Maria Stepina

Maria Stepina


... When listening to her compositions one will experience a wealth of musical legacy as well as glimpses of things yet to come. Besides the obvious jazz and pop connections there is a clear classic heritage; one can detect influences from Bach to the great late-romantic Russian composers...


Masha Stepina is a young Russian pianist and composer who started piano lessons when six years old, both parents being accomplished musicians.
At the Rostov college of Arts in her hometown Rostov-on-Don, she later studied classic and jazz theory and graduated with "Variety Musical Art Theory Teacher", and "Variety Orchestras and Ensemble Leader" qualifications.
Although doubting to concentrate on classical or jazz piano when taking up her advanced studies at the S.V.Rakhmaninov Conservatory, she entered in the end as a theory student and after five years of intensive studies with the best teachers in the south of the country , graduated with several more qualifications: "Musicologist-Teacher" and "Music Life Organizer” in the Speciality of Musicology. Also in this time she started composing jazz songs.

During this period she took up teaching at the Rostov College of Arts as a theory teacher, with duties in music history, piano and jazz-ensemble departments, among other subjects as well.
At the same time she developed and published a few educational programs for use in music colleges.
Outside the college she was teaching small children from the age of four at the Music School for Gifted Children, apart from working in several regular music schools.

But after seven years of teaching, playing the piano as a main occupation became more and more tempting and after much doubt Masha decided to give up her quite successful career in education and decided to come to Holland and study jazz piano.
There she studied with Johan Clement and Rob van Bavel and received her Bachelor Degree at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2006, after which she went on to a Master study at the Maastricht/Tilburg Conservatory which she has successfully graduated in 2008. There Masha took lessons with Rob van Bavel, Kris Goessens, Randal Corsen, Jeroen van Vliet, Martin Fondse and Bart van Dongen.
During that education Masha had a great experience with following master-classes of John Taylor, Barry Harris, Harold Danko, Antonio Farat, Mike Garson, Frans Elsen.

Since 2007 Masha works as a piano accompanist at the Rotterdam Dance Academy of Contemporary Art.
In 2007-2008 she has got produced by the MuziekLab Brabant for a project "ContemporaryOrthodox" - Russian folklore traditions through a prism of contemporary art. This project gave Masha great opportunity to present herself as pianist, composer, producer, performer, organizer.

Set List

2 sets 45 min

Original compositions