Marianne Flemming

Marianne Flemming

 Battle Ground, Washington, USA

Folky-Blues with a Jazzy Groove -songs that can make you laugh or cry sometimes both within the same song delivered by a silky sweet voiced troubadour that has been there and done that. Add a serious riffing guitar to the mix and sit back and enjoy the ride.


Marianne Flemming performs hippie chick music, exasperated mom blues, whatever happend to our planet laments, and music that honors the spirits that have paved the way before…In short,an all-around gal-guitar slinger/singer who loves to wail, weep and transcend. A 2006 MAMA (Madison,WI) nominee in the “Best Acoustic Song” and “Best Acoustic Artist” category, Marianne has a long history in the folk/troubadour tradition.

Marianne brings a decidedly left of center perspective to her songwriting. Described as “textured, expressive, sensual and zany,” she has many hues on her songwriting palette. Born and raised in South Florida, Marianne got the music bug early due to an influence from her father, a nightclub singer in the 40’s and 50’s. Upon graduating college, Marianne hit the road, and thru her travels she gathered the many influences that would become her unique style. Years spent performing in the Caribbean, busking in Europe, or jamming in a bar in Venezuela have all been synthesized into a musical style that lifts your soul and moves your feet.

After spending 10 years in Madison Wisconsin, Marianne added family and children to her most proudest of accomplishments. She recently finished grad school to become a special education teacher and now makes southwestern Washington her home.


Bonnie and Clyde

Written By: Marianne Flemming

Hides his eyes behind his hand
Sees the girl that she once was
and he has to laugh

She's throwing punches
Falling down
Guilty little girl
always getting caught

Then one day, one day
She let him help her up

That was the day
they kept running and never looked back

just like
Bonnie and Clyde on a wild ride together
Blowing kisses in the wind
Burning bridges and taking in
the fly by weather

Whose to say how long it would last
All they could do was run hard and fast
and see just how far they'd go
feeling free

Head full of straw, hearts full of holes
Chemistry that might explode
If they ever stopped moving

So they ran through money
they ran through jobs
Ran from Reno to Baltimore
too much running

then one day, one day
she let him drift away

She said all this running
makes me feel like we're living in jail

Just like... (chorus)

Greeting cards on holidays
Marriage and kids enter the stage
Still he marks the page
Where they last left off

Some day he hopes she'll find
Something special has been left behind
She will change her mind
and call him

On a chair beside her bed
Holds her hand and hangs his head
He has to cry
She's checking out, done her time
Punched that clock, this is the end of the line

Then softly, softly
She whispered in his ear
next time we meet
the end won't feel so near

we'll be like.. (chorus)


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Made at Home (Madison Wisconsin Songwriters compilation CD)
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Set List

A mix of originals and carefully chosen covers ranging from Jazz standards, Brooke Benton, Southern Culture on the Skids, Mike Doughty and
Mississippi John Hurt