianne Baker ran away from home at the age of 16 and travelled Europe alone, supporting herself through waitressing, tarot reading and singing in foreign languages. She moved to Toronto from Brussels at the age of 19 and taught herself to play the keyboard. By 21, she had completed her first full-length album entirely independently. The soundtrack to this fantastic life includes Tom Petty, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Madonna, Prince and Nenah Cherry. Often described as "wise beyond her years", Baker refuses to limit her lyrical vocabulary to the boring love songs one hears on the radio. She has been known to shock, stimulate and seduce the most unsuspecting listeners with her sultry voice, her intriguing subject matter, and her keen sense of humour.


Married Man

Written By: Marianne Baker

If you've never had a married man, you don't know what you're missing. You're not the one to hold his hand, but you're the one he's kissing. There are no wedding bells, shared bank accounts, wondering where he goes when you close your eyes. No second guessing what you could be missing, were you not tied down to that man...

Oh I don't need your ten years, baby, and the lawyer bills in the mails. Cause eventually, we'll realize I need more from this life than one man can provide.

You know it's better with a married man- he gets his practise. Lonely bachelors are so clueless. No abandoned wishes to dirty dishes, stressing when the in-laws come to dine. No soccer practise, hurried breakfast, screaming babies- how do you sleep at night?


I'm so in love... and it's perfect- no risk of anything more complicated, no shackles on my wrists....


Milk Carton Girl

Written By: Marianne Baker

Milk carton girl, where did you go? Did they take you? Did you go alone? Did you use your thumb? Use your tongue? Who are you running from? Milk carton girl, what do you know? Did you find baby Jesus lying in the snow? Did you hide in the dark? Sleep in the park? Did you dream out loud and did you call it art?

Well come home now, it's been so long, and we've all been searching for you. Come home now, it's been so long, and everybody's been talking about you.

Milk carton girl, your belly's full. Is your secret maybe starting to show? Did you eat too much? Let yourself go? Or did you give in and just let him blow?


bridge: Everybody knows your name- you're famous. You're family's been put to shame- congratulations. We lie in our beds at night, thinking you are dead and gone, holding our breath, holding you in our minds, wondering where we went wrong...

Where did you go?
Where did you go?

Welcome home now, it's been so long, and we've all be searching for you
Welcome home now, it's been so long and everybody's been talking about you....

Everybody's been talking about you....

Livin' Easy

Written By: Marianne Baker

Oh where is all the fun in livin' easy? Count your blessings on your fingers and toes. And learn to see past your own little nose. Cause sometimes, sometimes, sometimes... it'll do you good.

Love was never fun when it was easy. Now I wear my battle scars like new tatoos, and laugh, and cry at the irony, but what's better than a little comedy? Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, it does a little good... a little good...

Oh I've see you around, your eyes cast down, shuffling your feet on the ground. And I know you've been asking around, if life's as sweet as I make it sound...

Where is all the fun in livin' easy? Life, with you, was never easy. But I'd the sense to walk away when I couldn't stand your company, and all I brought were those bad memories... But sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, they do a little good, a little good...



Debut Album: How did we get to here? (2003)
Label: MTB Entertainment (independent)

Set List

The following set list would be typical for a show which I am headlining. This would be about an hour of playing. All songs are original unless otherwise specified (I will do one or two covers during any given night). Some songs have not been recorded yet.

1. Livin' Easy
2. Charming
3. Milk Carton Girl
4. How did we get to here?
5. You remind me of Bread and Jam
6. What do you think about...?
7. Moondance (Van Morrisson)
8. Delusion
9. Peel the Layers
10. Married man
11. Motorcycle