Maria Sebastian

Maria Sebastian


Liz Phair meets Rosanne Cash. Maria plays comfortably for folk, Americana, and modern rock audiences and she saves her best story songs for the intimate crowds. She can also wrap a rowdy crowd around her finger without breaking a string. Her new CD is creating quite the buzz on AAA radio!


BIO: Maria began performing live while in high school on Buffalo's West Side. At 17, she began performing at the former Club Utica -- a renowned country club in its prime. When she wouldn't sleep with the band leader, she was told that "country music probably isn't for her," but she already knew that. She later joined various rock cover bands to polish her presence and develop her guitar skills. She performed solo in her hometown while writing and recording with 1996-born original band (later named In From the Cold) based in Buffalo and Los Angeles. The group featured world-class drummer Gary Mallaber (Steve Miller Band, Van Morrison) and ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist Jack Sherman. Though logistical issues stalled the band's live schedule, their unique Pop/Rock songs are currently being pitched for television and film (clients to date include CBS, Discovery Channel, and Hoggard Films). More on their unique sound at their myspace page.

Independently, Maria has recorded four CDs since In From the Cold. Her newest disc, Yellow Envelope, is her most eclectic work to date. It recently won the Buffalo Spree Magazine Best Local Album award for 2009, and the Hudson Valley's Freeman Online says she "has a great record on here hands here." Maria began writing some of the songs on the disc while still in high school. She put them off while fronting rock bands for the next 18 years because they didn't fit the format of a rock artist. She added songs from the rock era, and new songs written under the influence of today's best Americana artists, and the result is a mixed genre CD with modern rock, contemporary folk, Americana, and uncategorizable songs including "Wings" -- a Faulkneresque tale about life in a dying town. Maria has included on her web site a link to "song gossip" where listeners can read interesting clips about the stories and inspirations behind the songs on that disc, including the title track, which came from a song her father wrote on an envelope and sent to her mother while he was in prison for some of the 1970s. He was the subject of a brutal robbery in 1995 that left him in a challenging circumstance before he died in 2003, and "Yellow Envelope" is a story of how her mother waited for him through various stages of his complicated life. The rest of the disc explores stories about ghosts (Snow), women who would consider jail time a break (Happily), and themes about love, which have always crept into her work.

In 2004, Maria earned her M.A. in English / Media Studies from the University at Buffalo. She is a mother of two, and she teaches English at various WNY colleges. She performs live regularly either solo, as a duo, or with her weekend band, The Visitors, and has shared shows with: The Byrds' Roger McGuinn, Los Lonely Boys, The Gin Blossoms, Malcolm Holcombe, Collective Soul, Sarah Harmer, Jackyl, The Tea Party, Hothouse Flowers, Jess Klein, Vance Gilbert, Honeymoon Suite, Eddie Money, Missy Higgins, Eric Hutchinson, Pal Shazar, Pilate, C.O. Jones, Scott Carpenter and the Real McCoys, Head East, Harum Scarum and dozens of WNY bands.

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Maria's latest CD, Yellow Envelope, is a Buffalo Spree Magazine 2009 Best of WNY Award Winner - 5/09.

Buffalo Music Awards
1993 - Accent - Top New Rock Band
1994 - Accent - Top Rock Band
1995 - Maria - Top Rock Female Vocalist
1996 - Maria - Top Rock Female Vocalist
1996 - Sudden Urge - Top Rock Band
1997 - Sudden Urge - Top Rock Band
2003 - Maria - Top Solo Artist
2004 - Top Rock Female Vocalist
2008 - Top Original Solo/Acoustic Artist

Western New York, People's Choice Award (Temporary Awards Organizers):
2004 - Top Solo Artist


Goin' Away

Written By: Maria Sebastian

© 2006 People Bone Music, BMI

Gonna hang a sign on my door today that says
Goin' away
Gonna leave a card on the floor of the stage that says
Go on and play

Gonna hang a sign
Leave a card on the stage 'cause I'm
Goin' away
Goin' away

Gonna write a note
Don't know where I might go but I'll
Find my way
Gonna sign it X O
Leave it by the remote you can
Throw it away

Gonna hang a sign
Leave a card on the stage
Gonna write a note
Leave it by the remote
Cause I'm
Goin' away
Goin' away

I'll smile for yesterday when I
Think of you
I never wanna hurt you but I
Always do

Gonna hang a sign
Leave a card on the stage
Gonna write a note
Leave it by the remote
Gonna smile for then
'til I hurt you again as I'm
goin' away
goin' away

repeat chorus after short solo section
vamp on title

Maybe It's Just Me

Written By: maria sebastian

My answer's on another coast
I spend my days trying to get closer
to what I want the most

When you came along
you filled my mind
with a story, a sinker, a hook and a line
and I found myself believing

You painted a picture and told me to dream
You said life ain't always as hard as it seems and I
found myself agreeing

But then I waited for you and you never showed
so I dumped my coffee and grabbed my coat and I
kicked myself for waiting

And I clenched my fists all the way home
I cursed your name on the telephone 'cause now
Everything's complicated

Or maybe it's just me
maybe it's just me
that could be
maybe it's just me
it's probably just me

So I've washed my hands of you
only to find I'm working through the binds you put me in with all of your illusions

And I take long rides with the radio loud just to sing my songs 'cause they make me proud and I wish you would have listened

And I turn the TV off when I see
somebody else in place of me 'cause
it gets me to thinking

And I feel like I'm just getting old
staring at the cup 'til the coffee's cold and I feel like I'm sinking

(repeat chorus)

And I've come to realize that I've been trying to drag my horse across an ocean
No wonder I'm sinking

Gotta pack my things and make some calls before I lose my mind from climbin' walls I might
Never get over

(repeat chorus and end)


Written By: maria sebastian

If you were a drug
If you were a pill
If you were a dare against my character and will
I would take you now
I would take you now

If you were a chance
If you were a risk
If you were the only lonely road out of all this
I would take you now
I would take you now

I would take you now
I would take you now

Wishes are only good to keep me going
Dreams are only there to let me know

If you were alone
If you were awake
If only you were available to take
I would take you now
I would take you now

I would take you now
I would take you now
(Repeat and end)


1999 - The Other Side of the Room (First solo record)
2001 - In From the Cold (with band IFTC - members included Gary Mallaber [Drummer: Steve Miller Band, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison] and Jack Sherman [Guitarist: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Dylan, George Clinton]).
2003 - Maybe It's Just Me (Second solo work - Modern Pop/Rock)
2006 - Songs I Wrote in the Car (Mostly acoustic, song demo - Americana / Folk-Pop)
2009 - Yellow Envelope (14-song, fully produced, AAA - Alternative/Folk)

Set List

For solo/acoustic shows, Maria typically plays anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hour sets of original music. If covers are desired, Maria has three hours of favorites.

Original Songs:

Everything Reeks of You
I'll Be Fine
Yellow Envelope
Goin' Away
The Good Child
I Wonder
I Wouldn't Trade You
In Our Bed
Maybe It's Just Me
I See You In Your Room
How Are You Really
The Other Side of the Room
The Driver's Side
I Should've Known
Find Me Again
Bob Van Stone
If It Makes You Feel a Man
The Waiting Game
The River Between Us
Of Course
The Stars & The Moon
Take Mine
Alive & Well
Nothin' To Me
Free To Go