Maria Rochelle and Aye

Maria Rochelle and Aye


A focus on a unique combination of jazz blended with eclectic soul on soul. Maria Rochelle and Ayé encompass their sound in various genres and revive the pulsing of the heart with melodies and lyrics that express love for humanity and romance, and the power of healing from pain and life struggles.


In the cultured up bringing of Kansas City, Missouri, Maria Rochelle is inspired by tunes past of legendary blues and jazz artists: Lena Horne and Nancy Wilson.

"Music is my first love", Maria Rochelle speaks on her childhood, by exemplifying her created talents on the piano, song composition and recording her voice on her "handy" tape recorder. Performing recitals in her academic career in classical voice, singing in various venues and acapella gospel groups, she has mastered several techniques of vocal melody.

"I am my mother's seed. I love the music that my parents surrounded me with. The soulful music of my parents' generation remains to be a great influence on me, the way music artists spoke of political satire, emotions and life…" A unique combination of jazz blended with European soul also hasn't escaped Maria Rochelle's talents. With a focus on soul, Maria Rochelle encompasses her sound in various genres, which provides a prospective sound we've yearned for lately. Her debut album will revive the pulsing of the heart and mind with melodies and lyric that capture the essence of love for diversity, humanity and romance, as well as the power of healing from pain and life struggles.


Take It Back - Kolai Crew 2005

Set List

Our set list currently contains 11 songs and growing. Most of our songs are originals, however, we have a couple of covers and plan to include more in our repertoire. Some songs are uptempo, some mid-tempo, and some ballads. Some have a taste of blues, jazz, soul, afrocuban and brazilian. See set list below, All covers are listed last with the original artist name featured.

1. Batucada
2. Pillow Talk
3. Color of Life
4. Feels Like
5. Liar
6. Mindscape
7. Love 4 U
8. Light My Fire
9. Giving In
10. Pay Attention
11. Solo Flying Mystery Man
* Pauline Taylor
12. Bananeira
* Emilio Santiago
13. Cherish The Day